The project of the house 8x10 with an excellent layout, the plan of a two-story house 10 on 10

When the owners decided to build a house, they are guided by the main criteria: to be reliable, high-quality, comfortable and convenient. In order for the building to meet all the requirements, the main task will be to think out a plan for the house and decide on its number of storeys. Of course, the financial side will strongly influence the choice of the house, but at the same time it is necessary to take into account the convenience side, and besides, the area in which the building is affected also affects the restrictions in choosing a building.

The project of the house 8x10 with an excellent layout, the plan of a two-story house 10 on 10

House planning: exterior view - 3D model

House plan - general concepts

The right house plan is the key to success. Stage planning allows you to think through every little thing and take into account all the features. At a minimum, the project of a one-storey 10x10 house with an excellent layout is spacious rooms and a kitchen, plus a wardrobe. In addition, you need to think carefully about the placement and size of the bathrooms - one is convenient when the toilet and bathroom are combined, while others prefer when it is separate rooms.

The undoubted advantage of single-storey buildings is the low cost, relatively fast construction and lower heating costs. But at the same time, if the family is large, then the best option would be a two-story house.

Also, choosing a project at home, it will be useful to know about common mistakes of developers, which may be imperceptible at the initial stage, but will affect in the future. Example on the video:

Features of the project of a single-storey house

The 8x10 house is built in one or two floors - it is quite compact, but at the same time capacious. There are many options for planning a one-story house 8x10, so when choosing, it is necessary to take into account the number of people who will live in it, respectively, calculate and distribute rooms for all tenants.

One of the main advantages of such a building is its versatility. Such small buildings are suitable for suburban areas and look good in urban environments, where every centimeter is important. The correct project of an 8x10 house with an excellent layout allows you to get a full-fledged residential house without sacrificing comfort.

The project of the house 8x10 with an excellent layout, the plan of a two-story house 10 on 10

Example of a 10x8 house plan with a central bearing wall

Unlike large buildings of several floors This option is more profitable from the financial side.

The following materials can be used for construction:

  • bricks;
  • wood;
  • foam blocks;
  • cinder blocks;
  • stone.

Each of the materials has its own advantages. For example, a tree is chosen for its environmental friendliness. If you need to build a house in the shortest possible time and at the lowest cost, they prefer slag blocks, but you can also choose foam blocks - an eco-friendly material with a low specific weight.

For the construction of small houses, the shell rock is used, which has good thermal conductivity, strong and durable. Brick, in turn, is a classic, not requiring special representations.

Here the hosts choose the most acceptable option. The layout of the house may include a veranda or terrace, depending on preferences it may be of a closed or open type. If there is a car, the project is selected allowing to equip the garage. The main thing when planning is to clearly distribute the economic zone and residential. Often, the kitchen is combined with the living room, which saves space. An example of how a house can be built 8 by 10, a one-story project:

The project of the house 8x10 with an excellent layout, the plan of a two-story house 10 on 10

An example of a combined kitchen and living room is a plan and a 3D model

Convenient layout: interesting solutions, possible options

The project of a one-storey 8x10 house created from scratch with an excellent layout must take into account the interests of future owners, their needs and peculiarities. It is important for children to have a spacious nursery, parents a comfortable bedroom, and every hostess has a comfortable kitchen, so everyone’s expectations should be taken into account in advance.

To create an image of an ideal home for yourself, you can first view the popular solutions of the layouts that were created for a comfortable life.

Planning 8x10

Such buildings can be erected both outside the city and within its boundaries - they are compact, but at the same time spacious. If the family is small, such a house would be an excellent option. Despite its small size, it can have a variety of interior layout. For the construction you can use any building material.

And also, on our website you can familiarize yourself with the most popular projects houses up to 80 m2 from construction companies represented at the exhibition Houses Low-Rise Country.

Planning 10x10

If you choose this option, you should prepare for the fact that it will take more time to build. Although the outer area of ​​the box does not increase much, but there may be some difficulties with the layout - the supporting wall may not always be located in the right place.In any case, this is a more solid construction - such houses are made for large families, and everything will be talking about maximum comfort.

The project of the house 8x10 with an excellent layout, the plan of a two-story house 10 on 10

Exterior of the house 10x10 with a mini-terrace

Here are the most popular projects houses up to 100 m2 from construction companies, presented at the exhibition houses Low-rise Country.

Planning 10x12

This is a really spacious dwelling, which is often increased by the basement and attic. At first glance, this house is suitable for suburban construction, but it is not quite so. It will look perfect in urban environments. Often, such houses are built in two floors, and if you consider that the basement floor is being settled down, then there will definitely not be a shortage of space.

