PVC windows for terraces, prices in Moscow, photo

In many private houses, as well as at summer houses there are open-type verandas and gazebos. In order to use them comfortably in the cold winter period, as well as in summer, you can use soft PVC windows. They are great for indoor and outdoor use. Soft glazing of the veranda and terraces is a simple and economical solution.

PVC windows for terraces, prices in Moscow, photo

For soft glazing, only the frame

is needed. The functional and original solution is flexible windows for a gazebo

Soft windows , being a functional accessory, allow you to make the rest more comfortable. They have many advantages:

  • high quality;

  • high density;

  • environmental friendliness.

They are also durable and not susceptible to the effects of fungi and mildew, as well as being safe for health.

For soft windows, both transparent material and opaque multi-colored, impregnated with acrylic can be used. To improve the appearance, color fringing is applied to the structure. Also, if desired, can be applied to the film seal.

What are PVC soft windows for arbors and terraces

A flexible window is a special film that is a replacement for modern glass units. It is made of lavsan and additionally processed with liquid polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which gives it thermal insulation properties. This product has a number of other names: soft windows, liquid, transparent, stretch, street curtains.

PVC windows for terraces, prices in Moscow, photo

Soft windows will quickly turn an open terrace into a closed veranda

Soft windows for a verandah roll

Street curtains are underlined room design and replace the glazing. Moreover, the room inside remains light. You can also view the neighborhood, thereby creating integrity with the surrounding nature. If necessary, flexible windows can be quickly and easily installed or removed. In cases of need, they are easy to tuck into a roll and fixed at the top with a strap.

Transparent curtains for an arbor

The material used in curtains for an arbor varies in structure. Depending on this, the quality of goods changes. On sale there are two types of curtains:

  1. Normal. Using standard film.

  2. Opaque. The composition contains polyester fibers that give this species more density and quality.

The advantageous characteristics of PVC windows

Flexible windows, whose popularity is growing, have several advantages. Among them are the properties:

  • Strength. These products can be used many times.

  • Security. Soft glazing protects against ultraviolet rays and does not ignite. And also they can not be broken.

PVC windows for terraces, prices in Moscow, photo

Soft windows are not afraid of the soccer ball
  • High wear resistance. They are made of a dense and flexible material that is not torn or wiped. This allows the product to serve for many years.

  • Waterproof. The quality of the material protects against the penetration of rain, snow, hail. It does not give in to rotting and mold.

  • Landscape view. Soft windows allow you to enjoy the beauty of nature.

  • Thermal insulation. Products are able to retain heat in the cold period of time.

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Soft window film

The film used for soft windows is flexible as well as structural density. Its thickness is of two types:

  1. 500 microns. It can withstand temperatures only up to -20. Therefore, it is not particularly advised to use in cities located in the central part of Russia

  2. 700 microns. It is the most practical and reliable option. It can withstand temperatures as low as -33.

PVC windows for terraces, prices in Moscow, photo

Dense, soft windows with a film thickness of 700 microns can be used in the winter

Both types differ in the following qualities:

  • Tensile strength;

  • Translucency;

  • Environmental friendliness;

  • Protect against ultraviolet rays.

Soft glazing has an edging whose width is 5 cm. It is made of such material as Oxford 600 PVC. This material belongs to the washable category and looks very attractive.

In designs having a width of about 1.4 meters, the film is soldered together. This is possible thanks to the hot air stream, which is sent to the place of the necessary adhesion. The seam has a width of about 3 cm.

Why choose flexible windows

The convenience of using soft windows lies in these characteristics:

  1. Practical. Easy to use and easy to clean with soapy water.

  2. Protect. From bad weather, midges, noise.

  3. Increase the space. They create a feeling of unlimited space.

  4. Economical. The price for them is cheaper than glazing.

Soft windows for gazebos and terraces - nuances

The shelf life of the film used for soft windows is long, 7-10 years. This is its advantageous difference from other similar materials, which in a year begin to lose their properties.

PVC windows for terraces, prices in Moscow, photo

Soft windows for gazebos retain their original appearance for many years

Flexible windows are suitable at any time of the year and protect the gazebo from wind, snow, hail, sun and rain.

A heater can be installed during the winter period. Thermal insulation properties of flexible windows allows you to save heat.

Another advantage of this design is its ability to withstand temperature contrast from -30 to +70 ° C and the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscape in the country.

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Features of care for soft windows

Care for soft windows is simple and the lack of special detergents. A soap solution is used to clean them. For convenience, you can use a normal garden hose with a diffuser for watering.

The cleaning of the fabric used for the edging (Oxford) is also carried out with soap. In this case, you can use a non-brush for clothes. Small areas and areas that are difficult to access can be washed using a soft sponge.

They need to be cleaned periodically, not leading to severe contamination, since in this case it will be necessary to apply stronger detergents and a hard removal with a brush, which may cause damage to the film.

PVC windows for terraces, prices in Moscow, photo

For washing soft windows there is enough damp cloth

Types of fixings and fittings

Special elements are used for fixing:

  1. Nickel and brass locks. They are used for products having a width of not more than 2 m.

  2. Stainless steel swivel bracket. It forms a strong attachment and is used on curtains, the width of which reaches 5 m.

  3. Nickel-turn spring-clip. Installed on structures whose width exceeds 5 m.

  4. Straps with silicone brace. In this case, adjustable fasteners are used. This is an inexpensive way.

  5. Sliding mechanism. It has a frame roller system and is the most attractive mounting method.

Fastening process

The special base is installed on the opening and with the help of self-tapping screws through the fastening (chosen at the request of the customer) the tension of the film occurs.

During the installation process, there may be irregularities on the curtains, which are then aligned, becoming mirror-like.

PVC windows for terraces, prices in Moscow, photo

Installation of PVC windows is carried out quickly


The list of main used fittings is:

  1. Eyelets. They are of two types - swivel and refilled with a strap.

  2. Edging. There is a wide choice of colors, due to which you can give a veranda or terrace a more stylish look.

  3. Lightning. It is used as a mechanism that opens and closes soft windows. Differs in quality, convenience and reliability.

  4. The boot. Protects against dust. Suitable for buildings with a low foundation.

  5. Mosquito net. It has small cells, due to which free air circulation occurs in the structure and protects against insects.

PVC windows for terraces, prices in Moscow, photo

With soft windows, it is advisable to install the corresponding doors on magnets that slam shut and do not let mosquitoes and other insects
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Soft glass for gazebos: the pros and cons

Flexible windows combine both positive and negative sides at the same time.

The advantage of this product is that the soft glazing of gazebos cannot be broken. This is a significant advantage over glass.

Minus side of this product - it is easy to cut, if you accidentally touch a sharp object. In this case, it can not be repaired and will have to be subjected to a new alteration.

Obviously about soft windows look in the video:

Prices for soft windows in Moscow

Approximate cost of flexible windows in Moscow for 1 square. m starts from 1350 to 2300 rubles. It includes fastening elements.The price of the product will be affected by such features as:

  1. Size of the structure.

  2. The type of film used.

  3. Order quantity.

  4. Additional options: replacement of eyelets with locks or straps, weighting pipe for anther, zippers for door opening, mounting at the bottom and in the side parts, etc.

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PVC window structures are becoming more and more popular due to their qualities. Their use for terraces, verandas or gazebos will allow you to combine the comfort of conditions with a pleasant pastime in nature.


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