Hall design - how to make the living room beautiful and cozy

The article will talk about how the design of the hall is created, how the style and thematic concept are selected, what advantages and disadvantages classical directions and new trends have, reflecting the spirit of modernity. Details described the options for planning furniture, published photos and videos of finished interiors.

Hall design - how to make the living room beautiful and cozy

Design of the main hall in the house

Main functions of the hall and existing styles

Living room in a country house - business card. It is in this room that the guests are escorted, the whole family gathers in it for a joint rest. To make it comfortable, the hall needs to be properly arranged. To do this, experts recommend initially choose the style that best suits the social status of the owners.

There are a large number of areas that can be taken as a basis for interior decoration and interior filling. In order not to overshoot the choice, it is important to weigh all the positive and negative sides of each, as well as take into account the taste preferences of all households.


A good old classic - its consistency is tested by time, it helps to create a design that will be fashionable for a long time. The classic style is suitable for spacious living rooms that have a regular rectangular shape.

Hall design - how to make the living room beautiful and cozy

Hall in classical style

The design of the hall room in classical style assumes:

  • use of natural finishing materials;

  • using calm colors;

  • use stucco in large quantities.

The windows are decorated in the traditional style, beautiful heavy fabrics are chosen and put into complex draperies. To make the overall composition look more airy, light openwork tulle acts as a companion. To fill the classic interiors most suitable massive furniture, made of precious wood species. She must have complex fittings and curved legs.

It is important, by putting together all the listed elements, to achieve the creation of special chic. Luxury is the main distinguishing feature of the classics. That is why as an additional decor is often used antiques, and in the finish a lot of gold. There are several directions that allow different interpretations of the classics. This allows you to choose something closer in spirit. And this is another undoubted bonus.

Hall design - how to make the living room beautiful and cozy

Beautiful luxurious classics

There is one drawback to classic interiors - excessive severity. It requires perfect order. It is supported by the symmetrical arrangement of all decorative elements, as well as furniture. The situation around disciplines. And if the order is not your strong point, it will be very difficult to live in such a space.


The ethnic interior of the hall is most suitable for creative people. The one who loves to travel and bring some themed souvenirs from trips will feel comfortable in it. There are a large number of ethnic cultures (African, Indian, Southeast, Japanese, Chinese, American and English). Separate household items that are characteristic of the life of a particular people help to recreate this or that concept.

Hall design - how to make the living room beautiful and cozy

The main room in the house, decorated in ethnic style

The principle for implementing such stylistic concepts is extremely simple: for walls, floor and The ceiling uses textures and colors typical of authentic furnishings. If it is Africa, preference is given to sand, honey and amber paints. If this England is used the color of natural wood and stone. The style should be read in small details and individual accents. If you manage to make them look harmoniously against the background of the chosen finish, you will get a very beautiful and cozy room.

This design has almost no drawbacks. But experts still recommend caution in using certain ethnic masks and symbols, as well as hieroglyphs. It is important to know that they denote what energy they are carrying. The need for a deep study of the chosen concept is the only problem point. If it turns into a hobby or a hobby, the flaw described is easily leveled.

Hall design - how to make the living room beautiful and cozy

Modern reading of the ethnic
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This area is perfectly suited for decorating country houses. It is a reflection of the rural way of life. It may differ in different countries. Therefore, there is a wide variety of rural styles. This is a French Provence, Swiss Chalet, Russian hut, Tuscan and American style.

To create a country-style living room, it is necessary to study photos of interiors decorated in different directions.They will allow you to see the characteristic differences and highlight the distinctive features. The advantages of this choice are many: the atmosphere in the room becomes simpler and more comfortable. She gives warmth, peace of mind. To many, the rural setting is reminiscent of happy childhood times.

Country style presupposes complete harmony with nature. This means that in the interior of the hall may appear natural natural colors that do not cause irritation and fatigue. They are present in everything: in finishing materials, in textiles.

Hall design - how to make the living room beautiful and cozy

A room in the house decorated in a country style

A modern interpretation of rural interiors allows you to create a romantic, very cozy and comfortable atmosphere in which is pleasant to live quietly and measuredly. But she cannot boast of high respectability, but she has a lot of soul and homely warmth. This direction is more suitable for those who love secluded outdoor recreation, for those who have the main hall combined with the kitchen.

Modern directions

Life around is changing very rapidly, technical progress leads to the emergence of new synthetic materials and technologies that help significantly change the space around and make it more comfortable to live. New stylistic concepts help to streamline it. They appear with enviable constancy.

Hall design - how to make the living room beautiful and cozy

Hall-lounge in modern style

Today’s most popular:

  • minimalism ;

  • high-tech ;

  • loft ;

  • eco-style ;

  • avant-garde ;

  • Bauhaus ;

  • Biedermeier ;

  • Bionics ;

  • brutalism ;

  • grunge ;

  • kitsch .

