Pros and cons of galvanized gutters

Today we will help in choosing a drain. In modern days, galvanized gutters are used not too often, because they are considered short-lived, and they do not look as beautiful as other building materials. But at that moment, when water drain systems made of plastic began to actively spread in Russia, foreign companies began to work on galvanized samples, improving their quality and appearance. Therefore, galvanized water courses are gaining popularity again. Carefully examining the material, you will receive information about the design, the advantages of galvanized gutter and some installation features.

Pros and cons of galvanized gutters

Galvanized drain

Pros and cons

It is important to know about the advantages and disadvantages of the chosen material before purchasing.


  1. Modern drainage systems are highly resistant to various external conditions.

  2. The alloy is not subject to serious damage, and also has high strength.

  3. Manufacturers provide a choice - matte or glossy models are available for sale.

  4. Easy installation work.

There is only one significant shortage of galvanized gutter - the frequency of repairs. The material expands and shrinks when exposed to heat, and therefore weld seams can diverge.

The less significant disadvantages include the fact that galvanized drains are not suitable for every roofing material. If there is bitumen in the coating (shingles), then it will melt under the influence of sunlight and once it gets inside the pipe, as a result it will enter into a chemical reaction and rust will form. And this will happen quickly.

Pros and cons of galvanized gutters

Rust on a galvanized surface

Selection criteria

Galvanization is an iron coating. The main advantage over other drainage models is corrosion resistance, as well as light weight.

It is very easy to work with such material - it is cut without problems, fixed in the required space or processed.

Special attention should be paid to the choice of manufacturer when purchasing. It is important to note that the manufacture of galvanized gutters in modern days is a complex high-tech process. For such gutters galvanized apply only high-quality alloys. Steel thickness for drainage - 0.6 mm. Also used polymer coating for decoration, which is manufactured in accordance with modern technology. Therefore, sellers need to clarify about these nuances and ask which companies correspond to these parameters.

Pros and cons of galvanized gutters

Making galvanized gutters ", which covers the material with a protective layer" Plastizol "or" Pural ". These products will serve for many years, but at the same time have the maximum ease of assembly, as well as a large selection of design solutions.

If there is a desire to purchase a drain from galvanized steel from a foreign company, you can safely choose the following manufacturers:

  1. Finnish company Ruukki.

  2. Swedish Siba.

  3. Aquasystem is a joint venture of Russia and Germany.

Each brand is a quality manufacturer and supplies drains with a polymeric protective layer. Thus, the fabrication becomes the most resistant to corrosion, fading to the sun and mechanical damage.

If you don’t want to understand different brands for a long time, you need to remember that there are certain election criteria with which you can determine the durability of a galvanized steel drain system: should study the product very well. The outer surface must be clean, free of defects, the coating must be continuous. If there are any small cracking, the influx in one place of painting, it is not desirable to acquire such a sample.

Pros and cons of galvanized gutters

A drainage system with a clean surface
  • The edges of the pipe should be maximized even.

  • It is also important to pay attention to additional elements. The kit must include clamps, plugs and similar parts. Thanks to these components reliable tightness of water drainage in a certain direction is provided.

Stages of work on the design of a galvanized system

There are several basic rules for designing:

  1. With a roof area less than 50 m² The gutter must be used in 100 mm wide and 75 mm in diameter.

  2. If the roof is more than 50 but less than 100 m², the same value changes - 125 mm in width and 87 mm in diameter.

  3. If the roof is on a large building and the area exceeds 100 m², you must use 150 mm and a diameter of 100 mm. There is also an option to use a different combination - a gutter of 190 mm, a pipe - 120 mm.

Pros and cons of galvanized gutters

Galvanized roof drain
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After that, you can proceed to the calculation of the funnels. One funnel collects rainwater over an area of ​​100 m². But of particular importance here are the size of the drainage system. If its parameters are 150 by 100, then the funnel collects water from 150 m².

It is much easier to calculate the number of pipes located vertically:

  1. The height of the building is divided by the length of the downpipe to be purchased.

  2. After the resulting figure is multiplied by the number of funnels.

If you don’t want to count the figures by formulas, then you can use special construction calculators on the Internet.

Control of the installation

When hiring a specialized team, the installation process should be monitored, since it is important to properly install the material. To do this, you need to know some features of working with galvanizing.

The protective layer is resistant to damage and abrasion, and therefore the metal can be bent without problems or subjected to weak shocks. But it is advisable to use not an ordinary hammer, but rubberized. The metal tool will leave damage in the protective layer.

Pros and cons of galvanized gutters

Rubberized hammer for installing galvanized water

The most important thing is to ensure that no scratches appear during the installation, which will eventually cause rust formation.

It is important to know that the grinder is not used for cutting galvanized elements, since the steel will become very hot and the coating will deteriorate. Only a hacksaw or scissors is used.

If you notice that the working personnel violates the above instructions, then this is worth mentioning, since damaged zinc will not ensure proper tightness and will soon fail.

Features of placement

Pros and cons of galvanized gutters

Installing a galvanized drain requires special attention
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When installing the system, care must be taken to ensure that it is not scratched by debris and branches that may fall onto the roof. The easiest method of protection - the purchase and installation of gratings, which are made of plastic or stainless steel.

They are installed on the latch or using screws. You can also use the basket. Water will flow down the gutters, and the basket will keep large contaminants. After that, the basket is easily removed for cleaning. This is its main advantage.


The indicated prices for drains from the manufacturer are valid for August 2018. The composition of the drainage system will include the following elements (one by one):

  1. funnel;

  2. drainage elbow;

  3. bend for pipe;

  4. pipe;

  5. fastener;

Depending galvanized on drains - the prices are slightly different from the manufacturer:

100 mm

750 rubles

120 mm

810 rubles

130 mm

935 rubles

140 mm

920 rubles

150 mm

990 rubles

160 mm

1060 rubles

180 mm

1180 rubles

200 mm

1300 rubles

220 mm

1500 rubles

from the video you can learn how to install a galvanized drainpipe system:

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Galvanized drains are beautiful and durable structures with a long service life. But we must remember that the wrong design or unprofessional installation can spoil even the best material, so for such work it is better to contact the experts who do the work with high quality and with a guarantee.

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