prices for metal front brick siding in Moscow

Exterior finish is the final phase of building a new house or repairing an old one. Not only the aesthetics of the building, but also its service life, heat preservation, and noise insulation depend on the exterior design. It is accepted to finish the facade with natural materials - stone, brick or wood. It is very beautiful, but expensive. Such work is carried out for a long time, costly - the material itself and the installation cost a lot of money. That is why vinyl or metal siding as a brick is increasingly replacing the original.

prices for metal front brick siding in Moscow

The facade of the house, finished with brick siding

This material for facing the building repeats the relief and color of the original and has a number of significant advantages . It represents sheets or plates which have special systems of locks for fixing among themselves. It is mounted in the wall with screws.

Materials used in the manufacture of siding

For the production of panels used various polymeric and natural materials. The characteristic of the construction sheet depends on the combination of raw materials from which the blocks are made.

  • PVC plates (80%) are used for vinyl brick siding. The remaining 20% ​​are auxiliary and bonding materials. Suitable for wood and brick. The service life is 25-50 years. Very popular material.

  • Sheets of aluminum and galvanized steel serve as raw materials for metallic finishing. To protect against corrosion they are treated with special compounds. Metal is used for finishing production and storage facilities.

  • Cement due to its qualities is actively used in the production of siding. Raw materials are not used in pure form, but in a mixture with cellulose. This combination reduces the weight of natural raw materials, gives strength, durability, resistance to moisture, mold, fungi. The material retains heat well and is a sound insulator.

  • Polypropylene is a durable and durable synthetic material used for the manufacture of basement siding.

prices for metal front brick siding in Moscow

Species of siding imitating brick and stone

Some front blocks on the back cover with additional materials which help to keep warm indoors, and provide sound insulation. The cost of blocks with insulation is not much different from simple ones, but they help to significantly save on heating. These are sandwich panels that are slightly thicker. For the installation of this type of plates additional wall insulation is not required.

Advantages and disadvantages of using

Each type of brick imitation panel has its own pros and cons. Significant advantages of siding in comparison with brick are:

  • low weight - polymers and metal are several times lighter than ordinary bricks, this significantly reduces the load on the walls;

  • availability - sheets of synthetic raw materials are much cheaper;

  • ease of installation - siding is mounted using special locks;

  • easy repair - in case of damage to the plate it is easy to replace it with a new one.

How to choose high-quality siding as a brick, look at the video:

To the positive qualities they consider that siding is not inferior to natural material in strength, and some types, for example, metal, are superior to it. It is durable, resistant to moisture. The advantages of panels builders include ease of maintenance.

Important! When buying facade siding as a brick, you should correctly calculate the amount of material and purchase goods from one batch. If you have to buy more missing sheets, they may differ from the previous ones in shade.

Types of siding under brick

There are several types of siding that look approximately the same and look different from each other only in the material from which the base is made:


prices for metal front brick siding in Moscow

Vinyl siding of various shades

There are many reasons for the popularity of the material:

  • is lightweight - finish siding does not make the building heavier;

  • cheap;

  • durable;

  • it does not fade in the sun;

  • easy to assemble;

  • resistant to mold, fungi, rodents;

  • visually completely simulatesbrick.

Vinyl panels have a porous structure and retain heat well.

The disadvantages of the builders include the relatively low strength of the material. For resistance to mechanical damage, it is inferior to other types of siding.

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One of the most durable to mechanical damage types of finishes is metal siding as a brick. The advantages of this material also include durability, a large selection of colors, availability.

prices for metal front brick siding in Moscow

This is how metal siding looks like a brick on the facade of the house


  • compared to vinyl, it weighs more (but lighter than natural brick);

  • after mechanical damage, sheets are practically unsuitable for restoration;

  • for resistance to moisture requires special treatment against corrosion;

  • installed on a special frame.

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Fiber cement siding

A mixture of cement and cellulose has led to increased strength of the building material. Considerable drawbacks are the high weight and high cost of the panels, so they are used primarily for basement finishing.

prices for metal front brick siding in Moscow

Fiber cement siding under bricks

Important! To install cement siding, foundation strengthening is required because the load on the walls and the base after facing with such material increases significantly.

Ground siding

Blocks are installed in the basement of buildings. Special material (polypropylene) gives it increased strength.

