Strengthening the foundation of a brick private house, how to strengthen and strengthen the old foundation, photo

Over time, the foundation of almost every building collapses. But if at the same time the house itself is in good technical condition, then it is easier to strengthen the foundation and the basement than to build the whole house from scratch. But before you carry out the strengthening of the foundation of the old house, you should find out the causes of damage to the base, choose a method that strengthens the base and increases its reliability.

Strengthening the foundation of a brick private house, how to strengthen and strengthen the old foundation, photo

Before strengthening the foundation, it is important to understand the cause of its destruction - this may be a washing out or subsidence of the soil

Main causes of foundation damage

Strengthening the foundation of the house is required if the foundation is damaged, and this happens for the following reasons :

  • decay buildings;

  • design completed with errors;

  • violation of technologies laying the foundation;

  • the addition of additional extensions adversely affected the structure;

  • change condition soil , rising groundwater levels due to prolonged precipitation;

  • conducting building surrounding terrain, laying communications during large-scale earthworks;

  • the implementation of an unforeseen at design redevelopment structure, and without taking into account the additional load on the foundation;

  • incorrect drainage device followed by washing out the building;

  • significant soil vibration from a nearby motorway or blasting;

  • due to for big weight of the structure of the brick is destroyed its foundation, and therefore the need to strengthen the foundation of a brick house.

Strengthening the foundation of a brick private house, how to strengthen and strengthen the old foundation, photo

Incorrect calculation of the foundation for a large house leads to rapid deterioration of the foundation

Preparatory measures and diagnostics before strengthening foundation

How will the foundation of a private house be strengthened depends on the reasons for the mismatch of the foundation. Therefore, diagnostics is preliminarily carried out, which implies two actions :

  • installation of beacons on wall cracks;

  • examination of the foundation in places destruction.

These actions are not difficult to perform, and the information obtained will help determine how to strengthen the base.

Establishment of beacons

Establishment of beacons will allow to find out:

  • destruction continues or has ceased;

  • in case continuation, in what direction shrinkage and how fast;

  • for what reasons cracks appeared.

The process involves installing small cement or plaster trays (markers) on the cracks at the top and bottom. The material must be so fragile that in case of shifting, it could burst. At least two beacons should be used for each crack.

The status of beacons is periodically checked. If the position of the markers has not changed for several weeks, then the sediment has stopped.

When the cracks widen, you can see which part of the house is sinking.

Strengthening the foundation of a brick private house, how to strengthen and strengthen the old foundation, photo

To determine which side needs urgent repairs, the construction beacon will help


In places where cracks widen, begin to tear off the foundation within its depth, no more. The length of the trench should be small, and the width should be allowed to use a spade inside.

As an insurance, it is necessary to use props to maintain the walls during excavations.

If there is water at the bottom of the trench, water disposal will be required in the form of a drainage system.

Determining the causes and methods of strengthening the base

Having gathered information when observing beacons, as well as while digging the hole, we find out the reasons for the crackling of the foundation and walls. Having determined the reason, one can understand in what way it is better to strengthen the foundation of a private house.

Cement raining

As the base is excavated, its state is assessed. Concrete can fall out due to the violation of technology and its incorrect preparation. Changes in acidity in water can cause corrosion of building materials. In such a case, a drainage system, removal of crumbling parts and strengthening of crumbling solution will be required.

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Soil Erosion

If during the digging of the hole there was a void, this means that the soil is being washed out from under the house. Then water will soon appear in the trench, and to correct the situation, a drainage system will be required.

Strengthening the foundation of a brick private house, how to strengthen and strengthen the old foundation, photo

The appearance of water in a trench is a sure sign of erosion of the foundation with groundwater.

Sinking of fragile soil

In the case of significant subsidence in sandy or sandy sandy soil, strengthening of the soil itself will be required. Then the wells are drilled, reaching below the base (sole), there is poured cement or other reinforcing solution.

At obvious breaks and shifts of the base, it will be necessary to add a foundation or strengthen it with the help of piles. Such damages are caused by ground slips, a change in the workload of the building (due to extensions, cement screeds).

Ways to strengthen the foundation of the house

All buildings are divided into: brick, stone, wooden. For example, a wooden house can be raised or moved. This does not apply if the question arises how to strengthen the foundation of a brick house or stone. All houses are distinguished by a socle, the nature of the repair work carried out in accordance with the construction project.

Strengthening the pile foundation

Before strengthening the foundation, it is necessary to determine what faults the building piles have (sank, fail, change shape).

Strengthening the foundation of a brick private house, how to strengthen and strengthen the old foundation, photo

Strengthening the foundation of the house with bored piles

For clarification, pile is driven around the foundation to determine the sufficient depth of the main piles. Because at the beginning of construction work, the pile could not reach the freezing point of the soil, and there was no stop when they were screwed. When changing the shape of the piles, they are buried to solid ground. During the collapse, wooden or metal linings are placed under the piles.

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Replacing individual piles

Most often for old wooden buildings a pile log foundation was used. Under the long-term exposure of moisture to these base elements, they were damaged and became less durable. To replace such logs, the building is lifted by jacks, the log is removed, and a new pile is installed in its place.

Before raising the structure, they put strong boards to rest the jack so that it does not go deep into the ground from the load, but lift the building. There must also be a layer of wood between the building and the jack.

