price for the material, what to buy gutters for the metal roof in Moscow

In this article we will talk about the prices of roof gutters, ranging from the minimum cost and ending with the most expensive option of all available on the market in Moscow. This information will help determine the choice of goods that will not hit the wallet and at the same time will not let you down in terms of quality.

price for the material, what to buy gutters for the metal roof in Moscow

Modern drains are increasingly perceived not only as a necessity, but also as a decorative element

Comparative characteristics of metal drain systems

Let's start with the fact that we will deal with the varieties, because different types of goods are largely different from each other, including the price, and metal drainage systems are no exception to this rule.

Metal roof drains differ in price, but the main difference is in the material. They are:

  • Copper

  • Aluminum

  • Steel

  • Zinc-titanium


Consider the first type - metal roof gutters.

This type does not have major disadvantages; rather, on the contrary, it has many advantages in comparison with drains from other materials. All this thanks to the metal from which it is made, from the name it is clear that this is copper. And outwardly, this option looks solid and worthy of a high-class home.

The color scheme of such drains is small, usually it is a warm copper color suitable for many houses: brown, yellow, black and even white, if the roof is made in dark shades close to brown.

price for the material, what to buy gutters for the metal roof in Moscow

Copper drains look beautiful on brick houses

Regarding the price, consider it, evaluating every detail of the drain.

  • Reservoir (from 2400 rubles)

  • Pipe clamp (from 800 rubles)

  • Grid funnels (from 600 rubles)

  • Chute plug (from 400 rubles)

  • Pipe connector (from 520 rubles)

  • Gutter bracket (from 580 rubles)

  • Gutter funnel (from 1000 rubles)

  • S-loop (from 1400 rubles)

  • Gutter angle (from 2000 rubles)

  • Pipe tee (from 2700 rubles)

  • Gutter (from 5400 rubles)

  • Drainage funnel (from 9400 rubles)

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This option is not very popular when building large private houses, hotels, and so on. He would rather be chosen for a cafe or public place, rather than a residential building. This contributes to its appearance, not inspiring solidity. At the same time, this type serves longer than its competitors and is lighter in weight. Typically, these drains do not paint, and leave as is.

Aluminum drain is not suitable for every house, it is desirable that most of the building is white, then this drain will fit well into the color scheme and will not be an artsy spot on the wrong background. Also, aluminum gutters are used on roofs with a complex structure, the material they have is quite flexible, this opens up new opportunities for system configuration.

price for the material, what to buy gutters for the metal roof in Moscow

Aluminum gutters should generally be installed on houses with a light finish, or select contrasting colors

Price category varies, again Let us turn to the list of components.

Metal gutters for the roof; price in Moscow:

  • Trench (from 1380 rubles)

  • Trench connector (from 283 rubles )

  • Chute mounting bracket (from 210 rubles)

  • Universal chute angle (from 985 rubles)

  • Gutter plug (from 225 rubles)

  • Gutter funnel (from 847 rubles)

  • Water collection funnel (from 8950 rubles)

  • Tee (from 2572 rubles)

  • Knee pipe 2mm (from 874 rubles)

  • Knee pipe 0.7mm (from 1100 rubles)

  • Pipe (from 1588 rubles)

  • Pipe Connector (from 176 rubles)

Standard colors of all ce But in many companies it is possible to order a drainage system with a coating of the desired color from the RAL system. The picture shows some of its shades:

price for the material, what to buy gutters for the metal roof in Moscow

Colors of coatings used in the production of drains
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Such drainage systems are the most popular. Although some companies produce only popular RAL colors, you can mostly find steel gutters and manufacturers of a wide variety of colors.

The main advantages of this type of drainage systems:

  • Strength . Bad weather conditions they are not afraid, whether it is rain or snow, strong wind and so on.

  • Large warranty period . At the same time, you can safely count on the fact that the product will last for many years after the date specified in the warranty card.

