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The living room is considered the hallmark and the most visited place of any home. Here the whole family gathers on cold, winter evenings, guests and relatives are invited here. The design of the living room in a wooden house has its own characteristics and nuances - it emphasizes the natural beauty of the tree and has a pleasant stay.

design and interior, photo of modern ideas

A cozy living room in a wooden house

A house whose walls are made of timber or logs and the floor is made of natural wood is excellent material for experiments. The interior of the living room in a wooden house involves the use of furniture and a variety of decorative elements made from natural materials. Here, low-key, calm colors and shades prevail.

design and interior, photo of modern ideas

The interior of a modern living room in soothing, soft tones

Often, a spectacular fireplace is installed in such interiors. It becomes a central element of the living room and helps create a spiritual atmosphere.

design and interior, photo of modern ideas

A fireplace will decorate any living room, especially in a wooden house

Advantages and disadvantages of wooden living rooms

Wood is a unique material and is often used in the interior of living rooms. Furniture, lamps, numerous frames and other decorative elements of wood perfectly fit into the design of the living room in a wooden house. Despite the many wooden parts, they do not weigh down the interior and do not become sated.

A living room in a wooden house, which retains its natural surface and is made without using artificial materials, has many advantages:

  • safety and environmental friendliness of living space, because wood is a natural material and does not emit harmful substances into the surrounding atmosphere;

  • pleasant aroma of wood and special energy make it possible to create a cozy, soothing atmosphere;

  • A variety of modern styles allow the use of wooden elements, therefore, to develop indies idualny project living room based on the personal preferences of tenants is not difficult;

  • in a wooden cottage there is no need to use artificial decorative materials and a cost to them.

design and interior, photo of modern ideas

Natural interior design of a log home

Wooden living rooms have minor drawbacks:

  • Exposed wooden walls and other decorative elements are subject to the formation of rot and mildew. Often there are bugs and insects.

  • Wood is a flammable material.

  • The surface reacts to any environmental changes : swells at high humidity, shrinks during the dry period. The result is unattractive cracks and flaws.

However, all of the above disadvantages are easily solved by periodic surface treatment with protective impregnations and paints.

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Living room design in a wooden house

The interior features of the living room in a wooden house, as well as its individual details, are best planned when building a country cottage. So you can not only choose the best option for living room design, taking into account the needs of each family member, but also avoid costly rework in the process of implementing the finished project.

design and interior, photo of modern ideas

The modern interior of the living room while preserving the open log walls

The wooden surface leaves its mark on the design of the living room. Regardless of the general style, when designing a wooden house, experienced designers adhere to the following concepts:

  • Wooden walls are covered with several layers of varnish. They look very impressive and do not require additional finishing.

  • For clean floor floors in a modern house use natural wood flooring, parquet or laminate wood. Such floors are in harmony with the walls and help create a uniform style.

  • In modern living rooms open beams and high ceilings are used.

  • Often, natural stone is used as a decorative finish. An excellent option is a spectacular stone trim fireplace. However, a large amount of stone weights the surrounding space and burdens the environment. The optimal combination of stone and wood is especially important for small rooms.

design and interior, photo of modern ideas

Stone in the design of the living room

When developing an individual project of the living room, it is necessary to take into account the general principles of design:

  • furniture and large parts of the interior are placed according to the size of the room and the ratio of its sides;

  • regardless of the size of the living room, compliance the optimal ratio of free space to occupied will help to create a harmonious image;

  • creating a pompous visual center allows not only to effectively combine different functional areas of the living room,about and hide its flaws;

  • An important element of the decor, sets the overall tone and unity of the interior, are many-sided coverage of and functional furniture.


The maximum comfort of even the smallest living rooms is ensured by dividing the space into convenient functional areas.

design and interior, photo of modern ideas

The spectacular partition between the kitchen and the living room

Depending on the characteristics of the room, it is often distinguished here:

  • a recreation area equipped with comfortable upholstered furniture, a TV and a fireplace;

  • a dining room with a large comfortable table where it can comfortably accommodate a large family and guests;

  • an area for active pastime , where musical instruments are often located.

Furniture, light partitions, plants, light and color contribute to the spectacular zoning of wooden living rooms.

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Living room with fireplace: overall design

The energetic movements of fire fascinate, attract the eye and give incredible pleasure. The spectacular fireplace in the wooden living room is an indispensable attribute of the home hearth and will become a favorite place for leisure activities.

There are many options for a wide variety of fireplaces, differing not only in size, shape, but also in the principles of operation. Due to this diversity, each owner of a country cottage has the opportunity to choose the ideal option, taking into account their needs and conditions.

design and interior, photo of modern ideas

Fireplace with wood burning stove and niche for storing firewood

In a wooden house, fireplaces with a wood burning stove are often installed. Such a fireplace can be used not only as a decorative element, but as a main source of heating on cool autumn days. The wood fireplace is a powerful design and effectively looks in big rooms.

Electric fireplaces in the living room design are also not uncommon.

design and interior, photo of modern ideas

An electric fireplace in the living room of a wooden house

Paintings, photographs, caskets, vases and souvenirs symmetrically placed on the mantelpiece will add the interior of the living room of a country house of particular charm.

Design ideas for the living room in a wooden house: photos and videos

Maintaining a uniform style in each element of the decor and harmoniously combining them with each other will help to create a cozy atmosphere.

The most widespread in wooden cottages are such styles as Russian, country, vintage and Provence. We offer to see the options, how a living room in a wooden house can look like; photo examples are shown in different styles.

Russian style in a wooden house

Simple, comfortable and functional things fill a wooden house in Russian style.

Wide benches, chests, wooden tables, linen bedspreads and curtains are an integral part of the living room.

design and interior, photo of modern ideas

Russian style in the interior of the living room
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A few functional furniture, freely placed in the living room, is typical of country style. The warm color palette that prevails in the interior helps to create a soft, cozy look.

Comfort and coziness will be added to the room by tablecloths, curtains and other textile elements that harmonize with each other in color and design. There is no place for artificial materials, all decorative elements are natural.

design and interior, photo of modern ideas

Cozy living room, made in the style of country music


Faint, unobtrusive colors, which are somewhat blurred, characteristic of living rooms in vintage style. Often there is used furniture rough processing with knots, antique furniture, wooden floor or aged parquet.

A large number of decorating elements, carelessness - these are the main characteristics of the style. A wooden house is often decorated with many empty frames without photos. A fireplace with a large photograph on the mantelpiece and numerous ceiling lights are also style companions.

design and interior, photo of modern ideas

Aged surfaces in the interior


Creating a comfortable, cozy atmosphere is the main task of Provence style. Neutral shades of furniture and walls are characteristic of this style. The main distinctive feature of Provence style living rooms is the use of open beams in the interior. The floor is decorated with aged boards or laminate.

design and interior, photo of modern ideas

Provence-style Provence Living Room

A soft, homely atmosphere is formed by using simple things. Low-profile curtains, comfortable bedspreads, and photos on the walls help to create a uniform style. Furniture is often painted in harmonious, low-key colors and aging surface. Numerous decorative pillows add warmth and comfort to the interior.

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A variety of ways to design a living room in a wooden house is an excellent material for fantasies and searching for ideas of interesting design projects. But the end result must fully ensure a comfortable stay and create a warm, homely atmosphere. Experienced designers with many years of practice behind them will help not only to competently equip the wooden interior of the country house living room, but also to avoid many mistakes.


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