Septic tanks for giving without pumping budgetary - the best options

A beautiful and comfortable cottage requires solving a stock problem. The old approach - the arrangement of the pit - is no longer relevant. It must be pumped out periodically, and this is a costly undertaking. Low cost septic tanks for summer cottages without pumping are increasingly popular among summer residents, as they solve the wastewater issue without being connected to a centralized sewage system.

Septic tanks for giving without pumping budgetary - the best options

Country house with a cleaning system using a septic tank

What are septic tanks?

A septic tank is a system of containers the task of which is the collection and treatment of domestic wastewater. There are several types - models that require regular cleaning, and do not require.

Accumulating septic tanks

Accumulating - analogue of a cesspool. From time to time it is necessary to invite the vacuum truck to pump the contents from the tank.

Septic tanks for giving without pumping budgetary - the best options

BARS-H storage tank

Special septic tanks

Special septic tanks, cleaning in which is carried out by bacteria processing the contents. There are several types of microorganisms for which such food is considered ideal. They feel great in a prepared environment, working on the purification of wastewater. It is an expensive pleasure. Since special containers are purchased with bacteria in stores.

Septic tanks for giving without pumping budgetary - the best options

Scheme of operation of a special septic tank BARS-Bio

Septic tanks without pumping

Third option - septic tank without pumping. This is a system of 2-3 tanks, dug into the ground. Budget and the most affordable option.

Septic tanks for giving without pumping budgetary - the best options

Septic tank without pumping BARS-Aero in the section

Principle of operation of the septic tank without pumping

Wastewater treatment in such a system occurs due to water settling. The best option is 3 tanks in which liquid waste is being phased in. The tanks are buried in the ground and connected to the top of the pipe. From each is a diversion for air.

Septic tanks for giving without pumping budgetary - the best options

Plastic septic tank of 3 containers of different volume

In the first tank, household drains are washed away from the house, and most of the heavy mass is deposited on bottom. When the liquid level reaches the pipe connecting the first tank to the second, the water flows into another container. This is a purer substance, but still requiring purification. The liquid settles, the masses settle to the bottom. When the water level reaches the connecting pipe, it spontaneously flows into the third tank. This is a vessel at the bottom of which a filtration system is equipped. Water through the filtration cushion cleaning enters the ground. These are already three times cleared drains.

There are constructions consisting of 2 chambers, but such purification is not effective enough.

Subtleties that you need to know

Septic tanks for giving without pumping budgetary - the best options

Proper device of a septic tank that does not require pumping

For the system to work without failures , and the contents of the chambers did not fall to the surface, you need to consider a few points:

  • the sealed bottom must be in all tanks, in addition, from which water enters the environment;

  • walls should not allow liquid to flow into the ground (this is the main difference from the cesspool);

  • the system should be equipped at a distance of more than 5 meters from the dwelling, in case of breaking pipes, water n e will be able to flood the house;

  • when arranging a septic tank, consider the level of groundwater occurrence - they should be located at a distance of 2.5 m from the surface (the water is cleaned naturally without reaching the groundwater) ;

  • the first tank is the largest, water flows from it into other chambers through pipes installed at a slight slope, so that the flow is independent;

  • the cameras are instilled at a distance of 50 meters from the nearest water source;

  • the distance between adjacent tanks is chosen small to exclude the possibility of clogging of connecting pipes;

  • the distance to the fence with neighbors is at least 2 m.

Device and principle of operation of the septic tank and sewage system to give without smell and pumping look at the video:

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Benefits of septic tanks without pumping

An important advantage of such a device is the absence of an odor inherent in the drain water. No less important is the substantial saving of money - septic tanks for giving without pumping do not need to be connected to the sewer system, which is expensive and troublesome. In addition, many models do not need to be connected to electricity.

In addition, the whole system is completely dug into the ground, does not pollute the environment, therefore, the supervisory authorities do not make claims to such sites.

The drain pit collects liquid household waste in ordinary soil.In such a situation, the soil around the “repository” is saturated with untreated liquid masses, which greatly violates the environment. If you add a peculiar smell to this, then the picture turns out to be quite unsightly.

The septic tank differs in principle from the old form of waste accumulation. This is an isolated system of containers, hermetically sealed, completely eliminating the ingress of untreated waste into the soil. Sealing chambers provide protection against odor. The presence of a septic tank at the site can be guessed by the ventilation pipes.

Septic tanks for giving without pumping budgetary - the best options

Important advantage of a septic tank without pumping - full sealing

Choosing the dimensions of a septic tank

The important point on which how efficiently the whole system will work is the volume of the septic tank. It all depends on the amount of wastewater. The more the family consumes water, the larger the tank is selected for wastewater. Calculating the size of the chamber, they proceed from the norm of water consumption per person - 200 liters. That is, the volume of the septic tank = number of family members x 200 l.

