Beautiful gazebos for summer cottage - photos of the best garden garden design ideas

Beautiful gazebos for summer cottage - photos of the best garden garden design ideas

In summertime, summer cottage becomes a favorite vacation spot for many people. For the comfortable organization of leisure in the fresh air is such a structure as a gazebo. It will become a cozy corner for tea drinking, family gatherings, as well as friendly meetings surrounded by nature. A simple summerhouse in the country will not take up much space, but will bring many benefits during the rest.

Variants of gazebos for giving

Regardless of whether they build a gazebo with their own hands or with the help of professionals, you must first think of everything. The choice of gazebo design to give depends on the landscape of the site and the style of the buildings on it. It should harmoniously fit into the existing design, to be part of the surrounding atmosphere. At the same time, summer houses should meet the requirements of their functionality and the desires of the owner of a country house. You can consider different versions of gazebos for summer cottage, but the best will be the one in which it will only complement the positive atmosphere of the yard and will not interfere with various activities.

Beautiful gazebos for summer cottage - photos of the best garden garden design ideas

Garden summer arbors for giving are of three types:

  • open;
  • half-open;
  • closed.

Open version

Open arbors for summer cottage, the photo below is an example of a simple, frame construction, they are a canopy that hangs on supporting pillars playing the role of a carcass. They can be wooden, metal, less often brick or stone. Such a lightweight construction will fit into almost any landscape, it will not look cumbersome even in a small area.

Beautiful gazebos for summer cottage - photos of the best garden garden design ideas

The open type of construction allows the use of a light foundation and provides a small amount of material, which makes it more accessible in comparison with other types.

Also, open structures have a lot of advantages:

  • simplicity of construction;
  • ease and aesthetics of construction;
  • diversity forms and design options;
  • the possibility of outdoor recreation.

When planning a wooden arbor to give an open type, you need to choose the right location. It should be closed from the wind, located on the sunny side of the site.

Closed type

A closed pergola for summer houses, the photo of which is placed below, is a more complex structure, it is fenced off from all sides with glazed walls, it is a light garden house. A characteristic feature is the ability to be in it in all weather conditions. To build such a gazebo in the country with their own hands will be more difficult.

Beautiful gazebos for summer cottage - photos of the best garden garden design ideas

The building style can be any, as well as the material. The form of this type of arbor is often rectangular or multifaceted. According to the style decision the construction should correspond to the house and the landscape. The main thing is that at least two walls should open. On condition of warming, such an arbor provides for the possibility of using in the winter period.

Summer gazebos of the form and design may have different, the main emphasis when choosing them is placed on the harmonious combination with the house.

Basic materials for the construction of a summer house arbor

Today the market offers a large selection of various materials for the construction and finishing of garden arbors.

Wooden buildings

Tree is an environmentally friendly, breathable, easy-to-use material, the main advantages of which are:

  • environmental safety, no toxic effects ;
  • strength - with proper processing and protection from decay, a wooden building will last for decades;
  • does not lose its attractiveness and presentability when cracks and chips appear - you can get a beautiful gazebo for many years
  • Application

    The use of tree trunks of different thickness is a great idea for a summerhouse to give , a photo example is a direct proof of this:

    Beautiful gazebos for summer cottage - photos of the best garden garden design ideas

    A wooden pergola for giving can be built in a short time even with your own hands. Wood is easy to process, allows you to translate many design ideas. At the same time, it is durable, with proper operation has an unlimited service life.

    The appearance of wooden buildings fits perfectly into the surrounding nature. The building retains heat well and protects from cold.

    Natural material always creates a special comfort inside the building. When making the appearance of wooden structures, designers try to preserve the natural look of the material, not to use a bright painting, not to violate the texture of wood. The main rule, which should be guided by the construction of a wooden gazebo - harmony and naturalness.

    Metal structures

    Metal gives the building an expensive look, lightness and texture. The ability to create various openwork forms makes such a design attractive, intricate in appearance. It is better to build summer arbors out of metal.The advantages of the material include:

    • durability and long service life;
    • the ability to create various forms;
    • an unlimited choice of design ideas;
    • simplicity leaving.

