projects for construction, prices in Moscow

Country houses from environmentally friendly natural materials enjoy unabated demand. Among them, the palm for many decades belongs to wooden houses, and among these, diverse in technology, buildings, projects from timber are especially popular. The house of 6x6 lumber, designed for a small family, has proven itself due to the successful combination of basic consumer qualities.

projects for construction, prices in Moscow

A practical solution to the housing issue

House of timber: the choice of material

There are several types of sawn timber on the construction market used for the construction of country cottages. The choice of base material directly determines the cost and scope of the project; in practice, the following types of timber are used:

  • Nonstrict . An economical material of natural moisture (EB), can have a square or rectangular cross section. Buildings from unplaned timber undergo strong shrinkage, which is why finishing work can begin only a year and a half after the walls are erected.

  • Profiled . In the manufacture of timber give a certain shape, and the profile takes on a specific look. A thorn-groove system is formed along the longitudinal axis, which ensures a tight fit of the structural elements. Complicated profile increases the strength and thermal efficiency of the house, almost eliminating the ingress of water between the crowns. The material is popular for an optimal price / quality ratio.

projects for construction, prices in Moscow

A popular building material is a corrugated
  • Glued . Projects of houses from timber 6 by 6 often use glued timber as the most reliable and high-quality material. The timber consists of several (5-7) dried lamella boards glued together under a press. Thanks to technology, glued laminated timber gives minimal shrinkage (up to 3%), which allows you to finish immediately after the construction of walls. The material provides the building with high energy efficiency and external aesthetics. The disadvantage of laminated veneer lumber can be considered a high (compared to a profbrus) price.

Most of the timber structures are constructed of two types of material - profiled and laminated veneer lumber. For the production of both building materials uses several types of wood, which affects the properties of the timber, and, therefore, the future home. The most commonly used wood types are:

  • Pine . The tree has a wide area of ​​distribution, grows quickly and therefore is the most popular material for the production of timber. Properly dried and sawn material is not prone to deformation. The wood is moisture resistant, durable, is not subject to rotting due to the natural resinousness, lends itself well to treatment.

projects for construction, prices in Moscow

Project with an attic of laminated veneer lumber
  • Spruce . For the production of the correct spruce timber using industrial spruce, growing in the northern regions of Russia. Spruce wood is light with low resinous content. Due to its low density, spruce timber retains heat better than pine. The timber is affordable, but difficult to process due to its increased strength.

  • Cedar . Timber made of cedar, is famous for its high density, and buildings from it are durable. The material has a sophisticated appearance and a wonderful smell. Properly dried wood cracks slightly, durable and gives a slight shrinkage. A significant drawback is the high price.

  • Larch . Larch timber is in demand in the construction and decoration of premises. Many qualities (strength, hardness, stretching) surpass the characteristics of cedar and closely approach the oak. A special property of the material - under the influence of moisture, it does not rot, is not deformed, but becomes stronger. Larch timber is practical, cost effective and effective in appearance.

projects for construction, prices in Moscow

Project with a veranda under a double-slope roof
On our site you can familiarize yourself with the most popular projects of houses from construction companies represented at the exhibition "Low-Rise Country".

Features and advantages of a 6x6 log house The walls are solid; This feature gives the house additional strength and improves thermal insulation properties . The use of a bar of the same length also reduces the assembly time of the house (no need to spend time preparing smaller parts). In addition to these, a house from timber 6 to 6 has all the advantages of timber structures, including:
  • Construction speed . Features of the technology make it possible to complete the project for the season (especially for houses of laminated veneer lumber).

  • No deformations .A timber that has undergone quality processing loses internal stresses and maintains a stable shape during operation.

  • Minimum finish . The walls of the bar have an attractive natural beauty and do not need finishing. Sometimes they are polished and varnished; finishing is needed if the owners absolutely do not like the appearance of cracks on the walls.

projects for construction, prices in Moscow

Beam walls do not need additional treatment
  • Thermal insulation . Timber in this parameter exceeds most of the materials, which saves on heating and air conditioning.

  • Environmental friendliness . Profbrus - the natural material providing natural regulation of humidity indoors.

On our site you can find contacts of construction companies that offer the service of building houses. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

Model project 6x6

The country house of 6x6 size offers enough space for a comfortable life of a small (with 1-2 children) families. In such housing there is not enough space for a dressing room, study and hall on the second floor; but there is sure to be a place for everything you need. A typical project can be described by the following elements:

  • Constructive . Construction companies offer both single-storey buildings, and options with an attic or a full second floor.

  • Architectural . Any project can be supplemented with a veranda, terrace, porch and balcony. There are options with a bay window or attached garage.

projects for construction, prices in Moscow

Visualization of the layout of a 6x6 house with an attic, first floor
  • Planning . It should be as useful as possible. The time-tested option is the distribution of the area between the hallway, bathroom, kitchen (perhaps with a small storage room), living room and bedroom. If the project provides for an attic, it is fully occupied by another one or two bedrooms (or a bedroom and a nursery).

Thoughtful planning is based on the following principles:

  • In a good project there are no corridors . In small houses, they are extremely impractical because they eat valuable square meters.

