Selection criteria for waterproof roofing

Like any building, the garage needs a reliable roof. Without waterproofing is not enough. Mastic for the roof of the garage is used to protect the box from precipitation. The correct choice of material will allow you to save the car and all property in the back room from the destructive effects of moisture. Let us consider in more detail what criteria a high-quality waterproofing coating for a garage roof, its varieties and application features must meet.

Selection criteria for waterproof roofing

Garage roof waterproofing

Criteria for choosing a waterproof roofing

To prevent rust on metal parts car, you need to take care of protecting the garage from moisture. Water enters the room from outside due to precipitation and from the inside due to vapor condensation. Waterproofing the roof of the garage is designed to ensure the safety of property contained in the box, from the negative effects of dampness.

Manufacturers fill the market with a wide choice of materials capable of protecting the roof from water penetration. The most effective waterproof roof covering should meet the following requirements:

  • Maximum moisture resistance . Waterproofing should have the ability to hold vapors and save the room from water.

  • Elasticity of the material is very important. It allows you to resist the elastic deformations that cause the destruction of the roof covering.

  • Resistance to external loads is determined by strength. It also counteracts deformation.

  • To keep warm in the garage allows the property of heat-resistant material.

Selection criteria for waterproof roofing

This characteristic helps to maintain the required temperature in the room

When starting to build a garage, you need to purchase waterproofing, most relevant to the above characteristics. This will ensure adequate protection of the premises from moisture, for a long time keeping the car from rust.

The types of waterproofing used for the roof of the garage

Most modern facilities for the maintenance of the car are built with a flat roof or with a slight slope. To protect this structure from moisture and condensate, the following materials are used:

  • film waterproofing made of polyethylene or polypropylene;

  • waterproof sheet , represented by rolls of roofing material, vinyl plastic, waterproofing, Brisol or isoplast;

  • special mastic made of bitumen, polymers or a combination of these materials ;

  • penetrating waterproofing coating , represented by a water-repellent liquid;

  • special types of water-repellent plaster ;

  • waterproof dyes like specific varnishes or polymer emulsions.

Selection criteria for waterproof roofing

Garage roof waterproofing

A separate category of waterproofing coating is a welded construction of aluminum and lead sheets. For its fixation on the base used screws.

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Liquid roof protection from moisture

They represent a separate segment among a diverse range of waterproofing materials. For covering flat garage roofs of a small size, such compositions are the best tool with maximum efficiency. Liquid waterproofing of the roofing structure performs the following functions:

  • eliminates coating errors , reliably sealing cracks;

  • contributes to the formation of ideally flat surface;

  • creates a sufficiently reliable protective barrier , which protects the interior from water formed by precipitation or vapor condensation.

Most garage roofing systems are made of concrete, less commonly metal or wood is used.

Selection criteria for waterproof roofing

For such structures as a waterproofing, the most widespread use of liquid rubber is

When choosing this watery vehicle protecting the roof of the box for maintaining the car from moisture, machine owners are guided by the following advantages:

  • no seams on a flat floor;

  • stability before UV light;

  • unlimited temperature range allowing the use of the material;

  • liquid rubber is absolutely safe for the environment;

  • increased th lifetime

  • ability to resist deformation at the expense of flexibility.

Also an attractive quality liquid product is the possibility of savings due to reduced material consumption. The composition is applied by spraying.

Disadvantages of liquid rubber include the need to use special equipment.

Selection criteria for waterproof roofing

Buying a spray bottle does not pose a particular problem due to the affordable cost of the device
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Gidroizol for the roof of the garage

The even surface of the roof of the garage box allows the use of a rolled sheet to protect the room from moisture. The usual rude material used from time immemorial has been replaced by progressive material waterproofing , which has the following advantages:

  • increased strength that allows you to withstand mechanical damage ;

  • good elasticity , preventing deformation under the action of external loads;

  • sound absorption capacity providing silence in the box room;

  • confronting the negative impact of external factors , including independence from temperature fluctuations

  • increased duration failure-free operation.

In order to cover the roof of the garage with waterproofing, it is recommended to use the pasting method. It consists in the step-by-step implementation of the following actions:

  1. preliminary preparation of the surface consists of a thorough cleaning of the treated area of ​​foreign objects that could adversely affect the quality of adhesion;

  2. distribution over the entire space of the garage roof of a liquid bitumen emulsion;

  3. even laying of the coil.

Selection criteria for waterproof roofing

Waterproofing of the roof

The special qualities of the material make it possible to coat the garage with waterproofing using the advanced fusing method. This will require the use of specific equipment capable of heating the coating to a certain temperature required for high-quality adhesion of the fabric to the surface.

Film waterproofing

Appeared in the domestic construction market relatively recently and quickly gained popularity, especially among novice masters who have no experience in roofing. The film coating is made of polymers and is a worthy alternative to hydroisol, the basic component of which is fiberglass with bitumen-polymer agent applied on it.

When choosing membrane waterproofing for a garage roof, car owners are guided, first of all, by ease of installation and affordable cost. In addition, the material has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • it is not afraid of sunlight;

  • stable to temperature fluctuations;

  • characterized by long life;

  • durable and little affected mechanical damage.

Selection criteria for waterproof roofing

Film waterproofing
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The fastening of the polymer membrane is preceded by a thorough preparation of the base of the roof. The metal surface is covered with anti-corrosion compounds, and the concrete roof is leveled and cleaned. After that, the strips of the rolled web are uniformly deployed on the plane of the garage roof and are welded together.

Self-adhesive polymer-bitumen waterproofing coating of a flat roof

It is a separate category of materials used to protect the roof of a garage box from dampness. It is made in the form of a rolled web covered with a special film that is removed during the installation process.

