development of landscape design project, examples, photos, prices in Moscow

Several previous generations of owners of private houses were forced to view the backyard territory as the main source of food and winter stocks. Such a utilitarian approach explained the appearance of the plot, arranged on the principle of an exemplary collective farm economy. Where most of the time was spent in work, the playground near the barbecue and children's swings on a tree branch were considered a resting place.

Later the cultivation of vegetables and berries on an industrial scale lost its meaning. The aspiration to improve the land around the house, to make the site a place where you want to relax and enjoy the eye-pleasing atmosphere, came to the fore. Landscape design of the site will help to redevelop (if the site for many years) or offer the original version of the device newly acquired land plot, taking into account the features of the landscape and your wishes.

development of landscape design project, examples, photos, prices in Moscow

Harmony and beauty of landscape design

What is landscape design of the site; The goal and goal of the project

The task of landscape design is to create a comfortable living area that best suits the tastes and way of life of the owners. Landscape design will help to rationally transform the territory of the site, correctly distribute the areas of buildings, recreation and green areas.

To create a harmonious landscape design, you need not only excellent taste, but also special knowledge, supported by experience. The work begins with the definition of the stylistic concept of the landscape. To design the project site was high quality, and therefore, optimal use of money, effort, materials and time, carefully studied the features of the territory.

The landscape design of the plot is the result of complex multi-stage work; he can give a visual idea of ​​the final shape of the backyard territory.

Important characteristics of the area

The physical characteristics of the area may affect the final appearance of the project. In addition to the area and terrain features, these include:

  • geological, hydrogeological, seismological features;

  • engineering communications and the distance to them;

  • roads and access roads;

  • security of the territory.

development of landscape design project, examples, photos, prices in Moscow

The landscape design takes into account the terrain features of

Design steps and components of the landscape design of the land plot

Before the surrounding area will delight the owners eye, the design of the site is embodied on paper. It includes an obligatory part - a package of project documentation, which fixes the quality of work, and an individual part, depending on the site being constructed. During the work on the project, the organization is guided by the existing set of rules for design and construction (SP 11-106-97 and SNiP 30-02-97).

The design of the suburban area includes several stages.

Stage 1. The request of the owner

The owner of the site, who planned to properly and stylishly arrange the territory, communicates with the company providing landscape design services. This can be done either by phone, e-mail, website or by visiting the office. Employees will provide information on the composition of the project and the estimated cost of the various options. As a rule, such consultation is free. At this stage, an order is made for landscape design.

Stage 2. Pre-design works, topographic survey

After the order has been received, specialists study the geographical characteristics of the estate and the surrounding area. During the first departure, measurements of the site and detailed photography are carried out, and features of the relief are studied.

development of landscape design project, examples, photos, prices in Moscow

A comfortable recreation area is an important part of the landscape project

The landscape architect is interested in many parameters:

  • Territory adjacent to the site. This includes nearby green areas (forests and plantations), access roads, utilities, water bodies.

  • Potential sources of noise (railway, highway).

  • Territory territory. This is the composition of the soil, the depth of groundwater, trees and other vegetation, wind rose.

  • Constructions. It takes into account the architectural style of buildings, the location of windows and doors.

The wind rose is a graphic designation of the directions of the prevailing or prevailing winds. It shows where air masses most often flow into this area.

Stage 3. Pre-project analysis

On the basis of practically obtained data, a pre-project analysis is carried out:

  • Plant analysis. If there are trees and shrubs in the area, their condition is determined.

  • Illumination Analysis. Helps to reveal the general light mode, shadow and solar sites of the estate.

  • Definition of zones of prohibition of landings.They are affected by hidden utilities (plumbing, gas, communications cable or power cable).

The topographical plan and its analysis will be the basis for drawing sketches. At this point, the owner enters into a contract with the contractor.

development of landscape design project, examples, photos, prices in Moscow

Fragment of the landscape project
On our site you can find contacts of construction companies that offer the service of landscape design. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

Stage 4. Draft project

The future design is determined in collaboration with the landscape architect and the customer. The specialist, having ascertained the wishes of the owner and taking into account the peculiarities of the landscape, determines the most attractive places by organizing the structure of the territory in this way. Several outline plans and design sketches are made with different stylistic concepts. Before the final sketch, the preferences of the customer are specified:

  • Garden style, including a selection of trees, grasses, flowers and decoration details.

  • Distribution of functional zones.

  • Possibility of future changes (adding a garage or bath).

  • The need for lighting and watering the site.

The final sketch includes 2 types of documents:

  • The plan of functional zoning. Shows the location of the recreation area, barbecue area, children's (play) and garden areas.

3D-visualization of the denlroplan plot (10 acres) in the video:

Conceptual plan. Describes the idea of ​​the project, often accompanied by a 3D-presentation, allowing you to see the future landscape and take a virtual walk through the garden.

development of landscape design project, examples, photos, prices in Moscow

Master Plan - the final document of the landscape project

Step 5. Master Plan

Based on the selected and approved the sketch is developed by the general plan of gardening and landscaping the site, which contains:

  • Dendrology plan (includes assortment list), which lists the plants planned for planting. Indicates the size of adult plants to eliminate problems with the lighting area.

