Buy a house in a cottage settlement or build yourself on a separate plot

If you now look at the average website for real estate, you can see that there are enough options in the ribbon with unfinished buildings from the dashing 90s, pompous palaces with outright gypsy tastelessness, or with typical houses-cubes, the appearance of which able to depress any French comedian.

Buy a house in a cottage settlement or build yourself on a separate plot

You can find incomplete configurations of various configurations and in a different state

Lack of aesthetics in life and comfortable being, leads a person into a state of "drunk Gerard Depardieu ", who for a long time was held captive by hospitable enthusiasts.

As time passed, Depardieu was finally deported and people, seeing what the real face of a European was, slowly began returning to their native sources.

That is why, the ancestral estates and estates, which are a place of strength for a real Russian person, have recently begun to gain special popularity.

Should I buy a ready-made cottage in the village?

Despite the fact that there are now many options for building and finishing materials, there are companies that offer a ready-made solution: an equipped cottage with built-in appliances and furniture.

Consider the advantages of buying a country house in a cottage settlement:

  • Hour security and video surveillance . Of course, the cost of services will be included in utility payments, however, it is still cheaper than maintaining an autonomous home security system. In addition, you will always have an emergency call button for the police to quickly resolve problems. Even theft will be paid by the insurance company, so you can safely leave home for a long period.

Buy a house in a cottage settlement or build yourself on a separate plot

The protected area of ​​the village is a big plus in any case
  • Ready documents for home and land . Before you start construction, the company buys land from the state and draws it at private value. That is, in fact, it takes on all the paperwork. Therefore, in some ways, it is convenient and gives confidence that the documents are made in compliance with state standards.

  • Established rulebook . You can not worry that your neighbor will throw garbage in the wrong place or park on the green zone - the manager takes over all conflict issues and in case of violation of public rules, the attacker will be fined.

  • Own closed parking and the presence of small infrastructure . It is especially important if you do not have time to solve minor household problems: mini-laundries, shops with essential products, a car repair shop are located on the territory, and for children a common playground with video surveillance is thought out.

Buy a house in a cottage settlement or build yourself on a separate plot

If the infrastructure is developed in the village, then in fact you get the same level of comfort as in the city
On our site you can familiarize yourself with the most popular areas in the Moscow Region for the construction of a country house. In filters you can set the desired direction, the presence of gas, water, electricity and other communications.

Despite the pros, the purchase of suburban real estate has many serious drawbacks:

  1. Compactness of building . One of the most pronounced disadvantage is the presence of one common wall with neighbors. Such cottages (townhouses), intended for several families, are rarely built, because they are not very popular. The only thing that can attract a buyer is the lower cost of such a "hostel".

  2. The absence of an autonomous system for each house . The whole cottage village is supplied by one heating system, and also, the entire territory is allocated only the amount of electrical equipment that the customer has designed. This means that for any strong hurricane, the houses will be de-energized until the entire system is repaired. It would seem that by purchasing a cottage, you can do anything in it, but this rule is not really for every project: you can install an autonomous station in your basement, and you may not be allowed to sell power. Therefore, if the cottage village is not supplied with urban networks - boldly buy gasoline generators.

Buy a house in a cottage settlement or build yourself on a separate plot

Proper planning of engineering communications will allow you not to deny yourself the comfort

Most often, this type of settlement, not intended for farming or breeding of rare animals. The plots are just small areas with a barbecue lawn.

Buying land and building a country house from scratch

If you are full of strength and legally competent, have gone through fire, water and copper pipes, then perhaps you can start the construction of the century.

Pros of buying a plot and building your house:

  • Implementing a design idea and choosing a construction technology . Despite the fact that usually the construction plan is approved long before the beginning of the foundation, you can make your own adjustments and vary the time frame.

  • To save time, use the services of a professional company in which you will find the perfect project and construction technology based on your needs and budget.

  • Number of floors and area . There are building standards for height and size, however, if you can comply with all the frames, the number of floors and rooms does not matter.

10 Important questions you need to know when choosing a plot of land for building a house, see the following video:

Interesting to know! If you are a conspiracy theorist, then to ensure safety, you can build your own bunker underground: there are loopholes in the legislation that can be circumvented.

Buy a house in a cottage settlement or build yourself on a separate plot

If you wish, you can build a full-fledged underground bunker
On our website you can find contacts of construction companies that offer the unfinished completion service, sales of land and finished houses. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".
  • Possibility of gradual construction . Of course, if you have limited funds, then the best option for you would be the phased construction of a residential building. When buying a plot, it is not at all necessary to immediately build walls - this gives time for the accumulation of funds and the development of a competent project.

  • Minimum utility payments . You will have to pay only for electricity, gas, land tax, real estate.

  • A house territory . Undoubtedly, having your own plot is a great advantage, especially for avid gardeners who want to organize high-quality landscape design near the house. Use the area intended for the construction of residential premises, it is possible not only for gardening, but also for the installation of small structures such as a gazebo, bathhouse, greenhouse, summer kitchen, etc.

  • Installing fencing . Of course, the law spelled out norms for height (on the front side, the fence should not be higher than 2 meters), but you have the opportunity to vary the percentage of visibility and the material of manufacture.

Buy a house in a cottage settlement or build yourself on a separate plot

Restrictions can apply not only to the fence

Now let's analyze the significant construction disadvantages:

  1. Terms of settlement . Despite the fact that building your home from scratch saves money considerably, you risk spending the difference on rented accommodation if builders do not have time to invest in the deadlines. Not all types of work can be carried out in the cold period, which means that you actually have 5-6 months to build a complete box with a foundation. Properly evaluate the situation, especially if you have small children.

  2. Bureaucratic delays . Purchase and registration of the site in the property, takes about 2 weeks. After that, you get into your hands a plan of the territory, which is presented to the project bureau. Do not forget about the validity of certificates - as a rule, they do not exceed 30 days.

Analyze whether you can always have up-to-date documents in your hands in order to quickly close local questions.

What to look for when buying a house in a cottage settlement is evident in the following video:

It might be interesting! In the article on the following link, read about common fears and myths about buying a country house and a plot.


Of course, a large and new house is the best solution for year-round country living with a family.

It will be determined between buying a cottage or building a house; professional consultants at the project office will help: the availability of reliable and up-to-date information will contribute to a more competent assessment of your material resources and time for construction.

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