simple and complex wiring schemes, pumping equipment

The owners of cottages and country cottages have always sought to achieve the most approximate conditions of comfort in the country. And the main component in this case has always been the presence of water supply at the dacha. In this article we will tell you how you can organize a summer water supply system today, what needs to be done for this, what devices and devices you can use.

simple and complex wiring schemes, pumping equipment

The simplest water supply system in the country is the pump and hose

Water supply in the country

In the recent past, the main source water in the country was a well or artesian well, which put a rocking chair. At that time there was no talk about any water supply system, the supply of water for drinking and household needs was organized with the help of buckets. It took some time and effort. That is, it was not about any comfort.

Buckets and watering cans even watered a garden and a garden, replenished water supplies in a summer shower. As an option - used metal barrels and other containers that were filled with rain water.

simple and complex wiring schemes, pumping equipment

A barrel of rainwater for watering green spaces

All this did not prevent people from living outside the city. But the quality of life was not high. Everything changed when the first domestic pumps appeared on the market. These were submersible units operating on a 200-volt AC network. Small in size, but with a fairly good performance and pressure, the pumps immediately became popular. They were simply immersed, for example, in a well or a pond, from where they used to carry water in buckets, plug it in and get a powerful pressure from the water flowing from the hose.

The craftsmen immediately realized that the pumps are an opportunity to change their stay in the country, to increase the comfort of living. Therefore, they immediately began to develop and implement simple, and in some cases even very simple water supply networks.

simple and complex wiring schemes, pumping equipment

Water supply from a eurowire with rain water

Simple water

The simplest water supply network, it is also called summer plumbing is a pump connected to an extensive system of scattered hoses. The latter are scattered around the site so that they reach the consumers of water. Usually it is the building of the dacha itself, where the sink in the kitchen was connected, on the street it is a summer shower and a faucet for watering green spaces. Three points to give - the optimal condition. In addition, submersible pumps for this purpose were specially developed. That is, they have not so much power to supply water to a large number of consumers.

The name “summer” received this type of water supply network only because it could be operated only in summer in warm weather. In the autumn, the hoses were dismantled, freed from water, twisted, the pump was pulled from a water intake source, and all this was stored in a shed until spring.

But the most interesting thing is that such a plumbing system cost the owners of the cottage cheaply. In addition, it has always been possible to change the location of sections of the water supply system by transferring the hose from one place in the country to another. Hose plumes were connected with pieces of steel pipes, usually with a diameter of 15-32 mm. From the same pipes by way of electric welding were made fittings in the form of tees or crosses.

simple and complex wiring schemes, pumping equipment

Hose connection for irrigation with plastic fittings

Today, metal pipes have been replaced by plastic fittings, which are sold in hardware stores. And although this kind of plumbing is less and less used in suburban areas, fittings get all the same, which means that someone else uses it.

It should be noted that the water supply network of the pump and hoses is divided into two groups according to the methods of installation of the latter: open and closed. The first is just hoses laid on the ground. They are visible, and if the owner of the dacha has no complaints about the appearance of the aqueduct, then this option is acceptable.

The second is hoses that are laid in prepared grooves (trenches). They are of a small depth - 10-15 cm. The laid hose routing is covered with soil, so that there is no problem with the appearance of the summer cottage.

simple and complex wiring schemes, pumping equipment

Open garden water system

There is another simple option in which plastic pipes are used instead of hoses. Usually it is a closed system, which is buried in the ground. Pipes scatter on the site to the required consumers. Of these, you can assemble a collapsible system or collapsible.

  • The first is small areas , interconnected with rockers, they are also a connecting element called " American ". That is, at any time the water supply network can disassemble and remove in the same shed.

  • The second is non-separable system . Therefore, it is planned in advance by creating a distribution scheme for consumers. It is done once and forever .Of course, it is not a problem for the master to remake the network, for example, by cutting another section in the pipework to an additionally established consumer.

simple and complex wiring schemes, pumping equipment

Suburban plumbing from plastic pipes

Complex suburban water systems

Actually In fact, the water supply system in the country can be arranged, as they say, with the latest technology. A huge variety of water pumps and filtration systems are on the market today. All this is freely available for little money. That is, to organize today an autonomous water supply system that would supply the country house with the purest water is not a problem. Therefore, let's consider what manufacturers today offer in exchange for the simplest garden water supply.

As in the case of simple water supply systems, water intake outside the city is organized from a well or open water bodies. Today, another source is used - wells that drill to a sufficiently large depth, where purest water lies in large quantities.