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Minimalism is a style that is based on three main criteria. It is clarity, clarity and ease of execution. A considerable contribution to its popularization was made by the fashion for Japanese culture. It broke out suddenly at the end of the nineteenth century. All because of the picture, painted by Degas and Monet. Artists wrote engravings, which depicted a stunning view of Fuji - an active volcano, on top of which there is a Shinto temple.

Japanese asceticism became the basis for creating interior design. Life around was becoming dynamic, it made a person give up many things and use only the most necessary and practical ones. Therefore, the living space gradually turned into an open area, where there is a lot of light and space. It can be only multifunctional furniture, it should help to simulate the living area and adapt it for everyday needs.

Hall design - how to make the living room beautiful and cozy

Nothing superfluous in the space of the hall, only the most necessary items

Minimalism is not poverty, but an elaborate aesthetic that is realized using simple tricks. In the decoration you can use any construction materials, the main thing with the help of them is to create structures that have strict straight lines, absolutely flat surfaces. Among all the colors, white dominates. The peculiarity of the situation around you can be emphasized by combining it with a dark palette. Graphite, gray and chocolate are best suited for designated purposes.

High-tech style

It is the propaganda of the greatness of technical progress. Its main goal is to popularize the latest know-how of science and technology. The design of such interiors involves the use of glass and metal, all technical units of the house are on display. The heart of the living room or modern room - the latest television and sound system. It becomes the central element of the design, all the rest of the furniture filling is gathered around it.

Hall design - how to make the living room beautiful and cozy

Living room in high-tech style

The terse decor, straight hard lines is welcome. Instead of a decor, gadgets and technical units are displayed. In the living room there may appear a metal and plastic bar counter, unusual lighting, cabinets with retractable structures, a variety of lamps in a modern design. All of them are embedded, embedded, they are all included from the clap of the palms or the code word.

The video shows what a high-tech style is:

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This is the most recognizable style. He was born in the USA in the middle of the last century. Then people wanted to live in the city center, real estate was not enough for everyone. The city authorities made decisions on the withdrawal of industrial industrial complexes beyond the city limits.The vacated facilities and abandoned workshops were reconstructed and leased. The apartments were with minimal amenities, but they had a very affordable price. Inside there was no decoration. All technical stuffing exhibited: brickwork, communications, roof slopes. Such an adaptation was so pleased that soon even ordinary apartments began to take shape identically.

Hall design - how to make the living room beautiful and cozy

Loft-style living room

Modern loft - large windows, high ceilings, free lay-out, no internal partitions, rough finish, communication as an element of decor. Living rooms decorated in this way look great. They can be brutal and expensive at the same time, modern and very beautiful.

The video shows the loft style, which today is chosen by many owners of large halls:


When you create it in the finishing natural materials are used, an open space is created, in which there is a lot of light and a large number of living plants. The main goal of the implementation of the concept is to create an atmosphere that would help to plunge into a relaxing peace that only contemplation of nature can give.

Hall design - how to make the living room beautiful and cozy

Eco-style in the interior of the living room


This modern trend was born at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. In the interior design it came from art. The basis of the style is innovation - the use of the latest finishing materials, household appliances and unusual furniture. When creating it, it is welcomed:

  • an unusual combination of colors ;

  • using contrasts ;

  • non-standard layout ;

  • special attention to accents .

Hall design - how to make the living room beautiful and cozy

The room in the house, decorated in the style of avant-garde

The furniture becomes the central element of the design. It draws attention to its unusual shape. In such a living room may appear items made to order, made on individual patterns. The additional decor also plays a big role: bright crockery, floor vases of strict geometric shapes. Each accessory is a work of avant-garde art.

The video shows several unusual examples of avant-garde styling:

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This direction was born in the first half of the last century. It is named after the German architect, who proclaimed his main principle and proposed to use strict pragmatism and accuracy in the basis of interior design. With the implementation of this concept is a living room, in which there is nothing superfluous.

The business card of the style is built-in wardrobes, furniture with a metal frame, correct geometry, carefully thought-out lighting, the complete absence of additional decor. When choosing finishing preference is given to wood, leather, plastic and glass. When choosing a color yellow, black, red and gray.

Hall design - how to make the living room beautiful and cozy

Bauhaus Living Room

Biedermeier Style

This design concept also has German roots. It is the embodiment of ideas about the comfort of a wealthy bourgeois class, the desire of a person to live comfortably and practically. Here not only functionality, but also beauty comes first. The balance between these qualities is the basis of the new direction.

In its implementation, much attention is paid to the creation of free space, preference is given to saturated warm, deep colors (purple, brown, warm yellow). For interior filling light wood furniture is purchased. In the hall it is located in the center. The decor is set in niches and voids. The main element of the decor is a circle, so there are no sharp corners in the living room, and there are only smooth lines and soft transitions. The use of a large number of accessories (pillows, paintings, china, floor clocks, table lamps) is welcomed.

