Microdom Egg - a novelty for country rest

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The video shows an oval micro-house designed by the Slovak firm Nice Architects, which was designed to allow its owners to be confident and move where they want.

Not everyone can boast that he is able to take his house and move it to another place. But this does not apply to the owners of the microhouse - ecocapsules, designed for two people.

  • The source of electricity for the house in the shape of an egg is solar panels and a mobile wind generator.

  • The shape of the house is designed with the same consideration so that the house can collect the maximum amount of rainwater.

  • After passing a series of modern filters, this water becomes fully suitable for drinking or cooking.

  • Square meters are used to the maximum - there is even a place in the house for storing things, and the folding bed is very large and comfortable.

Such a micro-house called "Ecocapsule" is offered for purchase for only 70,000 pounds sterling.

It might be interesting! In the article on the following link read about the Bailer Hill cascade house.

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Microdom Egg - a novelty for country rest

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Microdom Egg - a novelty for country rest

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