For a family of 2 people, 2 cleaning chambers are sufficient. The planned washings, shower and other expenses are taken into account. With a large amount of water consumed, it is necessary to install 3 purification chambers.

Do not forget about drainage and filtration fields

Masters offer 2 additional purification systems - drainage or filtration systems.

The drainage (filtration) well is the last chamber in the cleaning system. Often is a simple well without a bottom. Wastewater treatment is carried out by gradual water infiltration through the soil, therefore it is important that the groundwater is at a distance not closer than 2.5 m to the surface. At the bottom of the sand poured or gravel, which becomes a filter pad. The technique is used for deep groundwater.

Septic tanks for giving without pumping budgetary - the best options

This is how a septic tank drainage system looks to the surface of the soil
Important! Several drainage wells are built on clay soils. This is a cheaper option compared to the filtration field.

The filtration field is a pipe through which water passes in order to completely clear. Occupy a larger area than the drainage well. With a large amount of water consumed, it can occupy an area of ​​several tens of m². This option is suitable for the close occurrence of groundwater, it is time consuming and expensive. Before building a field, it is necessary to correctly calculate its size. To install a septic tank for giving without electricity, the following are taken into account:

  • number of water consumers;

  • soil composition;

  • diameter of pipes supplying drains;

  • average annual air temperature.

To enhance the cleaning effect, a layer of sand or gravel is poured at the lower level of the field, having previously separated it from the ground with a special filter cloth.

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What material is better to choose

Septic tanks for giving without pumping budgetary - the best options

Two-chamber septic tank of reinforced concrete rings

Budget septic tanks without pumping have a big plus - they are non-volatile. This significantly saves the summer residents of money. Save even more will help the right choice of material for the filtration chamber. Various construction materials are used:

  • bricks;

  • concrete;

  • tires;

  • eurocubes;

  • w / b rings.

Concrete rings have gained the most popularity, but it is impossible to install them without special equipment.

Important! Rings from reinforced concrete fragile, volume and heavy. They require care when transporting and installing.

The principle of operation of a septic tank without pumping from r / b rings, see the video:

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Installing a mini-septic tank

Designs designed for low water consumption are called mini-septic tanks. The total water volume of such tanks is 1 m³, the system cleans up to 300 liters of liquid per day. The optimal choice for a guest house or a small cottage. For this purpose, use old plastic barrels or other materials to ensure the integrity of the contents.

When choosing mini-septic tanks to give without pumping, pay attention to several parameters:

  • the material the containers are made of (plastic is the best choice);

  • easy maintenance;

  • reliability;

  • compactness;

  • environmental friendliness.

Important! If the house has a bath, a mini-septic tank will not help out.

Overview of the septic tank "Rostock mini" can be viewed on the video:

What do manufacturers offer?

The industry offers various models of septic tanks for giving without pumping in the form of miniature and full-fledged systems.

  • "Triton mini" is an option for two people.Compact, lightweight system that can be carried in a car. Cleaning is carried out by bacteria. To reach the planned capacity, it takes a couple of days to accumulate a certain amount of liquid and start the process.

Septic tanks for giving without pumping budgetary - the best options

Device and principle of operation of the mini-septic tank "Triton"
  • "Tank 1" - one of the models of the "Tank" line, with the most compact size (1 m³), ​​is capable of handling 0.6 m³ per day. Copes with water consumed by three people. Tanks are made of material with thick walls that have stiffeners. Reliable and functional model.
  • “Rostock mini” is a cylindrical tank divided into 2 chambers. The structure of the tank is cast, without seams, with stiffeners to strengthen the structure. The cleaning quality of 80% is achieved by a biofilter installed in the system.
  • Topol is a Russian-made system made using German technology. Completion of equipment by Japanese mini-compressors increases the efficiency of the system. It has a large model range, from which it is easy to choose a suitable option, including a mini. The body is made of environmentally friendly materials, durable, with a thickness of 1.5 cm polypropylene sheets.
  • Bars-Aero is a patented system made in Russia. This is a proprietary development, together with scientists from MGSU. It has a wide temperature mode of operation (from -40 to +60 C). Easy to maintain and has a thoughtful constructive, which allows to avoid cases of disruption of the station itself. And the compressor of the station itself has been moved beyond its limits, which makes it possible to extend its service life and saves you money for its expensive repairs.
    You can see more clearly the main advantages of Bars-Aero in the image below.

Septic tanks for giving without pumping budgetary - the best options

Comparison of the BARS-Tapas septic tank with other offers on the market

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Septic tanks are being installed more and more often, since the advantages of this wastewater treatment method are obvious. This and the absence of an unpleasant smell, and autonomy, and ease of installation, and a large selection of materials for the cameras. Cozy and clean suburban area with a beautiful floral scent became a reality thanks to a similar cleaning system.


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