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The layout of the house with an attic, veranda, garage, basement floor

Since the houses on one floor are often limited in space, the owners are trying in every way to change the situation. Among the most common options can be identified:

  • Ground floor, where it is possible to accommodate rooms for housing, as well as other facilities - billiards, gymnasium, pantry, etc.
  • There are plans 8x10 houses with an attic, which is supposed to be used as a guest, bedroom, children's room;
  • Shed roof for further conversion into the attic, hinged platform;
  • Flat roof - creating a recreation area;
  • Garage, workshop;
  • Veranda.

The project of the house 8x10 with an excellent layout, the plan of a two-story house 10 on 10

House and veranda with a lean-to roof

One floor house with base

Such a house has an additional floor, half deepened under the ground. He may be busy for various economic needs:

  1. Water supply system installations.
  2. Heating systems.
  3. Laundry.
  4. Ironing and drying areas.
  5. A place for conservation.
  6. Suitable for use as a pantry, closet.

House with attic

The house plan is 10 by 8 with an attic, this is the same one-story house, only the attic floor is fully equipped for living rooms. For the arrangement of the room under the roof will need additional finishing work and a heating system. Depending on the size, the attic can be used as a bedroom or hall, without special difficulties it is possible to place a bathroom with a bath or a closet, for example, a house plan for 10 to 10 with an attic adds significantly more space, respectively, and additional rooms on it can be placed more.


A garage layout in a one-story house is possible in both symmetrical and completely free forms. The first option involves the separation of the garage from the premises - for which are used powerful capital walls.

The appearance of such areas is conventionally divided into residential and garage parts.

Free distribution - the junction of one of the outer walls to the construction of a garage.

The project of the house 8x10 with an excellent layout, the plan of a two-story house 10 on 10

The detached garage is a project with an attic

Features of the layout of two-story houses

The two-storey 8x10 house is distinguished by the distribution of rooms according to the following principle:

  • the 1st floor is allotted to the whole family rooms and utility rooms;
  • the 2nd floor acts as a private zone - there It is convenient to place the bedrooms and additional bathrooms. Guests usually do not get to the second floor - except for them there is a separate room.

When looking for a 10x10 house project with an excellent layout on 2 floors, you need to remember the following points:

  • The most convenient option for construction is a rectangular house, since the layout in such the case is much easier and there should be no difficulties. If more complex forms are assumed, then experienced architects and designers are indispensable.
  • When building a house of this size, it does not always make sense to immediately attach a veranda, terrace, bay windows and balconies to it. The point is not even in the additional cost, but in the shrinkage of the house, which will occur some time after the end of construction. Therefore, to begin with, it is best to decide on the most necessary.
  • It is important to take care of a comfortable, high-quality ladder that will be safe for children. To avoid queues, the second floor should be equipped with a bathroom, or even two.

In the video, an example of a wicket to the stairs for the safety of a child:

  • In addition to taking care of children, do not forget about imagine - a separate study or workshop for creativity will always be used. You also need to remember about your personal wardrobe and storage space.

A two-storey house 10x10 is more expensive as the volumes of earthworks, roofing and foundation work increase.But if this aspect does not frighten, then in return the owner receives comfortable housing conditions. If you want to save money, you can pick up a project of a one-story building with an attic.

Recommendations for the effective organization of space. Ways to expand living space

There are several basic recommendations that should be followed to create the most comfortable home:

  • Initially, it is necessary to accurately determine the location of the future house - this affects the location of windows and some nuances layouts.
  • The next step is to determine the number of bedrooms, toilets. In this case, you need to pay attention to how many permanent residents and frequent guests will be in the house.
  • For a single-storey house, it is recommended that the windows of the bedroom be located on the east or south side - so guests will wake up with the sunrise, which has a positive effect on health and general emotional background.
  • It is better to place the hall and the nursery in the direction to the south or southeast - this is a good room lighting throughout the day.

The project of the house 8x10 with an excellent layout, the plan of a two-story house 10 on 10

It is necessary to take into account the luminosity of the sun at different times of the year
  • Common rooms should go to the west.
  • If you follow the correct location, there will always be a suitable microclimate and air exchange in the house.
  • Every home should be equipped with a solid foundation. This issue should be given special attention with the involvement of specialists, as often the foundation is about 30% of all construction costs.

When planning a house, regardless of its size, it will be a project at 8 by 12 or 10 by 10, the main thing to take into account all aspects that may affect the comfort of living. It is better to conduct a longer preparation than to regret the loss of nuances upon completion of construction.


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