Curb tape for garden paths: flexible plastic garden, lawn border

The article contains information about a competent choice of curb tape for a lawn. After reading the article, you will learn what this auxiliary material is intended for in the garden plot, how to use it to avoid unnecessary expenses when arranging lawns, flower beds and flower beds and make them attractive and durable.

Curb tape for garden paths: flexible plastic garden, lawn border

A common piece of plastic can solve many tasks for improving the dacha area

What is it

Flexible curb for Lawn - a strip of flexible plastic with a reinforced upper and lower edges. With the help of a curb for a flower bed, external and internal (when zoning) boundaries of flower beds, lawns, flower beds and flower beds are formed. Thanks to this material for landscape design significantly simplifies the process of creating multi-tiered flower beds. It is often used for registration of borders of country paths and lawns for rest. This is an inexpensive material, depending on the thickness, height, the price for 10 meters can vary from 150 to 650 rubles.

Advantages and weaknesses

The lawn border has a number of advantages that make it popular among summer residents and people involved in landscape design:

  • absolute resistance to rotting;

  • does not fade and retains color under the action of ultraviolet radiation;

  • low price compared to structures made of metal, brick, wood, stone ;

  • does not deform with time and keeps its shape well;

  • does not require any special care;

Curb tape for garden paths: flexible plastic garden, lawn border

For storing plastic tape in When reversed (in rolls) a lot of space is not needed
  • it is easy to clean using a hose for watering plants;

  • lawn curb can reused;

  • the material has excellent flexibility due to which flower beds and flower beds of complex shapes can be formed;

  • helps to spend less water for watering beds;

  • simple installation that does not require the use of special tools and fixtures;

  • can be used in construction to protect various structures from water;

  • easy to dismantle I;

  • does not take up much space during storage and transportation (comes in the form of rolls);

  • a variety of colors (black, green, brown and etc.);

  • promotes soil saturation with fertilizers (they do not wash out beyond the bed when irrigated);

  • blocks the paths of creeping pests;

  • limits the spread of weeds;

  • simplifies the process of protecting beds and beds with covering material or film.

Curb tape for garden paths: flexible plastic garden, lawn border

Border strips in the garden area will reliably protect cultivated plants from weeds

To the weak sides of the curb tape for tracks and beds should be attributed to its instability to low temperatures and mechanical damage. Therefore, for the winter border strips are usually dismantled and stored for storage in heated rooms. In addition, we must not forget that this is an artificial polymeric material that contrasts in a certain way with living nature.

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How to choose the

correctly If you decide to arrange a flower bed of curb tape, then in order to buy what you need to take into account a number of factors. First, it is necessary to decide what tasks the plastic strip will solve. This directly affects the height, texture and color. The height of the beds, the number of its tiers determine the width of the tape. The standard widths of the strips are in the range from 10 to 50 cm. The design of the lawn or flower bed determines the texture and color of the border. By the first parameter, restrictive tapes are divided into:

  • flat;

  • figured;

  • wavelike;

  • corrugated.

Curb tape for garden paths: flexible plastic garden, lawn border

Ribbon products for flower beds and flower gardens can be not only simple shapes, but also wavy

po The second option manufacturers usually offer products in black, green, brown, gray and white. There are khaki products. Great importance for performance properties has a country manufacturer of the curb. The most high-quality tapes are made by German companies. The products of Russian firms are often of low quality and may be fragile. Tapes made by Polish or Chinese manufacturers are too soft and poorly hold the borders of flower beds and flower beds. The thickness of flat, shaped and wavy products is usually equal to 1.2 mm, corrugated - 0.6 mm.

Arrangement Technologies

The installation of fencing tapes can be done in two ways, above ground and with recess.The first method is used for arranging raised beds and multi-tiered flower beds. In this case, special plastic pegs are used to fix the tape around the perimeter. The ends of the tape, closing in a ring (regular or irregularly shaped) are fastened with a stapler.

Curb tape for garden paths: flexible plastic garden, lawn border

Installing a tape with a deepening allows you to carefully separate the flower bed from the surrounding lawn

The installation of strips with depth is done when it is necessary to zoning the plane: edging flowerbeds and lawns, forming the boundaries of footpaths and pristvolny circles, etc. The tape is installed in a previously dug trench of the appropriate depth (by 2-3 cm shorter strip width) and is dropped in the ground.

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What tasks are solved using the material

Plastic curb strips at the cottage are used very widely due to their versatility, in particular they are used for:

  • arranging the boundaries of the tracks and sites of rubble, pebbles and other bulk materials. Plastic strips will not only prevent the spreading of bulk material, but also prevent the spread of weeds to the track surface;

  • creating pristvolnyh decorative circles around trees;

  • decorating flower beds, flower beds, beds and lawns;

  • raising the level of beds in low-lying areas (helps protect plants from excess water);

Curb tape for garden paths: flexible plastic garden, lawn border

A path made of gravel will retain its shape for a long time if its borders are secured with a strip of plastic
  • the insulation of buildings and structures from contact and with the soil, which ensures a longer life of the foundation, by minimizing the negative impact of dampness and decay;

  • limiting the spread of rhizomes on the territory of the summer cottage ).

Galvanized curb (alternative)

This curb is a galvanized steel strip:

  • without additional coating;

  • covered with a layer of polymeric material that performs a protective and decorative function;

  • covered with a protective and decorative layer of polyurethane.

  • Galvanized curbs have all the same advantages as ordinary plastic products. In addition, the metal base provides:

  • resistance to mechanical damage;

Curb tape for garden paths: flexible plastic garden, lawn border

Galvanized strip iron coated with a polymer layer is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also durable
  • better bearing capacity, which allows the use of strips to create greenhouses;

  • resistance to low temperatures (can not be dismantled for the winter);

  • long service life, from 15 years for galvanized uncoated products to 50 years for strips with polyurethane coating.

Visually about the curb tape and its application, see the video

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General conclusion

Using curbstones for flower beds and flower beds is an easy way to solve a lot of problems when arranging a summer cottage. However, the assortment of tape products offered on the market is so wide (size, shape, color) that making the optimal choice is quite difficult. Therefore, before buying it is better to additionally consult with professionals.

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