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A single-storey house with an attic is a great option for a summer house. The cost of arranging the attic is much lower than the construction of another additional floor. A great option for expanding the useful living space. The opportunity to create a unique design, to equip the resulting room for various purposes, to your taste.

projects, photos of the best ideas and expert advice

An attic in a one-story house provides additional space, but will be much cheaper than a full-fledged second floor

A country house with an attic

Attic - is an attic space, which is converted into a living space. First you need to plan everything well, create a project of a cozy house with an attic. It is necessary to construct the roof in a certain way so that there is enough space for rooms under it. The height of the attic should be not less than human height. The best option - 2 meters 20 centimeters.

The outer attic wall consists of the main parts:

  • sloping;

  • vertical.

Vertical is made from basic materials that were used to build a house. Inclined - made of rafters and the existing inner lining. Their ratio is determined by the building design.

projects, photos of the best ideas and expert advice

If you plan to do the attic floor under a gable roof, you need to take this into account when determining the height of

Advantages and disadvantages of

Country house with an attic has the main advantage-an inexpensive arrangement. This is determined by the use of the structure of the roof itself. The wider it is, the more it turns out the frame for decoration.

The attic occupies a much smaller usable area than the constructed high-grade floor. To attic was habitable, it is necessary to make the first floor of the building sufficiently spacious.

To arrange the attic, you need to perform a more complex roof configuration. Make attic windows.

It is necessary to install a ventilation system to create a normal microclimate. It will also entail certain costs.


  • significant savings in construction;

  • increased functionality of the house;

  • proper use of the attic;

  • reduced heat loss;

  • ease of communication;

  • the possibility of arranging any room;

  • implementation of design ideas.

A house with an attic looks particularly attractive, it allows you to perform interesting design decisions. Huge windows can be made right on the roof to admire the stars without getting out of bed.

projects, photos of the best ideas and expert advice

In a small area, a small house with an attic can not be better suited

Do not put a garbage dump in the attic.

On it you can equip:

  • a cozy bedroom;

  • a workshop for work;

  • personal account;

  • children's playroom.

Disadvantages of living space in the attic:

  • limitations in the layout;

  • difficulty in repairing the roof;

  • problem arrangement of windows;

  • mandatory installation of ventilation;

  • complex roofing;

  • strong heating of the room on hot days.

A house with an attic and a terrace in spite of everything is very popular. This is a great opportunity to build a home and save territory. Perform attic layout in accordance with their preferences. Create an additional cozy nest right under the roof.

On our website you can familiarize yourself with the most popular projects of houses with an attic floor from construction companies represented at the exhibition of houses "Low-Rise Country".

Arrangement of the attic

Projects of country houses with an attic include the presence of thermal insulation. From above, the building is exposed to precipitation and temperature extremes. It is necessary to take care of waterproofing this room in advance.

It is better to select lighter materials for the attic and roof. To avoid overloading the foundation. Interior decoration should also not be massive.

The attic area is best left as one large space. If partitions are needed, they are made of drywall. It is lightweight and does not carry any load on the base.

projects, photos of the best ideas and expert advice

If the small area on the attic is one solid room

Installing windows on the roof structure is a rather complicated and expensive process. But the ability to admire the sky in any weather will justify the costs.

How to build

Ready-made projects of houses with an attic should include all the features of such a building. To make the building beautiful and reliable, you must follow the rules:

  • Calculate the additional load. Incorrectly attached attic can cause cracks and damage.

  • It is necessary to strengthen the walls before construction.

  • When designing, it is necessary to take into account the correctness of the roof structure. If you raise it by 1.5 meters, the area will increase by 100%.

  • The maximum height of the attic is 2.5 meters.

  • House and attic communications should be connected.

  • It is worth considering the layout of the stairs and partitions.

  • Fire-fighting requirements must be observed.

projects, photos of the best ideas and expert advice

The first thing to begin with is a well-thought-out project

In the video review of a single-story house with an attic with a lean-to roof and an attached garage:

On our website you can find contacts of construction companies that have a complete production cycle of components for built houses. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

Choice of material

Before construction begins, it is necessary to decide what material the house will be from.

It is worth considering a few points:

  • Create a cost estimate.

  • If you make walls of lightweight materials, you will not have to dig the foundation deep.

  • For year-round living, insulation must be performed.

  • Consider the cost of work. Install block designs is much faster and cheaper than brick masonry.

