The main problems and their solutions when building a house

Every year the number of people willing to build their own house in the country is growing exponentially. The number of fraudulent schemes in the market for country housing is also growing at the same rate. The catch can lie not only in the construction itself, but also in the accompanying documentation on the house, land and communications (see. "Fraud in a country house-building").

The main problems and their solutions when building a house

Do not be fooled. We will continue to consider the problems that are on the way to a happy life in a new house.


There are almost more problems connected with the choice of a building plot than with the construction itself. Unfair sellers have found many ways to offer completely unsuitable places for building a completely legitimate way.

1. Here it is impossible to build

The first example is the acquisition of land not intended for capital development . If you plan to acquire a home for permanent residence and with the possibility of registration, the site status is "individual housing construction." If the seller offers you to buy a summer cottage or even agricultural land and swears that it will be easy to transfer to another category, then it is cunning. To do this is either very difficult or impossible.

Solution: request from the seller a cadastral passport of the site, as well as information on the presence of various burdens (arrests, debts, etc.)

2. How beautiful it is in summer!

The second example. In pursuit of savings, some buy cheap land. A few months later, when construction is in full swing, or the house is already standing, it turns out that it is being filled to the top with snow or flooded during a flood. In short, the site is on the inconvenience.

Solution: ask the seller what is the reason for the low cost of land and what problems you may encounter in different seasons.

3. Are the neighbors good?

The problem of good neighborliness not only torments residents of apartment buildings. When they try to impose on you a place for construction on any conditions, it means it is with a surprise. The catch will be revealed when the construction of "unwanted neighbors" begins. Do you want to live near a large livestock farm or noisy production?

Solution: ask about the development plan of neighboring territories and make sure that there are no similar enterprises nearby.


A site without communications can seriously complicate the construction of a house and make changes to the planned budget. Cases where utility networks are a source of trouble look much more paradoxical.

The main problems and their solutions when building a house

4. Careful, gas!

You purchased a wonderful plot, decided on the project of the house. And suddenly it turned out that it was impossible to do exactly where we wanted to start construction. This is due to the underground heating system, gas or water supply. Even if you build a house on the ground free from underground utilities, in the event of an accident, your site will be renovated.

Solution: Contact a lawyer to verify the property. During such a check, they will find out all information relating to communications (location, limits), as well as the legal purity of the contract of sale.

5. Monopoly

If the management company or utility service is one for the whole cottage settlement, it can unreasonably inflate the tariffs for services. The price tag will grow uncontrollably, but this money will obviously not be used to improve living conditions.

Solution: a communal monopoly can be fought only collectively. Contact the Federal Antimonopoly Service and file a lawsuit.


The most important stage is the choice of the developer. When the issues of land acquisition and the necessary communications are successfully resolved, it remains to choose with whom to enter into a contract.

There are many companies in the suburban construction market offering their services. How to avoid cheaters?

6. Free cheese

To attract customers, some contractors set a suspiciously low price tag. Cheap materials are offered or the minimum payment for the work of a construction company. Either the low price is motivated by a large share. Both in the first and in the second case the final price tag will be much higher than stated.

By the middle of construction, the price of building materials will rise sharply or they will not be enough. Of course, the client in this case will not search for another contractor or stretch the construction for two seasons.

Solution: when drafting an agreement, include a clause on penalties for overdue dates of delivery of the object and pay attention to the estimate for the documents was "closed". If you doubt the integrity of the construction company, conduct an examination of all documents on the house and land.

Do you want to exclude unscrupulous companies from the field of view in advance - examine the sites of all potential performers, analyze the information posted on the pages.

The main problems and their solutions when building a house

Another useful solution for those who still want to save on construction: choose a few organizations you like and hold a tender, inviting each one to calculate a specific budget project. The more detailed and transparent the calculation will be, the easier it will be to entrust the construction of a country house to the dream of the company that made it up.

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