    Beautiful gazebos for summer cottage - photos of the best garden garden design ideas

    Brick buildings

    Brick construction looks good against the background of a house or cottage of similar material. Advantages of brick buildings:

    • strength and resistance to environmental factors;
    • no shrinkage;
    • minimum maintenance;
    • fire resistance;
    • environmental safety;
    • possibility of winter use of the building.

    Beautiful gazebos for summer cottage - photos of the best garden garden design ideas

    Arbors from fabric

    Using fabric to build an arbor is a modern idea that is only gaining popularity. Tarpaulin is most often used as a coating material, as it has water-repellent properties. Such structures can be disassembled and stored in the winter in places protected from the adverse effects of external factors.

    Sizes can be varied, depending on the estimated number of people who will be in the gazebo. In addition to tarpaulin, modern fabrics are used for coating: acrylic, marquise, awning.

    All used fabrics have the following properties:

    • protection against wind and UV rays;
    • protection against moisture;
    • resistance to fading;
    • health safety.

    Fabric - one of the most affordable materials for finishing gazebos. This is a simple cheap way to equip a place of rest in the country, to give it an attractive look and style. A beautiful gazebo for the dacha, the photo of which is posted below, can be installed as soon as possible and does not require a large amount of costs.

    Beautiful gazebos for summer cottage - photos of the best garden garden design ideas

    In addition to the fabric, , PVC film is used for decoration of arbors, which has the following characteristics:

    • keeps heat well;
    • is lightweight;
    • is easy to install;
    • is affordable;
    • easy to clean;
    • does not fade in the sun.

    Much less often stone, glass, plastic, and plywood are used for the construction of summer houses.

    When choosing a material, you should consider the design and size of the section. It would not be superfluous, also, to study the pros and cons of the chosen type of structure, to look at the finished versions of the buildings.

    Shape and style of the gazebo

    In their form, gazebos can be made in the form of a rectangle, circle or polyhedron. And also, to represent a complex structure, having a complex structure and original appearance.

    Beautiful gazebos for summer cottage - photos of the best garden garden design ideas

    The choice of the form depends only on the personal wishes of the owner of the suburban area. The most difficult for the construction is considered to be a round gazebo, it requires accurate calculations, and not any material is suitable for it. Hexagonal buildings need more material, which makes the building heavier. The classic shape is a rectangle, the construction of which is not difficult.

    Rectangular construction

    Rectangular construction is the simplest and most common. In most cases, this building has an area of ​​more than 10m2.

    The main advantages of a rectangular gazebo are:

    • the ability to accommodate a large number of people;
    • there is space for arranging a table and chairs;
    • possibility of zoning of space;
    • possibility of installing heaters or stoves.

    Also, you can arrange a two-level gazebo by organizing several zones with different uses. With proper construction of the building and its proper arrangement, it will serve for many years and will become a favorite gathering place for a noisy company or a quiet corner for secluded relaxation from the city rush.

    Beautiful gazebos for summer cottage - photos of the best garden garden design ideas

    Structure of a round form

    Such structures are found quite rarely, their feature in the original appearance. Most often round designs are created from forged metal or brick.

    The advantages of a round-shaped construction include:

    • attractive aesthetic appearance;
    • lightness and airiness, even when using heavy materials;

    Round-shaped arbors are quite complex in erection, therefore such form is used less frequently.

    Today, an original type of construction appeared - a two-story gazebo. The lower floor is a closed space, and the upper one is an observation platform. The design of a two-storey arbor can be arranged in various styles, and the advantage will be to use the area of ​​a small section as functionally as possible.

    Beautiful gazebos for summer cottage - photos of the best garden garden design ideas

    In addition to variations on forms, arbors can be decorated in various styles:

    1. Classic style It is a rectangular structure with column supports. It is characterized by strict forms and design. Natural materials will be more consistent with the nature around.You can decorate the classic arbor with flowers and other plants. It is better to refuse unnecessary decorative elements. The supports of such a structure look like columns.
    2. Oriental design provides for lightness and airiness of the design due to the use of fabrics and openwork metal elements. East style. One of the most popular styles for those who want to stand out and create at the summer cottage a unique building with an amazing atmosphere. Size and material depend on the preferences of the owner. In the center is often set a low table, surrounded by many pillows. It is better to use modern polyester for decoration, it repels moisture, and the rain will not be terrible. All furniture and decor items must comply with the chosen direction. Oriental gazebos look great against the background of the pond.
    3. Beautiful gazebos for summer cottage - photos of the best garden garden design ideas

    4. Rustic style is usually represented by asymmetrical structures, mostly made of wood.
    5. The Scandinavian style is renowned for using cool colors in painting designs.
    6. Provence style, the characteristic feature of which is the use of elegant railing with balusters;
    7. Modern structures are original and unusual forms with complex elements design.

