In which season of the year it is better to choose a country house + examples

In order to choose a quality house, you will have to become like Stirlitz: it is not necessary to buy a uniform, but it is extremely necessary to have an unruffled face with you.

In which season of the year it is better to choose a country house + examples

An unperturbed person will always come in handy at any time of the year.

There is nothing that can stop a real colonel on the way to his dream: no rain no snow, no sun, no women. Therefore, if you can originally encrypted using only the power of thought, then you can be sure that the time of year for the purchase of real estate does not matter.

The main thing is to make sure that the acquired “Jokerville” will become such a strong shelter for your family that, in its only form, the Germans will be liquidated themselves.

The price range for real estate

In summer, you have more chances to run into scammers who use the hype to create entire plays for buyers, so if you have never bought a property before, Of course it is better to use the services of a professional realtor.

As a rule, the season of hot sales starts from the earliest spring to late autumn.

Not to say that it greatly influences the price, but in winter you have a chance to buy a country house at 20-30% cheaper.

In large construction companies of a professional level, there are even special days when an absolutely new house can be bought with a 50% discount.

In which season of the year it is better to choose a country house + examples

It’s not a fact that it will be there, but you can get to the “tasty” action
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Influence of the season on the cost

Consider the advantages that different weather conditions give when choosing a country house:


People who are not familiar with the construction site are mistaken believe that the best time to view the house is a hot summer. Undoubtedly, driving around the objects is much more comfortable in the summer, however, the warm period gives a lot of profit to the seller: with the help of a small redecoration, you can shade problem areas in the hope that no one will notice.

Therefore, first of all, pay attention to where a fresh repair is made and for what purpose. For example, if wallpaper is hung, carefully separate the canvas from the wall and make sure that there is no black mold or mildew.

Expert's opinion! The topic of plastic windows is often touched on building forums. Despite the fact that now a huge number of firms engaged in its own production, the issue of quality remains relevant to this day. In the summertime, formaldehydes and other chemical compounds, which are part of not only cheap windows, but also stretch ceilings, polystyrene foam plates, are particularly intensively released into the surrounding space. To avoid health problems, make sure that there are no Chinese, not factory-made building materials in the accommodation.

In which season of the year it is better to choose a country house + examples

In summer, the house and landscape will appear in all its glory
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As a rule, real estate prices are slightly lower by autumn, which makes it possible to choose the best option at the right price. It is autumn rains that provide excellent conditions for analyzing the quality of not only the building material, but also the laying of the roof.

In order to make sure of the tightness of the roof, it is enough to look at the state of the wood under the membrane. Leaks can be detected as smudges on logs or walls. The presence of wet places on the insulation indicates that the system of condensate discharge is disturbed and in the future this may affect the indicators of air humidity in the living room.

Tip! Do not hesitate and ask the seller to remove the casing in the most vulnerable places: if the owner saved on the most important aspects, such as a vapor barrier, then there is no doubt that the house is not built conscience.

In which season of the year it is better to choose a country house + examples

In the fall, the house looks completely different


A great time to test the foundation for stability and the design of the house in good quality. If the cement mortar was made not professionally, then in the winter you can see vertical cracks on it. Buying such a house is not worth it, because even a reinforced belt will not save the situation - with time, the foundation will start to lead to the side.

Pay attention to the basement. It should be dry and free from mold. Not every owner manages alone to competently make a basement, therefore it is advisable to abandon self-help lines immediately.

Carefully inspect communications, sewage pipes and electrical wiring.It is in winter, when there are extremely cold temperatures outside, you can assess the quality of plumbing work. As a rule, the less any adapters and tricky weaves of pipes, the better.

In which season of the year it is better to choose a country house + examples

Buying a home in the winter makes it possible to check the “engineer” in extreme conditions
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In spring, the situation on the site can be seen especially clearly. As a rule, if the waste trench is improperly laid out, a marsh forms on the territory, which heats the basement room of the house, and it is also possible that excess moisture fills the septic tank. Your primary task is to make sure that the site is located on a hill and the drainage system around the house is working properly.

Check that the septic tank for the discharge of sewage was a plastic self-cleaning complex, and not concrete rings, folded like a well.

Customer recommendations! Do not forget about the presence of ventilation: if the house is framed, make sure that there are ventilation ducts in the walls for natural circulation of fresh air.

In which season of the year it is better to choose a country house + examples

Buying a home in the spring will allow you to see the “in business” drainage system

Before you make a deal, check the similarity of the project plot with actual buildings. Do not be lazy and measure with a tape measure the area of ​​the house and the distance to the nearest fence. Of course, such activities are best done in good weather, but for the cold season there is a universal way out - use a laser level.

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The market value of a country house includes many factors; therefore, in order not to overpay for a purchase, carefully evaluate all the options for suitability for year-round living.

As practice has shown, the best time to buy is winter or early spring. Identify all the shortcomings in the inspection of real estate, it is possible only when visiting the object with a professional builder.

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