sizes, volume, prices in Moscow, installation diagrams, photos

Whatever the country house, without a sewage system no one would call it modern and comfortable. Moreover, the construction of the sewage system is often regarded as a primary task, relegating other life-support systems to the background. It is good if there is a central collector within reach; otherwise, you will have to take care of the standalone device.

There are various ways of arranging an autonomous system. Reinforced concrete rings for sewage of a private house, produced in factory conditions, are chosen most often. Overflow reinforced concrete septic tank is relatively inexpensive, and it copes efficiently with its duties - the collection and treatment of wastewater. What are the features that should have concrete rings for sewage, size, price for them?

sizes, volume, prices in Moscow, installation diagrams, photos

Modern vibropress for the production of concrete rings

Ж / b sewage rings: classification, marking, dimensions

Concrete rings are a convenient and cost-effective material with a wide range of applications. They are made by pouring concrete into a mold that has the shape of a hollow cylinder with a given wall thickness. Inside the structure is placed metal reinforcement, reinforcing the strength of the workpiece. The industry produces several types of products, including:

  • Rings with locking connection (folded). Due to the special device (docking grooves and protrusions at the ends), the rings fit snugly together. Ground pressure is not capable of disrupting the integrity of the structure, so additional sealing is not required.

  • Rings for sewage through (solid, with a flat end and smooth walls). A more common (and cheaper) version of concrete products; suitable if there is no danger of septic dislocation (due to ground movement or regular vibrations). The rings are connected with metal clips, and the gaps are sealed with cement mortar.

sizes, volume, prices in Moscow, installation diagrams, photos

Constructive difference
  • Rings are complementary . Used when it is necessary to adjust the height of the septic tank (when elements with standard dimensions cannot form the design height). For sale there are many non-standard in height of additional rings.

  • Filtration rings . Products are equipped with perforations (evenly distributed holes) over the entire surface and are used for the device of filtration wells.

  • Additional structural details . These include plates that are installed on the bottom of a concrete well (solid, bottom plates) or on top (have a hole, floor slabs). Plates are available with or without a hatch. Hatches are also made separately.

Concrete rings for sewage have their own marking, which consists of alphabetic and numeric parts:

  • The letter marking . In private construction, products are used with markings KS (wall ring), PP (floor plate) and PD (bottom plate).

  • Digital marking . Reports on the dimensions of the product. For example, for a ring marked KC 10-8, the first number indicates the diameter (100 cm) and the number indicates the height (80 cm).

  • Sometimes a manufacturer indicates an additional parameter , the degree of permeability of concrete. Then the letter H (normal), P (low) or O (especially low) appears in the marking.

sizes, volume, prices in Moscow, installation diagrams, photos

Several types of concrete products are used for sewage installation

About sizes of reinforced concrete rings for sewage

The volume of the future septic tank is calculated by several parameters; The size of the rings is also taken into account. Industry produces sewage rings, the dimensions of which obey a certain rule:

  • Diameter . The first number in the labeling. As a rule, the inside diameter is indicated in decimeters (from 7 to 20). It is necessary to ensure that it is the same for all elements, otherwise tightness will inevitably suffer.

  • Height . As a rule, the standard height (90 cm) is not indicated, and the marking looks like KS-10 (ring with a diameter of 1 m), KS-20 (2 m). A height different from the standard is indicated by the second digit: KC 7-3 (diameter 7 dm, height 29 cm), KC 10-8 (diameter 10 dm, height 8 dm).

sizes, volume, prices in Moscow, installation diagrams, photos

Labeling of concrete products

Strengths and weaknesses

W / b rings for Off-site sewage facilities have become a popular choice due to their qualities:

  • Long service life . Products manufactured in industrial conditions are designed for a service life of 30-50 years. During this time, they preserve the integrity and water resistance of the structure. The quality of homemade products no one guarantees.

  • Accessibility . One of the most budget ways to organize a septic tank.

  • Versatility . Rings are used in the construction of septic tanks and sewer wells, the device of drinking wells, installation of underground utilities.

  • Quick installation . Even if the installation is done by hand, it does not take much time.

  • Mechanical strength . Reinforced concrete rings for sewage systems are resistant to natural ground movements and groundwater pressure. They have a significant margin of safety and can be mounted on a site with any type of soil.

sizes, volume, prices in Moscow, installation diagrams, photos

Mass production of reinforced concrete rings made them available building material
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  • Easy care . Due to the smooth inner surface, the concrete well is cleaned quickly and efficiently.

  • Environmental friendliness . Concrete does not harm the environment.


  • Hygroscopicity . In order to prevent the walls of the well from passing wastewater into the surrounding soil (or not overflowing with groundwater), the construction needs additional reliable waterproofing.

  • The use of construction equipment . The cost of the device septic increase due to the fact that for transportation, unloading and installation of rings need heavy equipment.

sizes, volume, prices in Moscow, installation diagrams, photos

You cannot do without the use of technology

About private sewage schemes

On suburban plots implement several sewage schemes. A suitable scheme is chosen based on several conditions - soil parameters, terrain relief, seasonality of living and the number of people permanently living in the house. Three types of septic tanks are usually constructed:

  • Single-chamber septic tank . A simple single-chamber device is used if 1-3 people live in a country house (permanently or periodically). The main disadvantage of a septic tank is that it performs mainly accumulative function and is not able to clean the wastewater. Therefore, the call of an aspencer machine is a frequent event in the life of a single-chamber device owners.