    Currently, there are more and more design options for summer houses. Unusual designs differ originality, and will become a highlight of the seasonal dacha. However, in any case, the building should be combined with the facade of the house and correspond to the landscape of the site on which it is located.

    Live gazebos

    This is a light frame construction with a metal base, surrounded by plants that twine around it. A distinctive feature in the absence of floor, walls and ceiling. They are completely replaced by branches, trunks and leaves of trees. As a "hedge" can be applied to any climbing plants with the exception of conifers and shrubs with thorns.

    Beautiful gazebos for summer cottage - photos of the best garden garden design ideas

    Such structures are used only in summer and are a decorative part of the landscape. They perfectly protect from rain, wind and sun. On a hot day, this gazebo will maintain a comfortable coolness.

    It is possible to create a living structure even in a small area, providing for a good illumination of the location of the building. However, growing walls requires time and patience - it may take more than a year to build a “live arbor”.

    Barbecue gazebos

    The main purpose of this type of building is the preparation of barbecues and barbecues. They have the appropriate arrangement and are equipped with a brazier. Materials must be practical, easy to clean, resistant to operating conditions: metal, wood or stone.

    Often gazebos with barbecues are equipped with a place for cooking, a sink and a table, thus giving gazebos the function of a summer kitchen. Inside there should be a dining area from the table and benches, fenced from the cooking zone. To maintain the temperature, you can hang thick curtains.

    Beautiful gazebos for summer cottage - photos of the best garden garden design ideas

    It is better to install additional light sources in such an arbor. Lighting will help to create coziness and harmony, especially artificial light is needed in the cooking zone.

    It is better to have this building away from home, this will create its own unique atmosphere in it.

    Purpose of future construction

    The main thing to consider when choosing the shape and design of a summer arbor is its purpose. The size and style of the building also depends on it.

    For some, the goal is to get a quiet, cozy corner for relaxing alone with nature. For others, space is important to gather friends and organize parties. And someone just needs to create a family atmosphere for dinner with family.

    It will be enough for a couple to install a small canopy with a soft sofa or a pair of sun loungers. Then the gazebo will be a great place where you can stay together. Beautiful gazebos for summer cottage - photos of the best garden garden design ideas

    A large family with children who wish to have breakfast and dinner in the open air will appreciate the advantages of the kitchen design.

    Barbecue lovers will love the barbecue gazebo.

    If you want to hide in the shade of a tree while reading a book on a hot day, a live arbor will do.

    Creation and implementation of the project

    Before starting the preparation of the project it is necessary to consider the following nuances:

    • location;
    • the style of the future buildings;
    • the need for a kitchen area;
    • the number of people for whom the building will be designed;
    • supply of utilities.

    If you do not plan for frequent guests, you can make a small gazebo. This will save time and money on its construction. It is important to determine the type of building in advance: a closed gazebo for summer house will be suitable for all seasons, the open one is more suitable for the warm season.

    Having defined all the listed characteristics, you can begin designing.

    The project should include the following points for future construction :

    • the location of the gazebo on the site;
    • the size and area of ​​the building;
    • lighting layout;
    • calculation of materials and costs;
    • type of construction;
    • foundation type;
    • stages of wall and roof construction.

    Modern gazebos have various shapes and designs. The choice of design depends on the wishes and preferences of the owner. The main thing for obtaining the desired result is the observance of technology and the rules for the construction of such buildings. Then, regardless of its type and material, the gazebo will be strong, reliable and durable. With the right professional approach to building, the summerhouse will become a favorite place to spend time outdoors.


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