A liquid based on bitumen is used to fix the material. The emulsion is evenly distributed on the previously cleaned surface. Then the rolled canvas is laid out on top. For a better grip with the base, it is recommended to use a roller or brush.

More on this waterproofing method will tell the video:

Mastic to protect the roof from moisture

Is the most popular of the budget options waterproofing due to low cost. Natural bitumen is used as a base component. The material characteristics have improved significantly due to the combination with synthetic substances based on polymers.

According to the method of application, bitumen mastics are divided into two categories:

  1. Cold , represented by thick consistency substances.The technology of use is similar to plaster with a construction trowel. The material applied on the basis is evenly distributed by the tool on the required site.

  2. Hot , the use of which is preceded by heating the substance to a certain temperature. The liquid composition is poured on the prepared surface and carefully leveled.

The components of the material determine the classification of mastics by composition:

  • Bitumen-rubber mastic obtained from natural bitumen with the addition of rubber crumbs, synthetic rubber with solvents and mineral fillers.

Selection criteria for waterproof roofing

It is characterized by a high level of adhesion, resistance to loads and temperature differences
  • Bituminous rubber mastic is a polymeric agent made on the basis of rubber. The term of operation is longer, than at a natural product. Increased strength characteristics and high elasticity testify in favor of the choice of polymer mastic, compensating for tangible cost.

  • The combination of components that make up the structure of natural and artificial materials is used in the production of bitumen-polymer mastic. Such a waterproofing composition combines the advantages of natural and synthetic substances, differing in affordable price. This is the rationale for the demand for mixed types of rubber-bitumen.

It should be remembered that the consumption of material depends on the type of mastic. When calculating the amount of oil, it is necessary to consider the type and design of the roofing base.

Manufacturing technology underlies the classification of mastics into two categories:

  • One-component compositions are ready for independent use. Their use does not require the addition of additional substances, performed directly after opening the container.

Selection criteria for waterproof roofing

The advantages are somewhat leveled by the necessity of consuming all the material in order to avoid damage to it.
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  • The use of two-component mastic requires a combination with special thickeners. This complicates the use of waterproofing material for the roof of the garage and increases the time to complete the full scope of work.

Most often, bitumen mastic is used as a binder, necessary for fixing rolled sheets on the basis of the roof of a garage box. However, there is the possibility of self-use of the material for waterproofing the roof. This requires alternate application of several layers of liquid. Full drying of the composition takes about a day. The resulting elastic film of increased strength is an effective means of waterproofing the roofing system with frost resistance, the ability to withstand mechanical damage and absolute moisture impermeability.

Selection criteria for waterproof roofing

Roof waterproofing

Along with the indisputable advantages of bitumen mastics, represented by enhanced moisture resistance, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, low price and availability of installation, material There are a number of drawbacks:

  • The waterproofing process is delayed due to the need to dry the applied layers. Therefore, despite the limited area of ​​the garage roof and the high rate of application of mastic to the surface, the full amount of work takes several days.

  • The impossibility of using for processing inclined roofing structures . A slope angle in excess of 30º promotes the flow of liquid bitumen, preventing the formation of a film of the required thickness.

  • The material is suitable for use only at positive temperatures . In frosty weather mastic loses its qualities.

Details of the bitumen compositions can be found after watching the video:

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Features of the choice of waterproofing for different types of car cabinets

When purchasing the most effective material to protect the roofing system from dampness, the determining factor is the type of garage. Let us consider in more detail the existing types of boxes intended for the maintenance of the car.

Waterproofing coating for garages made of metal

The most popular among domestic owners of personal vehicles are iron constructions for cars. Most motorists are attracted by the lightened weight of the design and the trouble-free design of the accompanying documentation.

For flat roofs of metal garages located in the zone of low winter temperatures and in a humid climate, the best option is to use a roofing material on bitumen mastic or watery rubber as a hydro barrier. For sloping roofing systems, a film insulation material is recommended. Polymer membranes extend the life of the coating to 50 years.

Selection criteria for waterproof roofing

Garage waterproofing coating

Hydraulic barrier for concrete roof

Insulation of the concrete garage from dampness is recommended to be preceded by laying insulation like extruded foam. Gaps between the sheets are filled with foam. A layer of insulation is poured with heated bitumen. High temperature promotes uniform distribution of the liquid composition over the surface. Not allowing the mastic to cool down, lay the rolls of roofing material.

Waterproof barrier for slate garage roof

Over the years, slate loses its waterproof properties, fragile edges break off, disrupting the integrity of the structure, creating the prerequisites for the formation of dampness in the car box. Moss and lichen cover the shady side of the cover. Therefore, to ensure the safety of the machine and property from the negative influence of moisture, additional waterproofing of the slate roof of the garage is required.

It is recommended to start measures to protect the roof from dampness by installing insulation. Then under the crate with a construction stapler are attached sheets of roofing material or polymer membrane.

Selection criteria for waterproof roofing

The material is laid with an overlap of

There are special types of waterproof tiles that are used as an independent means of waterproofing the roof. Their use reduces the cost of purchasing additional moisture-proof materials.

The phased implementation of the waterproofing of the roof structure of the garage is shown in the video:

How to quickly cover the roofing felt with a flat roof using a burner to heat the material that provides high-quality adhesion to the base surface, shown in the video:

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The right choice of waterproofing material for a garage roof will provide peace of mind to the car owner about the safety of a personal vehicle. The best option should combine two basic qualities: to have maximum efficiency in specific conditions and at the same time to be in an affordable price range. The result is a long-term preservation of the car and the property contained in the garage from moisture.


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