The industry offers a large selection of ground siding with imitation bricks. This is a complete reproduction of masonry or three-dimensional panels that resemble masonry only conditionally. The color range of brick panels is close to natural - various shades of brown, white, and also gray, black.

prices for metal front brick siding in Moscow

Photo of siding as a brick when finishing the base of the house

Features of the application and installation stages

To keep the house warm , was protected from noise, had an attractive appearance, you must follow the instructions for installing the panels.

Facade siding

First of all, the sheathing is mounted on which the sheets will be mounted. It can be metal or wood. The first option is preferable, provided that the metal is treated with an anti-corrosion mixture. Wood should be impregnated with fire-fighting compound.

The spacing between the slats should be suitable for the size of the panels. The area between the crate and the ground must be covered with earth. This will give the design a complete look.

Next is the preparation of the platbands and the doorway. Then the starting level is fixed, for exact installation use level. Orient the rest of the sheets to the first panel.

prices for metal front brick siding in Moscow

Installation of facade siding on metal and wooden crate

Begin laying at the corner of the building, closing each subsequent lock. The rows of panels smoothly corrected, not tugging and not allowing mixing.

The blocks are fixed to the frame with self-tapping screws or nails. For this purpose, special holes are provided in the sheets.

It is worth noting that some companies sell front brick siding complete with installation tools.

Installation of basement siding

There are some differences from the installation of facade panels:

  • the first sheet is set 2-3 cm below the main profile;

  • work starts from the corner and moves from left to right;

  • the first panel is moved to the stop, a sealant is applied to the edge and joined with an angle;

prices for metal front brick siding in Moscow

Layout of basement siding

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There are special posts (mounting pins) located on the rear of the basement panels. Their purpose is to protect the siding from temperature fluctuations. The pins are not used for fixing the panels. Internal corners are fixed using a J-profile or internal corners.

Finishes the installation of the finishing siding finish line. The last row of panels is fixed on the surface of the foundation and secured with sealant. To bend the profile in the corners, it can be heated.

See the video for installation rules for basement siding:

Tips for decorating the facade

To Do not overpay for the extra plates, and do not buy the missing ones, you should correctly calculate the required number of sheets. When purchasing blocks, ask for a certificate from the seller - you can not trust questionable companies. Decorating a home is expensive, implies long-term use of the material. It is important that it is of good quality.

Note! Any kind of siding can be installed not only on the whole wall, but also on separate fragments: sections under the roof, corners, windows, along the perimeter.It is possible to combine several types of panels.

A combination of one type of panels looks good, but of different colors - this will keep the heat and sound insulation and give the house an elegant look. Such a house will not only become more comfortable for living, but will also acquire a new, original design.

The combination of several types of finish (expensive and cheap siding) will help to save.

Beautifully looks like a plastered house with siding located in the basement of the same shade.

Designers do not recommend combining brick finishes with wooden materials. Such a building will have an unsightly look.

prices for metal front brick siding in Moscow

A photo of a house with brick siding - a combination with plastered walls in one color scheme looks stylish not limited to residential buildings. They can be installed on gazebos, outbuildings, trim the foundation of capital fences.

When choosing the type of sheets, it is necessary to take into account the operating conditions: humidity, the possibility of mechanical damage, temperature changes.

Care for siding

prices for metal front brick siding in Moscow

You can wash the siding with ordinary detergents using a soft cloth

Manufacturers take into account the place of use siding for the house under the brick, so it is made with the expectation of specific operating conditions. It does not require special care, it is enough to periodically clean the panels from the settling dust - the blocks should be cleaned or washed with ordinary household compositions.

Do not scrape panels and wash them under strong pressure of water. In the first case, there is a risk of damage to the protective coating, in the second - moisture ingress into the interior, which will lead to loss of heat and sound insulation.

The cost of siding under brick in Moscow and the region

Prices for this material depend on the size of the panels, the material from which they are made, and the manufacturer. Color also plays a role in pricing.

prices for metal front brick siding in Moscow

Popular collections and colors of brick and stone siding

Let's give an approximate cost of brick siding:

  • vinyl - from 200 rubles per piece;

  • metal - from 400 rubles per piece;

  • fiber cement - from 600 rubles;

  • socle (from polypropylene) - from 450 rubles.

The panels are realized both individually and in packages (10-15 pieces).

It is worth noting that the higher the cost of siding, the more expensive the installation work.

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The decoration of buildings with siding imitating brickwork is deservedly popular. This is beneficial as it saves heat transfer fluids and protects against external sounds. The panels are installed on new buildings and are facing the houses that have already served. Thus, the facade of buildings is updated and strengthened.


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