  • Ladder to the second (mansard) floor is chosen taking into account its compactness, convenience and safety . The staircase is most often located in the entrance hall (vestibule) and leads directly into the room; the hall is not designed for reasons of economy. The space under the stairs also does not go unnoticed; it is successfully used for the device cabinet or shelves.

About the intricacies of a log house in the following video:

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Construction of log houses 6x6

A distinctive feature of log buildings - easy and quick to build a log house, which will take from one and a half to three weeks. Depending on the material chosen, the construction of a cottage can be done in different ways:

  • Construction in one stage . Together with the frame, window and door structures are installed, ceilings and clean floors are arranged. To control shrinkage leave special clearances for shrinkage and screw compensators.

  • Construction in two stages . A log house is erected from a timber that lasts until the end of the shrinkage process (from 6 months to one and a half years). Then finishing is done. This method is more expensive than one stage.

  • Turnkey construction . After completion of the shrinkage process (if the house is built from glued laminated timber, then immediately after the construction of the log house), depending on the agreements with the construction company, the remaining work is performed either by its representatives, or craftsmen from another company are invited. In the house engineering networks are carried out, finishing is carried out, landscape works are carried out on the site.

The process of building a 6x6 house from a turnkey bar goes through several stages:

  • Project selection . The future owner can choose a finished project or order the original one according to his own sketch.

  • Approval of the project . The company, as a rule, meets the client: you can make changes and additions to the finished projects. It is allowed to transfer internal partitions, change the number and size of rooms, change the location of windows, doors (including the entrance group) and stairs. If necessary, a veranda, bay window or balcony is added to the project. An employee of the company carries out the calculation of structural elements (foundation, roofing, ceilings), they help not only in redevelopment, but also in the choice of equipment.

projects for construction, prices in Moscow

6x6 house layout with attic
  • Conclusion of the contract . If necessary, a preliminary geological and geodetic study of the site.The manager draws up the contract, permits and provides the customer with a detailed estimate of construction.

  • Delivery of materials . After delivery, the first payment is made, and earthworks begin (zero cycle).

  • Construction . It is built and prepared for shrinkage of the blockhouse. All works specified in the contract are performed, from the installation of internal partitions to the installation of the roof. As a rule, the cost of a house includes the arrangement of a pile or strip foundation (depending on the characteristics of the soil and the expected loads).

  • Completion of the object . After signing the act of delivery, the customer makes the last payment.

projects for construction, prices in Moscow

The process of constructing the log frame of the corrugated
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The advantages of cottages with an attic and a terrace

The roof of the attic of a 6x6 country house can have any constructive solution: be a classic triangular, asymmetric or with a broken silhouette . The attic itself gives the building additional benefits:

  • Savings in construction . Attic is not worse than a full second floor suitable for year-round living, and its price increases only due to the cost of insulation and decoration.

  • Improving the appearance of the house . The building with an attic looks much more presentable than a single-story one.

  • Increase in usable area .

  • Operating savings . Attic reduces the heat loss of the first floor and thereby saves energy consumption.

About the construction of a log house with an attic in the following video:

A well-equipped veranda can become a functional continuation of the house 6x6 and make it more spacious and attractive. When designing the veranda, the following erection principles are used:

  • An extension is constructed in the same style and material as the house.

  • The foundation is laid to the same depth that the house has; This avoids skewing the structure.

  • In order to provide the closed veranda with maximum natural light, double-glazed windows are used in its construction. They have good thermal insulation properties, which is especially valuable during the cold season.

  • In order to be comfortable on the veranda even in winter, it is warmed and heated . A beautiful solution would be to install a fireplace on the porch .

projects for construction, prices in Moscow

The veranda can play the role of an extra room

About the cost of a country house 6x6

Building a cottage of profbrusa is the best way to get your own home in the short term. The price varies within reasonable limits, depending on the source components:

  • Features of the project (complexity of planning, number of rooms).

  • Selection of material and its thickness.

  • The presence of additional architectural details (bay window, verandas).

  • Construction of the roof (gable or sloping).

  • Applications finishes (for example, siding).

Construction companies practice an individual approach, offering future owners the opportunity to choose a turnkey 6x6 house according to the planned budget. Many organizations offer periodic discounts on standard solutions, which makes buying a home more profitable. Prices for the construction of log houses in Moscow and the region have the form:

  • Standard timber. From 250-260 thousand rubles.

  • Profiled timber. From 290-320 thousand rubles.

  • Glued timber. From 630-650 thousand rubles.

projects for construction, prices in Moscow

The price of a 6x6 cottage is influenced by a set of factors

House construction (with external walls made of profiled timber) depending on the components of the project, it will cost:

  • One-storey house : 220-240 thousand rubles. (without finishing), 250-280 thousand rubles. (Full construction).

  • House with an attic : 260-280 thousand rubles. (without finishing), 360-390 thousand rubles. (Full construction).

Depending on the timber thickness, the price for a turnkey 6x6 cottage is:

  • Bar 100 mm : from 348 -410 thousand rubles.

  • Bar 150 mm : from 432-447 thousand rubles.

  • Bar 200 mm : from 453-490 thousand rubles.

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Country House 6 on 6 in size is similar to a standard city three-room apartment, but at times cheaper than urban housing. Numerous advantages of comfort and quality of life make such a construction a popular option in all climatic zones; especially in small areas.

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