finished projects and individual modules

The article will discuss what landscape compositions are in the finished version, when their acquisition is justified, how they differ from ready-made landscape design schemes. Photos and videos clearly demonstrate the existing capabilities.

finished projects and individual modules

Ready scheme of landscape gardening of one site

Ready landscape projects or separate modules

To issue a garden site without attracting professional landscape designers is not difficult. Specialized companies offer ready-made schemes of landscape compositions that can be taken as a basis and strictly follow them when landscaping the local area. They take into account all the basic principles of art design suburban real estate plots. Each element is selected taking into account:

  • Form Relationships . Everything is taken into account: linear, volumetric and flat structures (paths, footpaths, lawns, arrays of plants spreading on the ground, helping to form an average level of gardening and tall trees).

  • Values ​​. The gardens look beautiful, where all proportions are observed, where each element corresponds to in height and in volume .

finished projects and individual modules

Gardens with an ideal ratio of size and volume of plants
  • Color solutions . Finished landscape compositions can demonstrate the perfect combination of , shapes and colors . Experts, picking up plants for their creation, thinking over the image of the garden, think about how it will look at different times of the year. It should look great in summer, and in winter, and in spring, and in autumn. This can be achieved if, during the creation of ready-made schemes, the planting of needles, evergreen shrubs, trees with a decorative crown is laid in the project. Plants are always well combined with each other, which change the color of foliage when the season changes.

  • Combinations of textures . At the heart of all design projects is used the principle of uniformity . It involves the implementation of landscaping with the help of plants with the same or similar texture. In order to implement such a rule, it is necessary to have extensive knowledge of biology.

finished projects and individual modules

An example of the correct combination of different textures
  • Build Geometries . There are two common techniques that are used to create a separate landscape composition. This is the principle of symmetry or asymmetry . The use of the first landing option is appropriate if the area of the garden large . The second is more suitable for sections of compact size .

The proposed project includes a 3D visualization of a separate module or a video about how it should be created. A set of all necessary drawings, statements, a list of all upcoming construction works, the scope of which allows you to competently perform site preparation, build a drainage system and pave all engineering communications, which then will help you need to water the plants, is attached to it.

finished projects and individual modules

3D visualization of the landscape project
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What is a modular landscape design?

Landscape design modules - samples, designs of individual elements (flowerbeds, rockeries, rabatok, mix boders). They have a ready-made scheme of the project, the entire planting material is selected, the expenditure scheme is attached to it. When ordering, experts only slightly modify the design under the conditions of a particular customer site.

Any changes can be made, all individual wishes are taken into account. This work is usually free when ordering a specific scheme. Ready-made options for landscape compositions open up a wide field for experimentation. Their creation helps to master the basic principles of gardening. Experts call them the main thread, on which it will be possible to string new beads annually, add other decorative elements and, in this way, gradually fill the entire territory of the garden.

finished projects and individual modules

Scheme of a separate module of landscape design with a detailed plan of planting of plants

The finished compositions can be different: difficult to perform with the planting of large-sized plants and the creation of multi-layered landscaping, simple at implementation, not requiring the availability of professional knowledge and skills. In any case, the end result should cause a feeling of admiration. In fact, landscape modules are a designer, and several ready-made solutions are offered to the customer for self-assembly, allowing the use of different combinations of plants and design materials.Everyone can choose for himself either a budget option or an exclusive project, relying on his own material possibilities.

You can choose any composition. This may be a patio, front garden, children's playground or recreation area. Today, there are separate modules that help skillfully mask the outbuildings in the local area, break decorative gardens that can become an original decoration of the garden.

finished projects and individual modules

Detailed scheme for creating two separate modules of landscape design
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All the necessary documentation is attached to each landscape module, it contains all the necessary data on the volume of construction work, landscaping technologies, plant selection. This allows you to accurately calculate the budget and control it during the implementation of the proposed plan.

Actively working with one particular nursery, you can count on discounts and certain guarantees that all landings made will take root well and will be able to successfully adapt to a new place. Many nurseries offer advice on landscaping as additional services, there are suggestions that help create turnkey landscape modules.

The acquisition of landscape modules is a profitable investment for those who like to work in the garden and create something on their own with their own hands. Many people like to take an active part in the improvement of their own local territory. Recently, the owners of suburban housing more and more often refuse to create fruit and vegetable farms in favor of decorative gardening.

finished projects and individual modules

Ready beautiful flower garden composition with a list of necessary plantings

Beautiful compositions in landscape design always look especially impressive if they are not created by handicrafts , and by craftsmen who have been working in the described direction for many years, they follow the latest fashion trends and offer a variety of modules.

It will be useful to purchase a finished landscape composition for those who have already completed landscaping, but want to revive it a bit. Such modules can be a gift to his wife for a wedding anniversary. Sometimes this solution helps to quickly decorate the house, prepared for sale. Well-groomed territory can increase the cost of a suburban area. Separately composed compositions are capable of becoming a central place around which the recreation area is easily settled. If you put a portable grill and a large dining table nearby, it will be very pleasant to eat and enjoy the nature around.

The video shows one volumetric module of landscape design, made in 3D visualization:

This may be interesting! In the article on the following link read about the basics of landscape design - the rules for creating a beautiful garden.

Generalization on the topic

Acquisition of the finished landscaping project of the local area helps to correctly design the site and save money on attracting the team of a professional landscape studio. It will be justified only in the event that there is an experience of such works, if there is a desire to refine the site on its own. But, if they are not, you should first practice and buy one landscape module. It will allow you to realistically assess your capabilities and master the basic principles of professional landscape design.

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