  • Variety of colors . When choosing, you can focus on more conservative and restrained colors, as well as shades for those who want to experiment or stand out from others.

  • Heat Resistance . The probability of linear expansion at high temperatures or sharp drops is very low, therefore, this product is suitable not only for people living in difficult regions of our country with winds and snow, but also for inhabitants of hot southern cities or settlements with rapidly changing, unstable weather conditions.

price for the material, what to buy gutters for the metal roof in Moscow

Steel gutters and pipes are classics of drainage systems

As for the drawbacks, I would like to note that , if you decide to galvanize your drainage system, then the slightest mechanical impact on it can lead to a large number of scratches and damage to galvanization. This is a matter of aesthetics.

We turn to the price of the components of steel gutters.

  • Water tank (from 2000 rubles)

  • Pipe clamp (from 790 rubles)

  • Grid funnels (from 650 rubles)

  • Gutter plug (from 410 rubles)

  • Pipe connector (from 510 rubles)

  • Gutter bracket (from 680 rubles)

  • Gutter funnel (from 1,400 rubles)

  • S-loop (from 1380 rubles)

  • Gutter angle (from 2100 rubles)

  • Pipe tee (from 2,690 rubles)

  • Gutter (from 5500 rubles)

  • Drainage funnel (from 9000 rubles)

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Usually this variety is installed together with a roof made of exactly the same material. Earlier, only zinc products existed, but their disadvantage was low strength - the final product turned out to be too fragile. Then the scientists came to the rescue and developed a new recipe with the addition of titanium, which solved this problem. Thanks to titanium, such products can serve for more than a hundred years, from which the price for this product proceeds, because the higher the quality, the higher the cost.

price for the material, what to buy gutters for the metal roof in Moscow

Externally, zinc-titanium gutters are similar to steel, but have greater reliability
  • Water collector (from 2000 rubles)

  • Pipe clamp (from 790 rubles)

  • Funnel grid (from 650 rubles)

  • Chute plug (from 240 rubles)

  • Pipe connector (from 462 rubles)

  • Chute bracket (from 680 rubles)

  • Funnel gutter (from 1055 rubles)

  • S-circle (from 1380 rubles)

  • Angle gutters (from 2800 rubles)

  • Pipe tee (from 2690 rubles)

  • Gutter (from 1670 rubles)

  • Drainage funnel (from 7160 rubles)

Installation of metal drainage system

Installation, in principle, like all construction, it is better to immerse construction companies on the shoulders. We do not recommend to make a homemade drain and installation already purchased in a special store. And yet, for review, consider the steps and installation instructions.

You can clearly see the installation process of drains in the video:

It all starts with fixing the gutter holders. The distance between them should not be less than 400 mm and exceed 500 mm, they are attached to the rafters.

Next, a chute slope markup (it is equal to 2.5 mm per 1 meter). It is necessary to number the holders, mark on each of them the place where there will be a bend.

Install holders. You need to install the first and last holders, and between them pull the cord and make sure that the remaining holders are in contact with the cord.

Prepare the chute for installation. Assemble the chute from parts of the desired length. However, it’s too early to collect them among themselves, just leave everything as it is. Saw a hole in the shape of the letter V, departing 150 mm from the edge. Place a funnel in this hole. Next you need to start installing the gutter, holding all its parts together, then connect the gutters. Having finished installing a spider that protects the drain from debris, you should go to the fine details6 plugs, overflow stoppers. Next is the installation of the connecting pipe, after it - the drain, followed by a tee is installed.

price for the material, what to buy gutters for the metal roof in Moscow

Despite the seeming simplicity of the process, it is better to entrust the installation of drains to professionals
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For metal drainage systems, the price is significantly different, depending on the material of the drainage system and the coatings used. Therefore, on the basis of the budget, you can choose not only a cost-effective option, but also convenient for the weather prevailing in the region, as well as the type of room and external signs of the model chosen, such as colors and material.


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