interior projects, ideas of modern designs, photo finish inside

After the construction of the bath is completed, an equally important stage will begin - the design and creation of the interior of the room. After all, not only the functionality and practicality of the building, but also whether a person will get aesthetic pleasure from spending time in it depends on the design of the steam room, dressing room and rest room. When making a bath interior projects should be selected according to individual preferences, as well as the recommendations of experts in order to create a safe environment.

interior projects, ideas of modern designs, photo finish inside

The classic design of the bath

Basic tips for creating a design of the bath

A bath is a small building that can be Use only for recreation: alone or with friends. Guided by the purpose of this room, you need to develop an interior. Experts advise to arrange all the rooms in a more classic style, adding only some details that match the individual wishes of the site owner. Otherwise, guests may be shocked by what they see in the interior of the embodiment of various ideas and taste preferences.

interior projects, ideas of modern designs, photo finish inside

Tradition changes in this case must be moderate

In order for the result to be not only beautiful, but practical, you must follow Such tips:

  1. The classic design of such a structure is a traditional bath built from a log house. Inside, all walls can be cladding. However, they are often left in their original form in order to convey the beauty of the tree.
  2. Care should be taken to ensure that the interior walls and ceiling have a soft wood shade, rather than a bright and variegated color that will cut eyes.
  3. It is necessary that all corners in the room should be smoothed out, because all the rooms in the bath house are usually small in size, especially the steam room.
  4. In the process of designing a building, experts recommend picking up wood of the same tone so that the interior elements are combined with each other and not have a hard look.
  5. When choosing decorations for a bath, you should stop using a variety of products that are made of plastic or coated with varnish. This requirement is due to the fact that the increased temperature of the air and high humidity inside the premises contribute to the release of hazardous toxic substances from such items that adversely affect the smell in the bath, as well as the health and health of people.
  6. Various classical details of the interior of the bath will look very relevant: for example, whisks, samovars, hats, small bouquets of aromatic herbs. Such objects perform not only a decorative, but also a practical function, so you should not neglect them when ennobling the rooms.
  7. The design project of the bath inside involves the creation of special lighting, because this aspect also plays a very important role in the interior. Experienced designers often choose lamps that emit a soft yellow light. Since the use of too bright lamps, the situation is too tense and unsuitable for a good rest.

interior projects, ideas of modern designs, photo finish inside

The lighting in the bath should contribute to relaxation

Features of the design of bath rooms

When you design a bath design must be carefully considered, taking into account the particularities and nuances of each room. In this case, care should be taken that the style of all the rooms is in harmony with each other. Only in this case, the situation will turn out to be stylish, unique, aesthetically appealing and very cozy.

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interior projects, ideas of modern designs, photo finish inside

The unified design of all rooms will create harmony

Design of the rest room

One of the rooms of any bath is a room, reserved for relaxation before entering or after leaving the steam room. There are no special requirements for the design of this room. However, you should not immediately furnish it, piling a huge number of decorative elements that are not even combined with each other or are not suitable for placement in a bath. It will look great classic Russian style, made by hand.

interior projects, ideas of modern designs, photo finish inside

Project of a rest room

To get the best design project for a bath, you need to proceed from the following recommendations:

  1. Lining is best suited for covering the surface of the interior walls in a lounge.
  2. Lamps can be installed not only on the ceiling, but also on the walls. Especially beautiful will look small lamps, placed at different levels.
  3. Ceramic tiles are commonly used for floor cladding. The main advantage of this coating is its simple care. In addition, it can be beneficial to dilute the interior of the room.It should also be noted that the tile, unlike wooden floors, does not so quickly get dirty and for a long time retains its original properties, despite the excess of moisture and elevated air temperature. Linoleum can also be used to cover the floor - a cheaper option. But he will not create a classic atmosphere.
  4. In this room it is worthwhile to place a large table and wooden benches or chairs that have a strict and simple design. You should not break the overall situation, so you need to select only wooden furniture. This requirement is also due to the fact that the humidity in the bath is too high and the upholstered furniture will deteriorate in a relatively short period of time.
  5. It is also necessary to hang up a shelf on which tea, various aromatic oils, and other things required for use in the bath will be placed in the future.
  6. As curtains on the windows, small curtains made of cotton or bamboo will look good.
  7. When choosing decorative elements, it is necessary, first of all, to abandon any jewelry made of synthetic materials. After all, they are absolutely not suitable for a traditional Russian bath.
  8. If there is a desire to install musical equipment or other electronic devices in the rest room, then special attention should be paid to their location so that they do not spoil the whole interior with “modernity”.
  9. The fireplace will look quite original, thanks to which the interior will get a complete look. With its presence, the atmosphere will become more comfortable, cozy, warm.

