Energy-saving electric heating boilers for a private house, a review of models, prices, photos

The energy-saving boiler is one of the simplest and most affordable options for a heating system. This type of equipment is presented in several versions, which differ in design and technical characteristics. Due to convenience, systems using electric boilers are often used in private homes for individual heating.

Energy-saving electric heating boilers for a private house, a review of models, prices, photos

Electric boiler in the heating system

Boilers and characteristics

Energy-saving boilers for home heating do not differ in appearance from standard electric boilers, but have a higher energy class. This type of equipment is designed for individual heating systems. There are such advantages of using electric boilers in private homes :

  • only electricity is required for work;

  • there is a large choice among manufacturers and boiler models;

  • easy installation;

  • high efficiency and performance;

  • quiet and environmentally friendly ;

  • compactness and good design.

In comparison with traditional types of electric boilers - resource consumption is reduced by 30-35%.

Energy-saving boilers are divided into several types:

  • ion;

  • electrode;

  • ion exchange.

Note! All types of boilers are the same in their structure of work - the heating medium is heated, but there are differences in the way energy is converted into heat.

Energy-saving electric heating boilers for a private house, a review of models, prices, photos

The types of electric boilers of various capacities differ only in sizes

The process of energy saving of a new generation of boilers itself is possible; for a number of nuances:

  • inertial heating of the coolant is reduced several times;

  • the process of converting electricity into thermal energy (the entire volume of coolant in the chamber is heated boiler);

  • the possibility of using a smooth start;

  • all boilers of energy-saving type have a simple design, created on the basis of reliable materials modern of variable type;

  • it is possible to connect efficient radiators to the system;

  • automatic control over the temperature regime of air masses and heat carrier.

Energy-saving electric boilers for heating a house can have one or two heating circuits . Single-circuit are used only for heating, and double-circuit in addition provide the house with hot water.

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Energy-saving electric heating boilers for a private house, a review of models, prices, photos

Device and principle of operation of a double-circuit electric boiler

Selection and recommendation

A sufficient choice of domestic and foreign equipment, so you should decide in advance on the type and characteristics of the future boiler. Electric energy-saving boilers have several properties that should be considered when choosing a heating system.

The choice is determined by such key characteristics:

  • Efficiency . Standard boilers of energy-saving type have an efficiency level of about 98%, and automatic control contributes to the optimal level of heat generation.

  • Design , which is easily chosen for a certain interior of the room.

  • Functionality . In the line there are models with instant-type heating. Such heating of the heat carrier increases the efficiency and simplifies the adjustment of the boiler power. Also, each model has its own additional options that contribute to improving the management and operation of the boiler. It is worth considering that the price depends on the number of additional sets of options - the more, the higher the cost of the model.

Energy-saving electric heating boilers for a private house, a review of models, prices, photos

The small size of the equipment allows you to enter the electric boiler in any room
  • Warranty and service life . When purchasing certified equipment, a warranty is issued to the client, which indicates the period of warranty operation, as well as informs about the specifics of repairing equipment in the event of a breakdown. It should be understood that the warranty period and service life are different concepts. So, if the warranty period is 10 years, it means that the device is guaranteed to work this period, or it will be repaired free of charge. And the service life may exceed the warranty and be 20, 30 or more years.

  • Manufacturer and brand of the boiler . An energy-saving boiler for heating a private house can be chosen not only by preferences, but also by reviews of actual users.

The choice of the boiler is made in accordance with the required characteristics.It is worth paying attention to the price segment, since different models with the same set of functions have different prices. Most often it is associated with the manufacturer and the materials that were used in the manufacture of the boiler.

A large number of positive reviews confirm the effectiveness of using this type of auxiliary heating. Users emphasize the ease of installation of equipment, ease of management and reliability of electric boilers.

Three important points that you need to know before planning to purchase and install an electrical type of heating system:

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Popular models

There is a wide choice of electric boiler brands on the market. Among the popular models you can find options in different price segments.

  • Galan is a domestic manufacturer . It has three main modification options that are suitable for heating a room of any size, without reducing the efficiency of the system. The model range "Hearth" at a cost varies from several to 11-12 thousand rubles, the price depends on the power of the boiler.