  • The interior finishes are calculated at the design stage. Decor elements must be thought out in advance.

The most popular materials that use:

  • Brick - keeps its shape well, does not respond to the effects of different temperatures, its service life is up to 100 or more years old.

  • Ceramoblocks are a modern, practical material, characteristics are not inferior in quality to a brick, the cost is much less.

  • Wood is a natural and comfortable, breathing material. Be sure to comply with the technology of its treatment when building a house.

  • Gas blocks have excellent thermal insulation, their thickness is 30-40 cm.

  • The frame method is often used for the construction of simple structures, they are quickly assembled . Can be wooden or metal.

projects, photos of the best ideas and expert advice

A frame one-storey house with an attic and with an attached garage

Houses made of foam blocks

The roof of the building is made in the shape of a triangle or a polygon, whether it is made symmetrical or not. To build a fairly inexpensive building use foam blocks.

The advantages of this lightweight material:

  • quick installation;

  • refractory qualities;

  • does not form mold and fungus;

  • high thermal insulation;

  • low installation costs.

It is necessary to perform:

  • a rigid foundation;

  • waterproofing;

  • installation should be done by specialists;

  • in cold terrain, walls should be insulated.

projects, photos of the best ideas and expert advice

A foam block house requires not only internal finishing, but also obligatory external
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One-story houses

The attic in these buildings is equipped with a workshop, bedroom or study. This is especially convenient to do in an isolated room with a fairly low ceiling.

In the attic you can make:

  • different rooms;

  • bathroom;

  • a cozy bedroom;

  • study;

  • a nursery.

8 by 10 House

The house is made of brick or claydite. The space is illuminated by large windows.

projects, photos of the best ideas and expert advice

A brick house with a large attic

A cozy wooden house

Cottage projects with an attic is quite spacious, cozy option.

It can be placed in the attic:

  • rooms;

  • a small hall;

  • bathroom.

A wide ladder is installed to climb to the top. Downstairs is the entrance to the street veranda. The house will be an excellent option for a large family.

projects, photos of the best ideas and expert advice

A log house is warm and reliable

House size 9 by 9

The living room is provided on the first floor of the building and dining room. At the top you can make three rooms and a small bathroom. The living room is in the form of a bay window, on the roof looks good attic window. Great project for a pleasant stay and work.

projects, photos of the best ideas and expert advice

Such a house is quite spacious, it will be spacious for a large family
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A small house with an attic and a small balcony

This building has enough space for three bedrooms and a bathroom. A wide staircase leads to the upper floor.

The bottom of the building houses:

  • dining room;

  • study;

  • bathroom;

  • kitchen.

At the top you can do:

  • several rooms;

  • a cozy bathroom.

On the first floor of the building there are windows of different sizes, there is a door to the balcony. The other balcony is located right under the double-slope roof.

projects, photos of the best ideas and expert advice

Small in appearance, but spacious inside the house is suitable for a family of 2-3 people

House 9 by 10

Suitable for a family. This building is designed for particularly comfortable living outside the city. The whole room downstairs can occupy a cozy living room.

On the upper attic floor:

  • bedrooms;

  • small bathroom;

  • open balcony.

Windows can be made with a bay window, with a balcony. The entrance hall leads to the hall, a staircase is provided for the ascent.

projects, photos of the best ideas and expert advice

A beautiful and spacious house to live in the country
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Houses with an attic and garage

Combining the garage and the main building under a common roof is a very profitable option. This arrangement allows you to save well. It is quite convenient, no need to go out to get to the garage. The main building connects to it through the pantry.

The room seems bright due to the large windows installed. You can also relax on the attached terraces.

projects, photos of the best ideas and expert advice

When designing it is worth remembering that there shouldn't be living rooms above the garage
  • Second option

Performed in mirror form. The common roof unites the terrace and the garage building, it is supported on wooden beams. The windows are made in the classic version.

In the attic there are two bedrooms and a small bathroom. The garage is a continuation of the structure.

In the video there are more examples of single-story houses with an attic:

Projects can be made individually to order. They are performed depending on the size of the land area, specific wishes and financial possibilities of the client. The number of rooms and their location is determined in advance.

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A house with an attic is the most suitable option for country building. The additional floor is the perfect solution for the use of free space. The ability to make it useful, to create a unique interesting design. Make a cozy corner right under the roof.


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