ready and typical. Catalog of layouts and drawings

Living in a private house outside the city is not only fresh air and the absence of noisy neighbors. This is, above all, the choice of the most comfortable conditions, which consist in the convenient layout of the rooms in the house and their sufficient area. And it does not need to assume that in order to meet the needs of each family member, you need to build a very large cottage. For this, the project of house 10 by 12 is quite suitable, according to which the building will be erected, in particular, if you perform the correct zoning of all the rooms and use one or several methods to increase the total and living space.

ready and typical. Catalog of layouts and drawings

Architectural design of a classic house 10x12

One or two floors

Choosing 10 as the main place of residence at 12, you need to decide whether the structure will be one or two-story. And in order to make the right decision, it is necessary to understand all the advantages of both the first and second options. The main thing is to realize that during the construction of a two-story cottage, there will be much more financial investments, both during the construction phase and during operation.

The advantages of a one-story house 10x12

The main advantages of a one-story house 10x12 include:

  • financial savings , which means that there is no need to lay a solid foundation, since from a single-story structure the load on it will be significantly lower. The amount of expenses for basic construction and finishing materials is also significantly reduced;
  • convenience of operation. All rooms in a one-story house are located on the same level, so cleaning the house will require less time and effort. Moreover, in order to move from one room to another, it is not necessary to use the stairs, which, in addition to saving time and effort, will reduce the risk of accidents, especially if there are children and elderly people living in the house;
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    ready and typical. Catalog of layouts and drawings

    Example of the layout of a single-storey 10x12 house with four bedrooms and a kitchen-living room
    • reduction of heat energy costs , since it is possible to heat the air on one floor much faster.

    Advantages of a two-story house 10x12

    The main advantages of using for building and living a project of a house 10x12 in a two-story variant are:

    • increase in living space at home, while maintaining the basic parameters of the building in the plan. Placing a two-storey house will not require an increase in the size of the land plot and at the same time it is possible to arrange premises not only for family members, but also for guests, for whom, in the absence of the second floor, construction of guest houses was required;

    • the possibility of arranging a balcony on the second floor , which will make it possible to admire the picturesque views of the surroundings;

    • the presence in the house of the most comfortable rooms that are located on the second floor . In them, the air stays warm much longer and at the same time the level of humidity corresponds to normal values;

    • more than a solid appearance of the structure.

    ready and typical. Catalog of layouts and drawings

    Architectural design and layout of a two-story house 10x12. If necessary, it can be ported as a house plan 10 by 10 two-storeyed

    Ways to increase the living space of the house

    Even the fact that the one-storeyed house 10x12 is sufficiently roomy and acceptable for an average family to live in. the owner wants to expand it. Having access to all the necessary living space, a person wants to arrange a billiard room, library, gym and much more in his home to increase the comfort of life. And all this is possible using certain methods that need to be considered at the design stage. In most cases, the living space of the house is increased by the following tricks:

    • redevelopment and arranging the basement for the required rooms;
    • superstructure attic floor , the enclosing structures of which are combined with the roof;
    • single-pitch roofing devices, due to which the height of the attic near one of the walls will increase, making it possible to equip an additional room. In addition, near a high wall with a single-pitch roof, there is the possibility of an extension of a small hinged platform, which can be used as a balcony or as an additional room on supports with its own roof;

    ready and typical. Catalog of layouts and drawings

    In some cases, a single-pitch roof allows you to place a full-fledged second floor
    • a flat roof device under it, which can also be a place to rest in the summer, installing reliable fences , and possibly a canopy, this roof can be used as a terrace on the I eat the air.

    One-story house with an attic or basement

    The most rational ways to increase the living and total area of ​​the house is to build a basement or basement with its redevelopment for a specific purpose room, as well as an add-on to the attic floor . In addition, it is possible to consider a small decrease in the area occupied by the structure, with a simultaneous increase in the number of floors - take, for example, house 10 by 10 one-story project and add an attic to it. This will not significantly affect financial expenses, but it will also allow an increase in the area of ​​the building by a factor of 2 or more.