Hall design - how to make the living room beautiful and cozy

Rich brown color and light furniture


This direction allows you to create ultramodern interiors. As an independent style, it was recognized in the seventies of the last century. The main idea of ​​the direction is the transfer into the living space of the living room of objects and motifs imitating objects of living nature. In the decoration and in the furniture filling only natural colors are used. There is no familiar layout, no sharp right angles.

The space around has a structured shape that looks like honeycombs, cells, bubbles of water. The hall can be zoned with partitions, furniture, decor items. Registration is carried out on the principle of addition of modular structures.

Hall design - how to make the living room beautiful and cozy

Living room in the style of bionics


The next stylistic direction is ode to concrete. He - the main texture of the interior.In combination with it, you can use metal and wood, as well as glass. The focus is on simplicity, functionality, space. Each item takes its place and performs its function. Nothing extra.

Hall design - how to make the living room beautiful and cozy

Brutalism - an ode to concrete
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Design is carried out in one color palette. In the new space there is no place for a large number of accessories. In the living room, decorated in the described style, concrete walls and ceiling, furniture with metal elements (most often it is sheet metal), it has simple and strict forms, and there is no hint of additional decoration. Paints are not blurry, most often when choosing a palette, preference is made in favor of one or two colors.

The video shows what a brutal style is:


New style - a combination of modern and old. The interior is built on the contrast of these two components, so in the design there is always a neighborhood of ancient objects and ultra-modern technology. The main idea of ​​the design is to create a relaxed atmosphere, very practical and comfortable, in which there is no place for pretentiousness. Such aspirations can be realized in the presence of two conditions: a large space and an abundance of light. In such a living room there must be:

  • beams on the ceiling;

  • brick or concrete walls ;

  • large panoramic windows ;

  • additional artificial lighting ;

  • elegant furniture , not without practicality;

  • calm natural colors ;

  • simplicity and conciseness of execution.

Such a design of the hall is most suitable for musicians, representatives of various subcultures, those who love non-standard solutions.

Hall design - how to make the living room beautiful and cozy

Grunge style hall


Another style that is a protest against the usual design rules . It is available to everyone. To implement it, you do not need to have an artistic taste and a large budget. The concept for designation is the triumph of contradictions. That is why, along with muted colors, acidic paints can be used, futuristic objects stand next to classic furniture, expensive wood and stone can be used in a company with cheap plastic.

The living room in the kitsch style is a mixture of different styles, items from “different stories” of different ages are displayed. Linoleum imitates the design of marble, a glass chandelier crystal, a sofa, a coating of leatherette, can look like an object upholstered in natural leather. In such an interior, polyurethane friezes, coated with gilding, artificial animal skin, wall panels under the tree of plastic can appear. This is exactly the philosophy of kitsch.

Hall design - how to make the living room beautiful and cozy

Brutal hall decorated in the style of kitsch
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Basic areas and general principles of planning

When a style is chosen, it becomes clear which finishing materials you need to use, what furniture to buy for interior filling. It is important to understand at the planning stage how the interior of the hall will be used.

Each family itself defines the functions of the room described, but traditionally it always houses a rest area consisting of soft sofas and armchairs. It can be formed around a large TV or fireplace, if it is in the living room. In addition to it, there may be a dining area, cabinets and sideboards in which dishes for serving the festive table are stored, or a library. If standard furniture does not fit into the available space, you need to buy custom-made furniture.

Hall design - how to make the living room beautiful and cozy

Circular layout of furniture near the fireplace

When the issue with the amount of furniture is resolved, you need to choose the method of its arrangement. There are ready-made schemes for grouping upholstered furniture.

  1. Parallel (sofas are located opposite each other and a coffee table is located perpendicular to the central element of the living room, cabinets are placed along the free wall between them).

  2. Corner (sofas are arranged in a l-shape, they occupy the entire angle opposite the television zone).

  3. U-shaped (sofas are placed around the compositional axis in a U-shape).

The video shows several options for the designer filling the hall: ten centimeters from the window and door openings (the doors should open without encountering obstacles in their path).Between stationary interior objects there must be a passage of at least 50 cm wide. The distance from the sofa to the TV must be six times the length of the screen. The height of the installation is determined as follows: at the level of the pupils, a horizontal line is determined, the TV is hung 10 degrees above it, the speakers are mounted 3-5 meters from it.

Hall design - how to make the living room beautiful and cozy

L-shaped layout of the living room-hall
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Summary of the topic

It is easy to make the central hall in the house beautiful and cozy. To do this, you need to decide on the design style, correctly arrange the furniture and accessories, in strict accordance with the chosen thematic concept. It is important when solving the described problem to be guided by the taste preferences of all family members and to take into account their material status.


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