Concrete is poured at the bottom of the hole from the extracted old log to reinforce the new pile. Then, within a few days, the solution should dry out, after which a new support is installed.

Strengthening the foundation of a brick private house, how to strengthen and strengthen the old foundation, photo

In order for the piles not to "go" aside, you need to wait until the mortar has completely dried

This method is suitable if you need to replace only individual logs (2-4 pieces), for replacement of all basis use bored or screw piles. Therefore, before replacing carefully examine the condition of the foundation, so that soon it would not have to change it.

Renovation of the lower rims

Strengthening the foundation of an old wooden building is often performed as an update of its lower rims. Over time, under the influence of precipitation and groundwater wood becomes useless.

It is possible to determine the condition of the lower part of the building by the external signs of the logs lying on the foundation. If rotting, misalignment occurs, the lower rims of the house must be replaced.

To protect logs from the adverse effects of the external environment, moisture, pests, wood is impregnated with antiseptics and fire retardants.

Reinforced concrete support to the strip foundation

To reinforce the tape foundation, reinforced topping is performed in the following sequences :

  • Ground around the foundation of the building.

  • Clean old concrete, embroider the holes, drill through the base.

  • Insert the armature into the holes.

Strengthening the foundation of a brick private house, how to strengthen and strengthen the old foundation, photo

Pre-reinforcement before refilling the foundation
  • Removed as far as possible protruding parts of concrete.

  • On the reinforcing bars weld the frame.

  • Make formwork (wooden structure) and pour concrete.

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Strengthening the brick foundation

In order to strengthen the brick foundation, concrete blocks (bulls) are made to build up at the corners of the basement in order to increase the footprint and strengthen the structure.

After fixing the concrete blocks, professionals can sometimes see that this is not enough for reinforcement. Then the complex reinforcement of straight sections of the foundation will be requiredThis process differs from fixing blocks:

  • walls are dug around no more than 2 m in order to prevent cracks and foundation collapse;

  • when reinforcing the foundation of a private house allows the connection of old concrete with a new one; everything is also tied up with separate sections;

  • hydraulics is installed between the blocks so that deep cracks do not appear, water does not fall, the base is not loosened .

Drilling method of strengthening

Drilling piles are a type of bored and are used in cases where increased strength of piles is required, as well as to prevent soil from falling off the walls of the well. Drilled and drilled piles are manufactured using a similar technology.

Strengthening the foundation of a brick private house, how to strengthen and strengthen the old foundation, photo

The scheme of the drilling injection foundation strengthening

The drilling injection method is popular with professionals and is used with the help of specialists and special equipment:

  • old wells are drilled with a slope, with a diameter of not more than 25 cm, to the depth of the solid soil layers;

  • solution is poured into the holes, reinforcing cage is fixed .

Now the old structure has a reinforcement in the form of additional piles.

Concrete reinforcement

To reinforce the foundation, a monolithic frame is used, which allows pouring concrete at the side of the building:

  • a trench is dug out along the entire structure perimeter ;

  • the base is cleared from the ground and concrete;

  • holes are drilled for installation anchor rods;

  • fixed formwork are assembled in a trench to fix a volume frame there;

  • they are tightened it with the help of studs and construction anchors;

  • the whole space is filled with a solution that is filled in all the gaps;

  • after drying of the concrete, waterproofing is being made, a strong blind area is being built.

Another type of foundation reinforcement is used when using heavy wall cladding:

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Strengthening the foundation on one side

In the case of a building subsidence on the one side, before strengthening the structure, it is divided into several parts of 2 m, after which the following actions are performed:

  • dig up the trench is deeper and wider;

  • the old foundation is drilled to install reinforcing rods for the old structure screed;

  • make grooves in concrete (punctures) to increase the adhesion of the entire area of ​​the building;

  • reinforcement cage rods inserted into the damaged base and cement

  • fix formwork , pour concrete solution.

When the concrete dries, perform similar actions on other parts of the building. After completion of all work, all parts are connected by fittings

Strengthening the rubble foundation

Strengthening the rubble foundation will be required in the case of less careful backtracking behind the front row, when using there less durable stones. Stones could crumble, solutions wash, get enough sleep.

If destruction is caused by groundwater, drainage will be required for diversion of water and blind area.

Cementation of the tub will be required when sifting out the void spaces. Voids through the pipes are filled with concrete. Also act in the diversion of water from the blurred soil.

Strengthening the foundation of a brick private house, how to strengthen and strengthen the old foundation, photo

The scheme of strengthening of the rubble foundation


Gunning is layer-by-layer spraying of cement mortars under high pressure. This method of strengthening the foundation of a private house is used with a tape base with damage only to the supporting base. With this technique there is an increase in the basement of the house, an increase in its water resistance. To strengthen the layer stack reinforcing mesh, pour it with cement mortar.

Complete replacement of the base

A foundation change is made if it cannot be strengthened or repaired. This is a time consuming and lengthy procedure. A trench is dug across the foundation with a depth of no more than 2 m, the old structure is removed, a new concrete is poured.

To avoid a complete replacement, you need to monitor the building. Immediately correct any cracks, distortions of doors, windows.

Obviously about repair and replacement of the foundation, see the following video:

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The foundation of any building can be restored by adding new elements to the structure. Well-done work ensures the long-term integrity of the base of the house.And if you yourself do not know how to strengthen the foundation in a private house correctly, then it is better to entrust this work to experienced hands so as not to remain without a foundation and without a house.


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