Attic stairs with a hatch: what are the types and nuances of choice

The attic is an important and useful part of a country house. Basically, it is used to store seasonal items, sports equipment, clothing and much more that will take up space in the house. Frequent use of the attic makes you think about buying a quality staircase that will meet all the requirements: safety, convenience, functionality, carrying capacity and visual appeal.

Today, many prefer folding attic stairs, as they are practical: it is easy to remove the design to the ceiling and close the hatch using a rod, thereby maintaining free space. Moreover, the installation of such a ladder can be done independently, without seeking the help of experts.

When choosing a model of an attic staircase, one should be guided by the functions that the models possess, the material of manufacture and the opening system.

Manufacturing materials

When choosing a model of an attic staircase, you should be guided by the functions that the models possess, the manufacturing material and the opening system.

Wooden attic stairs

Attic stairs with a hatch: what are the types and nuances of choice

Variants of wooden attic stairs from high-quality wood

Wooden models made of high quality wood that provides strength and durability of the structure. It is recommended to purchase a ladder with a warmed hatch that does not allow cold air to the residential floor. Wooden stairs can be painted in any color that will make it a highlight of your interior. The dovetail corner connection option and the notches on the steps used in folding wooden stairs are responsible for the reliability and safety of the model.

Wood models are equipped with a folding opening system: sections are laid out and securely fixed. The height of such a ladder can be adjusted by cutting it to the desired length. As a rule, such stairs withstand a load of up to 160 kg, so you can safely go down and climb with a load in your hands. Affordable cost is also a big advantage of this model.

Attic stairs with a hatch: what are the types and nuances of choice

An example of the mechanism of folding wooden attic stairs

The side metal handrail and the tips on the legs provide additional reliability and safety of attic stairs. Tips on the legs - an additional useful solution in order to eliminate scratches on the flooring and to stabilize the stability of the structure.

If your attic is cold, then the ideal option is to choose a cover with a ladder with additional insulation. This advantage has warmed models of stairs with a manhole cover with a thickness of 66 mm to 80 mm. Along the perimeter of the duct of these models are located seals, which ensure tightness and help to avoid heat losses.

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Metal attic stairs

Attic stairs with a hatch: what are the types and nuances of choice

Examples of model variants of metal attic stairs

Metal models the ladder type opening are folding and scissor.

The scissor opening system consists of multiple sections fastened together and straightened according to the type of bellows. In addition, this system will be convenient in small rooms, as it is compact and does not take up much space when unfolding. The scissor ladder does not need to be adjusted to the height of the room: it is automatically adjusted.

On the sides of the stairs are elements in the form of the letter S, which at the same time serve as reliable handrails during descent and ascent and act as an original design solution. Load capacity of such models - 200 kg. This attic ladder can be increased in length by connecting additional steps.

The metal ladder can be fire resistant: these models have a fire safety certificate. Its box is made of non-combustible material, and along its perimeter there is an additional seal contour that prevents the penetration of smoke. Also the advantage of such models is the load capacity: the maximum load of stairs - 200 kg.

Attic stairs with a hatch: what are the types and nuances of choice

The principle of operation of the mechanism of scissor metal attic stairs

The dimensions of the attic stairs are selected either under the existing opening, or the opening is made specifically for the stairs. To choose the size of the stairs, you need to measure the width and length of the opening, and the height from floor to ceiling.

An example of the principle of operation and how the attic staircase in the interior looks like, you can see in this video:

Companies producing attic stairs

The main leaders in production in our market today are:

  • Fakro
  • Oman
  • Dolle
  • Nozycowe
  • Döcke

The products of these companies meet all modern requirements for:

  • reliability
  • strength
  • usability
  • safety
  • compactness

Stairs will be an indispensable solution for the attic, as well as perfectly fit into and Interior of your home.

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