Shinglas Country - shingles from the "TechnoNIKOL" corporation

TechnoNIKOL Corporation, a leader in the production of soft roofs, offers a wide range of bituminous tile collections. One of them is called Shinglas Country. It does not differ from other models in structure and technical characteristics, but it has its own peculiar appearance, or rather, a form of shingle, which is called the Dragon tooth. We invite you to familiarize yourself with this article with information on the above designated material: pros and cons, what materials are made of, technical characteristics and roofing technology.

Shinglas Country - shingles from the

The roof of a private house covered with shingles Shinglas Country Model Utah

What is the Country Model

one hundred percent bituminous tiles, which is based on fiberglass impregnated with modified bitumen. The front side of the material is sprinkled with stone granules (crumbs) of different colors, which gives the tile a decorative effect and also protects the bituminous impregnation from the negative effect of the sun's rays.

It is the colored granulate that forms the color palette. In the model lineup there are nine positions, each of which has its own name. We list them:

  • Alabama ;

  • Arizona ;

  • Atlanta ;

  • Michigan ;

  • Ontario ;

  • Indiana ;

  • Texas ;

  • Ohio ;

  • Utah .

The dimensions of one panel are 100x33.5 cm, thickness 2.7 mm. The tiles are packed in packs, in which 8 panels fit, with a total area of ​​2.6 m. Price Shinglas Country, meaning one pack, 1,312 rubles from the manufacturer. In stores, the price will be higher.

Shinglas Country - shingles from the

Shinglas Country Line
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Advantages and disadvantages

TechnoNIKOL Corporation produces high quality roofing material. No wonder sales of shingles from year to year only increase. Therefore, we denote the positive sides of this material:

  • soft tile for one hundred percent eco-friendly product ;

  • has absolute leaktightness after laying on the roof;

  • when installing minimum waste ;

  • on any roof structures , even with curved shapes;

  • copes well with biological and chemical loads , as well as natural loads;

  • low specific gravity , which does not create practically any loads on the truss system (one panel weighs 4 kg);

  • practically zero electrostatic ;

  • easily transfers temperature differences ;

  • simplicity installation technology;

  • low price ;

  • is a good sound insulator , natural rainfall knocking on the roof is not heard inside the house;

  • variety color design.

There is one lack of a soft roof of Shinglas Country: this roofing material can be laid only at a temperature not lower than + 5 ° С.

Shinglas Country - shingles from the

It is possible to carry out installation on arched roof structures

Laying technology of the Shinglas model "Country"

Let's start with that any shingles need to be laid only on a continuous crate. These can be boards laid across truss feet. Their sizes: width is 100 mm, thickness is 20-25 mm. Installation is made with a small gap equal to 1 cm. Leave it in case of wood expansion under the influence of humidity and temperature. An important component of the installation of continuous obreshetki - docking two adjacent boards is carried out only along the rafter leg.

Instead of boards, you can use moisture-resistant plywood of the FSF brand or an approximate chipboard of the OSP-3 brand, also moisture-resistant. Both materials are laid with an offset in the horizontal rows, that is, the vertical seams should not be the same. This is done in order to evenly distribute the load on the roof system from the roofing. Here, as in the case of boards, it is necessary to establish a gap of 1 cm between the sheets and plates. The joining of panels is carried out only along the rafters.

So, the roofing structure is ready, it remains to buy Shinglas Country and additional elements that finally form the roof. To do this, first calculate the area of ​​the slopes of the roof and under the result obtained acquire roofing material with the addition within 5-10% for waste and trimming.

Shinglas Country - shingles from the

Solid casing of OSB
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As for the additional elements, these are starting panels that cover the roof molding and the ridge. As well as two types of metal strips: cornice and pediment. Their number is determined by the length of the eaves of the slopes and pediments, respectively, taking into account that the length of each slat is 1 m, plus - the installation of the panels is carried out with a slight overlap on each other to make it airtight. Overlap - 3 cm.

There are two more materials without which the installation of shingles is not made:

  • lining carpet ;

  • End carpet .

Both materials are made on the basis of fiberglass impregnated from bitumen-polymer mixture. Only the first one has a width of 3 m, the second one is 1 m. The end carpet is used only if there is a valley in the roof structure.

Shinglas Country - shingles from the

End cages of different colors

Installation of panels and lining

First of all, curtain rail mounts are mounted. They are a corner element bent from galvanized sheet and painted iron. It is just that the slats are applied to the eaves overhang and fastened to the crate with roofing (ruff) nails. They are driven in two rows: one at the upper edge of the corner, the second at the end of the overhang. At the same time, nails are hammered in steps of 10-12 cm.

Then the lining carpet is laid. Laying is carried out with overlapping stripes relative to each other. The displacement size is from 10 to 30 cm. The smaller the angle of inclination of the roof slopes, the greater the overlap. The lining is fixed to the crate with the same nails along the perimeter of the laid strip.

The next stage is the installation of gable strips. They are laid from the eaves, moving towards the ridge. Installation is carried out with an overlap, fastening is exactly the same as in the case of the eaves dobor.

Shinglas Country - shingles from the

Mounting Eaves trims
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Laying shingles

First row - starting shingles. In fact, this is a band without shingles. It is placed at the edge of the overhang, departing above 1.5-2 cm. Fastening with the same roofing nails on the perimeter with a step of 25 cm. That is, eight nails should be hammered into one panel.

An ordinary tile is laid on top of the starting tile; it must close the first one completely so that the edges of the shingles touch the lower edge of the starting element. Fastening is made on eight nails in each shingle. The second row of Shinglas Country tiling is laid with a half shingle offset. That is, the second row shingles should close the gaps between the first row shingles. It is in this way that the tightness of the roof structure and the complete decoration without gaps and cracks are achieved.

Once the entire area of ​​the ramp has been filled with shingles, the roof ridge will be covered. To do this, start the tile cut across into three equal parts. They are used to cover the ridge, laying across the ridge element. Laying is carried out overlapping, starting from any edge of the ridge. Attach stacked elements roofing nails, two on each side of the ramp.

Shinglas Country - shingles from the

Laying and fastening of bitumen tiles

Formation of endov

This element of the roof structure is twitched to maximum loads from atmospheric precipitation. Therefore, it is very important to competently conduct its sealing. End carpet begin to be laid only after the strip of lining material has been laid on the slopes.

The End Carpet is unfolded and laid on the valley so that 50 cm of the bitumen-polymer material is laid on each side of the axis of the latter. Then under the strip smear bitumen mastic 10 cm wide from each longitudinal edge and then punch nails around the perimeter with a pitch of 25-30 cm. Mastic can be applied with a brush or a small spatula.

An important point is the correct trimming of shingles in areas where the valley is covered. It is cut so that on the slope of the roof in the area of ​​the endova a 10 cm wide span is uncovered. It will be the place where rain or melt water will flow.

The video shows how to properly lay the Shinglas shingles on the slope of the roof:

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Conclusion on the topic

The “Country” model collection is distinguished by the shape of its shingle. Confuse it with others is impossible. At the same time on the roof of the roof is formed, imitating the cover of the old buildings of the Wild West.We must pay tribute to the manufacturer, who recreated the exact imitation, while retaining all the characteristics of bitumen material. Plus - a fairly wide color range.


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