  • Two-chamber septic tank . If 3-4 people live in a country house at all times, the best way to dispose of sewage will be a septic tank with two chambers; Each of the tanks consists of two or three rings. For uninterrupted operation, it is necessary to comply with a set of conditions: pipe slope, organization of hydroprotection and thermal insulation. The second (overflow) well is a wastewater treatment plant; Finally, the water is cleaned in the drainage area (filtration field). A two-chamber septic tank with a volume of 5 m 3 can work for 10-12 years without pumping out.

sizes, volume, prices in Moscow, installation diagrams, photos

Schematic diagram of a three-chamber septic tank
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  • Three-chamber septic tank . It is installed in a house with a large number of sanitary equipment, where the daily volume of waste reaches (and exceeds) 10 m 3 . Such a construction requires costs, but its installation is justified if a large family lives in the house or there are often guests. In the first two tanks, the process of bacterial fermentation and decomposition takes place, due to which the drains are settled. In the third well there is an additional treatment. Water passing through all three chambers is considered technical, it is allowed to be used for irrigation.

In any of the three variants of sewage concrete rings, the sewage rings are the material that ensures long-term and uninterrupted operation of the system.

About the production of concrete rings in the following video:

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How to calculate the volume of reinforced concrete rings

To determine the required volume of a septic tank for a particular country house, multiply three values:

  • Number permanently living in the house people

  • Daily rate of water consumption per person . Regulations provide a value of 150-200 liters.

  • Time for complete processing of waste . According to the standard - 3 days.

For 5 people the volume will be equal to: 5x200x3 = 3000 l or 3 m 3 . Now it is necessary to determine the number and size of rings for the organization of the septic tank. The algorithm may be as follows:

  • Different rings have a different volume; it depends on the height of the product and its internal radius and is determined using special tables or an online calculator .

sizes, volume, prices in Moscow, installation diagrams, photos

Selection of rings for a two-chamber septic tank
  • If there are no tables at hand, volume (V) can be determined using the formula for cylinder volume (V = HπR 2 ) by multiplying the height of the ring (H), the square of its radius (R), and the coefficient 3.14 (π) . The most popular models, KS 10-9 and KS 15-9, have volumes of respectively 0.60 and 1.64 m 3 .

  • Having the volume of a septic tank and one ring (of a given size), by simple division you can get the number of rings necessary for mounting the structure.

  • If you want to solve the inverse problem - for a given depth and volume of a septic tank, find out rings of what diameter will fit the best way, from the formula, express R, find it and increase 2 times (to get the diameter). If, as a result of calculations, a radius of 0. 65 m is obtained, then the diameter will be 0.65x2 = 1.3 m. Concrete rings with such a diameter are not produced, therefore they take products with a diameter of 1.5 m.

About installing sewage from concrete rings in the following video:

Concrete septic tank: installation features

The construction of the sewage system of concrete rings goes through several stages:

  • Drafting of the project . The place and the construction scheme (in this case, the number of chambers) and the location of the septic tank are selected. The capacity of the structure is determined (based on the average daily consumption of one person, 150-200 liters). The brand, size and number of rings are determined (different sizes and sizes may be required).

  • Purchase and delivery of materials .

  • Earthworks . In accordance with the calculations, a excavation is excavated, a concrete pad is poured at the bottom.

  • Installation of wells . Concrete rings by means of load-lifting equipment are established on the set place and fastened by steel brackets. Joints are additionally cemented and waterproofed with resin. To increase the life of the outer surface is treated with hot bitumen.

  • Installation of the system . Pipes are supplied, covers are installed, ventilation and heat insulation are arranged.

  • The design is filled with earth .

sizes, volume, prices in Moscow, installation diagrams, photos

Installation of a filtration well
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Cost of concrete rings for a septic tank

Concrete rings for sewage are used in private construction, the sizes and prices of which correspond to the customer’s needs and the project’s features.

Standard concrete rings (smooth, without a lock), including wall, support and additional elements, are the basis of the sewer system. They are labeled COP and is selected in accordance with the calculated data. Which sizes and prices of concrete rings in the Moscow region have:

  • КС-10-8 - 1500-1550 rubles.

  • KS-10-9 - 1650-1800 rubles.

  • KS-15-9 - 3000-3100 rubles.

Rings with a lock joint greatly simplify the assembly of the septic tank. Connections are sealed and do not require additional processing of the joints. The price of such products reaches:

  • KS-10-9 - 1800-1900 rubles.

  • KS-15-9 - 2900-3300 rubles.

sizes, volume, prices in Moscow, installation diagrams, photos

Organization of overflows and ventilation

Deaf-bottom concrete products are offered at the following price:

  • KS-10-9 - 2700-3100 rub.

  • KS-15-9 - 4000-4500 rubles.

When buying concrete rings for sewage, their dimensions and prices are not the last thing to consider. To the cost of the material you need to add the shipping cost In the Moscow region, it is about 11-12 thousand rubles. (for 20 pieces), 16-17 thousand rubles. (for 40 pieces).

Septic from turnkey concrete rings

In many cases, a concrete septic tank is an ideal option for the collection and disposal of wastewater. Construction companies offer a ready-made service - professional installation and connection of a septic tank made from turnkey concrete rings.

An experienced specialist will study the features of the site and suggest possible options for the device of a septic tank. The customer will be provided with a price list with the cost of the work (for individual items), materials and delivery. Many companies offer additional favorable conditions:

  • The septic tank is installed in one working day .

  • Company does not charge a prepayment for material.

  • Delivery of materials is free (within certain limits).

  • Work is carried out all year round , seven days a week.

  • Payment is made after putting the septic tank into operation.

sizes, volume, prices in Moscow, installation diagrams, photos

Three-chamber concrete septic tank, ready to start,
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A septic tank made of concrete rings is the most common variant of autonomous sewage systems in the Russian suburban areas. This is an inexpensive and unpretentious sewage treatment plant in operation that effectively solves the problems of wastewater disposal. Properly designed and executed septic tank will be easy to maintain, long-term construction for year-round use.

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