For each source, they use their own pumps, because in each of them the water intake is different. And since pumping equipment is volatile, that is, it is powered by electric current, manufacturers make sure that water and current do not meet anywhere inside the pump unit.

simple and complex wiring schemes, pumping equipment

Scheme of a complex suburban water pipeline
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Types of pumps used

At cottages, three types of pumping devices are used to organize autonomous water supply:

  • Surface . They are installed near the source of water intake, without dipping into the water itself. Hence, in principle, the name. A hose or a plastic flexible pipe is lowered into the water, at the end of which a strainer is installed. The second end is attached to the pump to the suction port. From the device itself, and more precisely from the supply pipe is laid water supply network.

simple and complex wiring schemes, pumping equipment

Surface pump for giving
  • Submersible . About them already mentioned, just add that such pumps are used only if the level of water intake is not lower than 8-10 m. They are partially or completely immersed in water, hence the name of the units.

  • Borehole , they are also deep . They were specially invented for pumping water from wells, that is, from great depths. Appliances are used at dachas by means of which water can be lifted from a depth of 50 m. Although manufacturers offer other models that dive to a depth of more than 200 m.

simple and complex wiring schemes, pumping equipment

Well pump for dacha water pipe
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Filtration system

If you do not need clean water for watering the garden and vegetable garden, and in the summer shower too clean water is also not used, then it must comply with sanitary standards for drinking. Therefore, they try to clean the water in different ways. It will not go into the details of this topic, just list some filters that gardeners use today:

  • Mesh , it’s also coarse , which set on a pipe or hose that is immersed in water. It is installed with one goal - to create a barrier to large solid impurities that can get into the pump and break it. These are pebbles, large particles of sand and other debris.

  • Another coarse filter , which is installed in front of the tap inside the house, usually under the sink. It holds small insoluble particles in the form of fine sand.

  • Fine filter . Its purpose is to trap undissolved impurities in the form of turbidity, as well as organic inclusions, which are necessarily present in water.

simple and complex wiring schemes, pumping equipment

A set of three-stage cleaning filters

Usually at the cottages of this set is enough, but the advanced owners tend to increase purity water used, so install other types of filters. For example, softeners that reduce the concentration of salts. Or sorption models, with the help of which the unpleasant smell is removed. This is especially true of fluid, which is pumped from open reservoirs. Sterilizers and disinfectants fight bacteria and viruses.

It is clear that the more different filters are installed, the water can be obtained at the outlet with sanitary and hygienic indicators. But at the same time autonomous water supply grows in price. Therefore, in the country use a minimum set, which is installed inside the house.

The video shows how water can be organized in a country cottage:

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And a few words about how to organize an autonomous water supply system in the country. First of all, the issue of the source of water supply is resolved. Then the pump is selected according to the type of its installation. That is, these two criteria are inextricably linked. And the second comes out of the first.

And now for the layout. If submersible or borehole models of pumping equipment will be used in the water supply, the survey of the location of the devices disappears by itself. As for surface units, there are two options:

  • The pump is located near the source water . For example, inside the well on a platform mounted above the surface of the water. Or inside the caisson, which is a sealed container installed in the soil above the well or well.

  • The pump unit is located inside the house . A pipe is diverted from it into a well or well. For the pump allocate a special room. This may be a basement or a room for household purposes. Here, usually, all other elements of the autonomous system are mounted around the pump: filters, electrical control panel, switchgear, storage tank, and so on.

simple and complex wiring schemes, pumping equipment

Layout of the surface pump in the basement of the house

Sometimes there is a special room for a surface pump that is constructed on the street next to the cottage. It must be warmed.

As for pipe wiring, these are plastic pipes, which are laid to a small depth, but they are necessarily insulated. Benefit on the market, you can find special insulation materials for pipes. Particular attention is paid to laying the pipe inside the house. Usually such a passage is planned at the stage of forming a project of a country house. Because the smaller the distance from the water intake source to the cottage, the better: less material consumption, pressure and performance of the water supply system are not reduced. Usually laying inside the house is carried out either through the foundation of the building, or through the wall.

The video shows how you can organize an independent water supply system from a well using a pumping station:

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Useful tips

And a few recommendations from experts:

  • Before you buy pumping equipment, it is necessary to carry out calculation for consumers . That is, calculate the optimum ratio of the performance of the pump and the total consumption of consumers.

  • A piping layout is being developed, where all consumers are taken into account regardless of their seasonal or off-season use.

  • It is necessary to properly conduct the connection of the pump to of the supplying electric network . There are a lot of nuances here, therefore, professional electrician is engaged in such a business.

  • The landlord of the dacha must first decide whether to buy all materials and devices separately or to purchase the finished pump station . We can not say that one of the options offered is better than the other. Therefore, it is better to consult with experts who will study the features of the garden and the source of water intake.

In the video a specialist talks about how to choose the right water pump for power and head:


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To organize a full-fledged water supply system at the dacha today is not a problem. The main thing is to competently approach the solution of some difficult problems. Therefore, to organize and conduct all necessary installation operations, it is better to invite specialists who will give guarantees on the quality of the final result.


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