Energy-saving electric heating boilers for a private house, a review of models, prices, photos

Installation of a heating system with a Galan electric boiler
  • Savitre - manufacturer from Russia , which manufactures models of boilers for different tasks, with a capacity from 4 to 120 kW. There are three variants of models: Mini 3 - 8400 rubles, Classic 4 - 9900 rubles, Optima 4 - 19 000 rubles.

  • The Ukrainian manufacturer EnergoLux provides boilers with additional functions, including: wireless temperature sensors, various programs and climate control. There is a feature - separate radiators are independent devices for various rooms and rooms. The cost of models: Premium-1500PU / 12 is 9400 rubles, Elite-1500PUT / 15 is 12200 rubles.

  • Polish brand KOSPEL-EKCO . The model range has a different functionality and power. The cost varies from 27 to 40 thousand rubles.

  • SAV - a model range with increased power and efficiency of 99%. The price varies depending on the power level, from 30 to 120 thousand rubles.

Energy-saving electric heating boilers for a private house, a review of models, prices, photos

Typical connection scheme for wall-mounted induction electric boiler SAV 2.5-500 kW

In the market of electric boilers with energy saving a lot of various manufacturers, including those who are little known in our country. When choosing the optimal boiler model, all factors should be taken into account, including the popularity of the equipment model.

It is worth noting that even among well-known manufacturers boilers differ in characteristics , therefore it is necessary to pay attention to all characteristics of the equipment model. Selection of the necessary option of equipment is based on the basic requirements and features of heating of the room.

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First of all, electric boilers are a universal heating method for rooms where there is no gas equipment. They are well established in the heating of private houses, and equipment of this type is used in apartments as an additional, and as the main source of heating.

Energy-saving electric heating boilers for a private house, a review of models, prices, photos

Variant of using electric boilers for heating an apartment as a backup heat source users of individual type of heating. The main advantages of use:
  • Silent operation and environmental friendliness.

  • The use of quality materials that increase the service life.

  • Efficiency of work with the compactness of the models presented. The boiler is installed in any room, as it does not require additional technical room or special ventilation.

  • Most of the options on the market have a long warranty period , which allows you not to worry about the need for self-repair or complete replacement of equipment.

  • If necessary, an option is selected that has numerous additional functions.

Energy-saving electric heating boilers for a private house, a review of models, prices, photos

Connection of an electric boiler with continuously adjustable EVAN Warmos- 7.5 / 380V
  • Automation is based on reliable electronic systems that can independently regulate the required level of heat exchange, which reduces the likelihood of breakdowns and malfunctions.

  • If a powerful heating system is required, then you can choose models with high efficiency and good production capacity, but it should be understood that each model has limitations on the area of ​​full heating.For most powerful options, this limit is 80 m2.

When choosing a boiler for your home, you should be guided by such parameters as the intensity of use and the need to heat water. With equal power, dual-circuit options are always higher in cost compared to single-circuit ones.

Double-boilers are often used for a complete individual heating system in a private house. Single-circuit types of boilers are used as an additional type of heating, and as the main source of heat. High efficiency of the boilers allows to fully warm the air and maintain the desired temperature in the room.

Energy-saving electric heating boilers for a private house, a review of models, prices, photos

An example of the placement of an electric double-circuit electric boiler

To choose the right heating system for a room, you should determine several key factors of individual heating :

  • functionality and room size;

  • constructive design and equipment according to the technical specification of the installation and connection of the boiler in a specific room;

  • the choice of the manufacturer and the specific boiler model in the optimal price range that will meet all the necessary parameters.

This approach will allow you to correctly evaluate all the technical details and choose the preferred boiler option that will satisfy all the requirements of home owners. And the correct operation of the equipment, the audit of the state and its timely maintenance will significantly extend the service life of the equipment.

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Electric boilers with energy saving are gaining popularity due to high performance, as well as ease of installation and use of equipment. In the market of engineering communications, you can find products of domestic and foreign companies. When choosing a boiler model, it is necessary to decide on all the characteristics and additional functions, which will make it possible to stop the choice on the optimal variant of the equipment.

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