materials, standard projects, turnkey construction

If the land area allows, then a 6x8 meter bath with a mansard is the best solution, especially for those who want to combine a bath and a residential building in the same building. These cottages provide an opportunity to save construction budget and the space of a suburban area.

materials, standard projects, turnkey construction

6-by-8 bath with a terrace is an excellent place for year-round recreation.

Bath project: the main rooms of the building

Another advantage of this type of bath is its equipment: an entrance hall, a steam room, a changing room, a washing room, a toilet, a rest room with a kitchenette. On the second floor there is an attic, where the bedrooms or guest rooms will be located. Upon request, you can decorate the space of the second floor with a balcony, where there will be another mini-zone for relaxation.

materials, standard projects, turnkey construction

A version of a typical 6 by 8 sauna project

Often, 6 by 8 bath projects with an attic also include a terrace - a relaxation area ground floor, where they often cook kebabs. Here put rocking chairs and other attributes for a comfortable stay.

Standard project of a bath 6 on 8 and its turnkey implementation

The basic equipment of a bath with a loft when ordering a turnkey necessarily includes:

  • a set of walls;
  • a set of floor beams;
  • truss system;
  • antiseptic (antiseptic of all material);
  • roof lathing;
  • all consumables (wooden dowels, flax fiber (jute), nails, mounting plates, screws, staples, roofing material);
  • fire protection (wood processing by means of group I fire retardant efficiency);
  • installation.

materials, standard projects, turnkey construction

Turnkey bath - a convenient and quick solution

Basic building materials

It is important to know from What materials will be made bath 6x8 with attic. Wood is a traditional raw material for walling. In practice, natural, environmentally friendly wood is used - profiled and rounded timber, glued laminated timber, massive timber. Pine, larch and cedar are considered the most suitable wood species. The cost of a 6x8 bath with a turnkey attic depends on the size of the beam, the plot of land and the configuration.

On our website you can find contacts of construction companies that offer a bath construction service. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

materials, standard projects, turnkey construction

Bar for a bath should be chosen from pine, larch or cedar

Thermal insulation

There are several nuances, o which is worth remembering when building a bath. Future owners of country buildings do not always think about how their resting place will be used in winter. This is a fact that is important to consider when building a bath in the early stages of its construction. The thermal insulation of the structure should be such that it can withstand a temperature drop from +90 ° С in the steam room to -35 ° С outside. Such a large temperature difference leads to condensation, which affects the service life of the materials of which the bath is built. Also, you should not make the floor cement and put a tile on it, as there is a high probability that the floor and tile will crack (if the bath is not heated in winter).

materials, standard projects, turnkey construction

Proper thermal insulation will allow the construction to last for many years

Even a standard 6 to 8 sauna project from a bar with an attic usually includes everything necessary for a good rest. Therefore, it can be considered one of the most balanced and versatile projects of log-fledged baths today. Also, depending on the wishes and needs of the customer, 6x8 baths can be made individually, taking into account all wishes.

You can learn more about thermal insulation of the bath by watching the video:

Building a bath 6 for 8: the main steps and timelines

The construction process can be divided into ten main stages:

materials, standard projects, turnkey construction

Building the foundation is one of the most important stages of construction
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  1. Accommodation. This is the first and most important stage, as a rule, they assign a place for a bath in the far corner of the site, but the placement takes into account all customer preferences.
  2. The size of the building, its configuration. At this stage, it is thought over what will be in the future functional structure. Often it is a steam room (main part), a shower room, a rest room, a dressing room, an attic, a balcony, a swimming pool (if funds allow and the size of the plot).
  3. Bookmark the foundation (the construction of the bath begins with it). The main point at this stage is the installation of piles in the places where external and internal walls are joined. The space between the piles is filled with gravel and poured with concrete. After that you can proceed to the next stage.
  4. Walling.Often the material for the structure of the bath is a tree, as it is well permeable to air and steam, and also perfectly maintains the required air temperature. Due to the fact that a material such as wood, is characterized by shrinkage, after installing the log house, the foundation must stand for a certain time for the tree to dry out. At this stage, you should consider the exact location of windows and doors. As a rule, doors and windows in the bath make small sizes (160 cm in height and 80 cm in width) in order to keep the heat in the building better.
  5. Roof mounting. For baths characteristic of the structure of a gable or single-pitch roof.
  6. Installation of windows and doors.
  7. Thermal insulation of the walls of the bath and the floor.
  8. Installation of the stove and chimney outlet.
  9. Interior decoration (installation and decoration of sun beds, shower installation).
  10. Exterior finish.

materials, standard projects, turnkey construction

The exterior finish of the bath depends on the personal preferences of the customer.

The construction time of the turnkey bath depends on Season, weather conditions and location of the site, on average, are seven to eight days. From the date of signing the contract to the start of construction, on average, two weeks pass in the summer, in the winter - no more than five working days. Everything is prescribed in the contract with the client step by step and clearly - from the type of supporting structures to roofing materials, the interests of both parties are taken into account, the dates of commencement of works and completion of construction, periods of payment for services and so on are indicated.

Extended set of services: what can be expected

Companies that provide the opportunity to order the turnkey bath-house construction usually have a price list with a wide range of additional services. So, for a fee you can get:

  • Increasing the height of the bath by one crown (+15 cm).
  • Construction of bar partitions (90x140 mm).
  • Installation of a sandwich pipe through the roof.
  • Sandwich pipe set.
  • Replacement of flooring boards with sheet piling 36 mm thick.
  • Thermal insulation of the bath up to 100 mm.
  • Brick facing of the furnace.
  • Roofing (metal).
  • Gable decoration with block house.

materials, standard projects, turnkey construction

Using a block house to finish the gables

Select a company for construction

If the landlord plans to rest in his own country house in the near future and has the means, then you can hire a brigade and order the construction of a two-storey turnkey house-bath. It is important to carefully choose a construction company. After all, the result and quality of work directly depends on this. Several criteria to be met by a construction company:

  • satisfactory cost of work, material;
  • meeting deadlines;
  • formalization of documentation;
  • qualification and experience of the construction team;
  • availability of examples of previous work (preferably with customer reviews);
  • responsibility and effective communication with the customer;
  • provision of a guarantee.

materials, standard projects, turnkey construction

The right choice of a construction company is a guarantee of getting the desired result
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While thinking about building a future place for relaxation, many people are confronted with the question: “Is it worth it to build a bathhouse with an attic?”. Among the various types of designs with a similar purpose, a bath with a mansard is the most popular and is distinguished by its functionality. Such a structure is differently called a house-bath, since such a structure serves not only as a steam room with attached rooms, but also a full-fledged house with a bedroom, a kitchen and seating areas. Such a place for full year-round relaxation will be a worthy object for investing family funds and will serve more than one generation.

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