    The basement floor is an ideal place for arranging not only your own mini gym or billiard room, but also allows you to store food for a longer time when organizing a cellar in it. It is in such premises, the floor of which is below the surface of the earth, to maintain the optimum temperature and humidity for storage will be the easiest. Also in the basement you can place household rooms for equipment placement or a garage for vehicles.

    ready and typical. Catalog of layouts and drawings

    The layout of the house 10x12 with a garage

    At the same time, the departure from the garage can be organized from any convenient side of the house, after having arranged a special congress.

    The disadvantage of the attic is the incomplete height of the floor, which reaches its maximum value in the center and decreases near the building envelope. This does not allow to use all of its space completely, which leads to a reduction in area compared to the first floor. But the fact that the 10x12 house is quite spacious, even a reduced floor space on the attic floor will be quite sufficient for accommodating bedrooms, a study and even a dressing room.

    Rooms of a private house 10x12

    The standard layout of a private house 10x12 includes the following rooms:

    • hall or vestibule;
    • living room;
    • kitchen;
    • bedroom;
    • children;
    • sanitary facilities.

    Depending on the number of people living in the house, the purpose of the premises may be changed. For example, if there are no children in the house, the nursery can be replaced with a cabinet. In addition to these premises, you need a boiler room or boiler room.

    On our website you can familiarize yourself with the most popular projects of houses from construction companies represented at the exhibition "Low-Rise Country".

    ready and typical. Catalog of layouts and drawings

    House plans without a basement provide for a boiler room. In essence, this is a 10 by 10 one-story house plan, but with a terrace and a boiler room

    When you build an attic or second floor in a house, the best option is to increase the number of bedrooms, even if they are not used constantly. They can be designed by guest rooms. In this case, all the bedrooms are located on the top floor, and the study is also transferred there.

    In order for the living room and kitchen not to be very large, the space gained from moving rooms can be used to expand the corridor or increase the area of ​​the sanitary unit. Just do not forget that the use in the construction of the plan of the house 10 to 12 in the two-story version will need a staircase, the construction of which also will take away part of the living space. Also very convenient is the arrangement of the sauna and swimming pool on the first floor of the house. In this case, the house will be the perfect place to relax.

    Features of the layout of bedrooms and children's rooms

    Despite the fact that most of the time residents of a 10x12 house will spend in common areas, such as the living room and kitchen, it is very important to approach the organization of bedrooms and children's rooms.

    ready and typical. Catalog of layouts and drawings

    House 10x12 is large enough to accommodate a spacious children's room

    This is where a person will fall asleep and wake up, and children play in their own rooms, do school homework, and therefore their mood and well-being throughout the day will depend on their proper organization. The basic rules for arranging children's and bedroom rooms include:

    • orientation of windows to the south or east, as this will allow more frequent penetration of natural light in greater numbers;
    • placement of a bedroom in more a quiet place, for example, in the back of the house or on the second floor, then the rest will be quieter;
    • compliance or exceeding the minimum allowable size of the room. For a comfortable accommodation of one person requires at least 8 square meters. m, so a bedroom for two people must be at least 16 square meters. mChildren's room, which is filled with a sufficiently large amount of furniture and other items, should not be cramped and among other things have a sufficiently large space for games;
    • no passage through the room to another room of the house;
    • minimum the height from the floor to the ceiling should be not less than 2.5 meters;

    ready and typical. Catalog of layouts and drawings

    The height of the ceilings 2.5 meters is enough even to accommodate sports equipment
    • the shape of the rooms in the plan should be either square or rectangular, but its length should not be on Foot width.

    Since most often restrooms and children’s rooms are located on the second or attic floor, and the demarcating structures are not load-bearing walls, furniture placement is best done during the drafting of the project and only after that specify the location of the internal designs.