interior projects, ideas of modern designs, photo finish inside

Warm lights on the walls will create a pleasant atmosphere.

The design of the steam room

The steam room is rightly called the main attraction of each bath, so its design is treated with special trepidation, carefully selecting all the interior.

interior projects, ideas of modern designs, photo finish inside

Modern steam room
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In order for the steam room to look fully thought out, you should not neglect such recommendations:

  1. Only wood is used to finish this room, it is best if it is a wall paneling.
  2. The floor should be paved along the entire perimeter with ceramic tiles, choosing the most suitable size and pattern for the project.
  3. In addition, it is important to take care of a place for placing a bucket of water, as well as a scoop - without these items, the interior of the steam room will be completely different to what everyone is used to.
  4. Arrangement of a stove-heater that heats the entire structure. In order to preserve the classic style as much as possible, it is necessary to give preference to the furnace made of red refractory brick. Experiments in this situation are not entirely appropriate, so you should not try to fit some unusual materials and forms, because simplicity and naturalness always remain in fashion. However, if the owner of the bath wants to emphasize individuality, then it is better to simply build a stove made of natural stone or supplement it with inserts of fire-resistant glass.
  5. One of the most important parts is the shelves. All lovers of this holiday know that the more spacious the steam room, the more comfortable it is. It is necessary that the shelves were angular and, preferably, in several levels.
  6. It is worth taking care that there are no sharp corners, because they visually reduce the size of the room, which is already not too large - usually a few square meters.
  7. An equally important nuance is the door. It is best that they are massive, deaf, made of heavy wood. However, in recent times, preference has been given to the glass door. The second option is more preferable - to be much calmer in a translucent room. In addition, they are much easier to break in case of danger.
  8. When installing the door, you need it to open outwards, which will allow at least a little more free space in the steam room.

interior projects, ideas of modern designs, photo finish inside

Glass door in the interior of the bath

Design of the waiting room

interior projects, ideas of modern designs, photo finish inside

Pine upholstery

This place should be well heated, but not with hot air. For the upholstery of the walls are suitable conifers of wood, when heated emit pleasant and useful aromas. The most commonly used wood options are:

  • pine - beautiful, economically affordable and durable. Now Scandinavian pine with a pleasant pink shade and original wood pattern is especially popular;
  • spruce - has a shade slightly darker than pine. Its homogeneous structure remains integral even after complete drying;
  • fir - has the same performance properties as spruce, but produces much less resin;
  • birch is a good option, but it does not produce phytoncides .

A selection of many interesting ideas for the design of a modern bath is in this video:

Materials for finishing the bath

interior projects, ideas of modern designs, photo finish inside

The combination of materials in the decoration of the bath

When choosing materials to be used for interior decoration of the bath rooms, you must take into account several important nuances:

  • pine is the cheapest option, but it is best suited for arranging a rest room, and in no case a steam room. This type of wood with a low heat will emit a light and pleasant aroma with phytoncides;
  • it is recommended to make the lining of the steam room of larch or linden - they will perform not only practical but also decorative function; ceramic tiles, picking up the color under the tree.

interior projects, ideas of modern designs, photo finish inside

Modern Design
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A bath is a good place for rest and relaxation. Therefore, it is important to take care that every little thing looks beautiful and creates a cozy atmosphere.

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