  • Gardening plan (center-landing). It is built on a scale indicating the buildings and fences to which the binding is made.

  • Improvement Plan (center drawing). Specifies the shape of zones, garden areas and paths; type of paving. The scheme of buildings and paving system (on a scale of 1: 100 or 1: 200) with all sizes is indicated.

  • The layout of the vertical layout. Required if the site is located on an uneven surface (on a slope). The scheme is taken as the basis for the excavation work (for example, when arranging terraces); it indicates the elevation difference.

  • Lighting scheme. Lanterns along the tracks and a cozy lighted gazebo - not only beautiful, but also practical in the dark.

development of landscape design project, examples, photos, prices in Moscow

Garden lighting is an important element of the landscape
  • Automatic watering project. Competent installation of sprinklers - hard work, making the project more expensive. But in many cases, watering is necessary to maintain the garden.

  • Preliminary estimate of works and materials.

  • Explanatory note to the project.

In general, the development of the concept of a design project and a working landscape project takes 30-45 working days.

Prices of designers vary from 4-5 thousand rubles. / weave (economy version) up to 18-30 thousand rubles. / weave. The cost of the project of the company can start from 150 thousand rubles. (for a plot of 15-50 acres) and from 250-380 thousand rubles. (for a plot of 50-100 acres).

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Main areas of the dacha

The main functional areas include:

  • Parter zone. The area in front of the main facade or entrance.

  • Common rest area. It includes open lawns and lawns, playgrounds, gazebos, where the whole family can gather.

  • Mini Recreation Area. Small, hidden from prying eyes space with garden furniture.

  • Game Zone. It is arranged for the smallest.

development of landscape design project, examples, photos, prices in Moscow

Cozy playing area for the smallest
  • Sports area. It can contain both a playground (tennis court) and simulators hidden under a canopy. Some objects (for example, a swimming pool) can change their destination, turning into an original reception place.

  • Garden area. This includes not only fruit trees and garden beds, but also greenhouses and a greenhouse.

  • Natural area. A plot imitating a fragment of a forest or meadow, often with a body of water.

  • Economic zone.

Proper zoning of the area of ​​the summer cottage

In order to properly distribute the territory of the plot and make each zone comfortable and functional, the landscape architect should proceed from the wishes of the owners.

The usage factor is taken as the basis for zoning. If it is planned to grow garden crops, then 80-85% of the usable area is allocated for the economic and garden zones. If the manor becomes predominantly a place where the owners plan to regularly receive guests, then 20-25% of the land area is allocated for the arrangement of a comfortable recreation area.

development of landscape design project, examples, photos, prices in Moscow

A place where it is pleasant to gather with the whole family and receive guests

The design project of the site includes details of landscaping and landscaping that will help emphasize the beauty and dignity of each zone:

  • hedges, lawns, decorative solutions of flowers and shrubs, flower beds;

  • ponds, fountains and streams;

  • paths;

  • ornamental fences, garden stairs and retaining walls (especially in areas with difficult relief), a fireplace .

Effective addition is considered to be small architectural forms (MAF):

  • park sculpture;

  • gazebos , awnings and trellis;

  • decorative bridges and walls;

  • garden furniture;

  • lamps and lanterns.

Analysis of existing styles in the organization of parks and gardens in homestead territories

Traditionally, all styles in landscape design can be attributed to one of the directions - regular or landscape.

development of landscape design project, examples, photos, prices in Moscow

Majestic harmony of English landscape design
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England is the birthplace of landscape style, although it includes, for example, Japanese gardens. Landscape style allows you to plan the placement of plants along smooth, close to natural lines. You can beat the combination of shape, color and size of flowers and leaves, and symmetry is not welcome. Style welcomes some mixing of zones. The original effect can be achieved by planting vegetables and herbs among fruit trees, and berries and medicinal plants on the front lawn. Thus, under the garden area is not allocated, which is important for small areas.

Regular (geometric) layout originated in France, about three centuries ago. It relies on the functional zoning of the infield; such a compositional solution is still in demand. To organize the landscape of the site in a regular style, it is necessary to observe some principles:

  • a plot with a smooth relief is desirable;

  • geometric forms — axial layout and symmetry;

  • paths - straight, paved with gravel or natural stone;

  • symmetrical accents (fountain, sculptures, plants).

Variants of the dacha plots planning

Consider different examples of landscape design according to styles.

development of landscape design project, examples, photos, prices in Moscow

A fragment of the landscape design of the suburban area for 6 acres

development of landscape design project, examples, photos, prices in Moscow

On a modest rear the yard was located several areas

development of landscape design project, examples, photos, prices in Moscow

Landscape garden in the garden (15 acres)

development of landscape design project, examples, photos, prices in Moscow

Variant of landscape design taking into account local conditions
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Intuitively, each owner understands how he wants to see his personal plot. Of course, the location of recreation areas and beds can be planned independently, without spending on a landscape design project. But few of the owners know the features of the terrain, soil and groundwater; they understand the intricacies of irrigation and drainage. Without taking into account small details, after a couple of seasons you can get a ruined garden and paths covered with mineral sediment.

Experienced specialists will help to improve the suburban area, to make the surrounding area a favorite place for living and recreation. The result of such robots will delight households for many years.


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