    On our website you can find contacts of construction companies that offer the service of designing houses. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

    Rational organization of the space of the house 10x12

    Since the house 10x12 is designed for people’s life, every effort should be made to ensure that the organization of the space is convenient and comfortable. A person should not, in the performance of daily activities, spend a lot of time moving from one room to another. For example, the descent to the basement, namely to the cellar, is best organized from the kitchen or in close proximity to it, and the entrance to the bathroom is best made from the corridor or hall on the first floor. If the layout of the house 10 to 12 in a two-story version implies a large number of rooms on the top floor, the bathroom should be arranged there.

    ready and typical. Catalog of layouts and drawings

    Example of zoning the area of ​​a house 10x12

    Very simple, but at the same time very convenient layout of a one-story house 10x12. The spacious living room will allow you to comfortably accommodate not only all family members, but also guests coming to the house. Next to the living room there is a kitchen-dining room and a hall, forming together a day zone. The private area, consisting of two bedrooms, is located in a secluded place in close proximity to the bathroom. This example implies the location of all business and domestic premises on the basement floor away from the living rooms.

    An overview of the house from a bar in a Finnish style 10 by 12, see the video:

    New solutions in space planning

    One Of the new solutions in the planning of premises is their combination depending on the purpose. So most often combine the kitchen, dining room and living room, as well as a bathroom with a bathroom. This allows you to expand the area of ​​the room, to avoid constraints of conditions and at the same time make life more comfortable and convenient. So in order to cook, the hostess does not need to be alone in the kitchen, as family members can be with her next to the living room. Cleaning in the combined bathroom will be done much faster and easier so all plumbing fixtures that need constant thorough cleaning are next to each other.

    ready and typical. Catalog of layouts and drawings

    Modern layout - common areas on the first floor, and on the second floor bedrooms and additional bathrooms

    Tips for maintaining harmony and style

    in the interior. Proper zoning and layout of the rooms is a very important point, but not the only one that affects the comfort of living in the house. Also an important role is played by the interior of all rooms, which is developed in the design of the project, taking into account all the wishes of the owners. Everything that fills a private house should be harmoniously combined with each other and not cause discomfort. In order to achieve this, one should adhere to several rules, namely:

    • the interior decoration of all rooms must be made in the same style, using different colors and decorative elements. Large areas of the premises allow the use of both bright and dark colors, which can visually make the room smaller. Prevent this will help modern methods and finishing materials, which include glossy stretch ceilings, self-leveling floors and much more, creating a mirror-like gloss in the room, visually expanding the space;
    • the ability to use various architectural elements, such as columns, stucco or fireplace. Each of these elements can be located in different rooms but made in the same style, which will make the interior harmonious, cozy and beautiful;
    • using furniture from one collection;
    • multi-level lighting.
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    For examples of 10x12 houses, see the photo and video

    For several architectural projects of one-story houses, see the video:

    ready and typical. Catalog of layouts and drawings

    Two-storey house 10x12 with a balcony and an open terrace

    ready and typical. Catalog of layouts and drawings

    House 10x12 with an attic floor

    ready and typical. Catalog of layouts and drawings

    One-storey house 10x12

    ready and typical. Catalog of layouts and drawings

    House 10x12 with an attic, balcony and garage in the basement
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    ready and typical. Catalog of layouts and drawings

    Increase in the area of ​​the house 10x12 due to the arrangement of the single-slope roof

    ready and typical. Catalog of layouts and drawings

    Installation of additional rooms in the house 10x12 with a flat roof

    ready and typical. Catalog of layouts and drawings

    Arrangement of an open area on the flat roof of a house 10x12

    ready and typical. Catalog of layouts and drawings

    One-storey house 10x12 with garage

    ready and typical. Catalog of layouts and drawings

    House 10x12 with attic floor, balcony and veranda

    ready and typical. Catalog of layouts and drawings

    A single-storey house 10x12 with bay windows


    The plans of 10x12 houses are spacious enough so that not only family members feel comfortable in such a house but also guests for whom always on exists a place for leisure and entertainment. If for some reason you want to choose a project of a slightly smaller size, for example, a house plan of 10 by 10. then the basic principles of the layout remain unchanged.


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