Garden decor on the dacha: best ideas, photo examples

Today we will tell you what garden decorations are on the market for giving goods. From the article you will learn what and how from the objects of decor you can use on the garden plot. After receiving this information, you will be theoretically savvy in this area of ​​design, which will allow you to choose the right decor correctly, spending reasonable money on it without compromising the final result.

Garden decor on the dacha: best ideas, photo examples

The presence of decorative objects on the summer cottage is an almost mandatory attribute of a modern garden

which are (approximate classification)

Order today can be as a typical decoration for the suburban area, and something original. As a rule, for the design of decorative objects can be used:

  • metal to create forged and prefabricated structures (rods, wires, sheets, rails, beams, and other rolled products);

  • natural stones, bricks, concrete tiles and curbs;

  • roots and branches of trees that look like something recognizable or have fancy shapes, stumps;

  • wooden planks and beams;

  • empty glass and plastic bottles;

  • used tires;

  • wooden, metal and plastic barrels;

  • hyp with and concrete to create plaster and concrete objects;

  • thick ropes for suspended structures;

  • old furniture;

  • various household items (pots, buckets, umbrellas, etc.);

  • broken equipment, parts of vehicles;

  • light sources (electric, candles).

Garden decor on the dacha: best ideas, photo examples

Ordinary wooden stump can be turned into a work of art


What are garden decorations are the easiest way to tell on specific examples with photographs. This clearly helps to understand what is a decorative design, and how it looks surrounded by flowers, trees and country houses.

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Decor from old wheels

From old tires, you can create several types of dacha décor. The easiest thing is to put a painted wheel on the ground cleared of turf and fill it with fertile soil and the flowerbed is ready for planting flowers. In order for the earth not to spill out of the tire, the bottom of the flower bed is lined with a layer of geotextile. From several tires, you can create a single or multi-tiered composition, sticking rubber products together with screws. If you take a few wheels of different diameter, then you can create a pyramidal flower garden of them. When creating compositions can be used not only whole wheels, but their halves.

Garden decor on the dacha: best ideas, photo examples

From the halves of the old wheels, you can create a flower bed with colored petals

In addition to the flower beds and flower beds, you can make decorative borders by simply stuffing rubber products into the ground vertically. To increase the useful surface of a bed of tires, their sidewalls are usually cut with an electric jigsaw.

Another common garden decoration of old tires is flowerpots. Make them turning the tires outward with an inner surface. To complete the composition usually use the old rim, it plays the role of the legs of the pot. The upper edge of the pot is made smooth or serrated. Flowerpots can be with one or two bowls. In the latter case, use wheels of different diameters.

Also, tires create decorative ornaments for the garden in the form of figures of various animals. The most common option is the rubber swans, obtained from a certain cutting of old rubber. It also makes figures of storks, flamingos, crocodiles, zebra, ponies, whelps, and so on.

Garden decor on the dacha: best ideas, photo examples

A swan cut from used tires can be found most often

The simplest figure from the wheels is a frog, you can create it by putting them on each other in a certain way. At the dacha site, dedicated to the game of children, from second-hand rubber and additionally using boards and metal pipes, you can create a composition car (tractor).


Decorative houses for the garden deservedly occupy one of the leading places among the decorations of the summer cottage. They are small in size, from the smallest in size with a small bucket to the overall size of a wardrobe. When choosing a style of a small architectural structure (up to the houses of fairy-tale characters) and material for it, there is practically no limit to the limit of creative thought.Typically, houses are made of the following materials:

  • polyresin (artificial stone);

  • pebbles and rubble with a binder cement mortar;

  • a large rubble stone;

  • bricks;

  • wooden planks and beams, plywood;

  • foam;

  • thick branches and parts of tree trunks.

Garden decor on the dacha: best ideas, photo examples

The miniature model of the house will harmoniously fit in and decorate the space of any suburban area
On our site you can read with the most popular in Moscow suburbs for the construction of a country house. In filters you can set the desired direction, the presence of gas, water, electricity and other communications.

Spherical solutions

Spherical objects placed in a specific order, created in different ways, will certainly decorate the cottage. It can be large pendant lights made of paper, which, thanks to a small mass, can be hung not only on the verandas, but also on tree branches, non-massive poles made of plastic pipes or a bar of small section. The role of ground (floor) lamps can perform spherical pots with backlight.

Spherical shape can be given to trees and bushes due to their systematic filigree cutting. Not all species of trees and shrubs are suitable for this method of decoration, but those that have a dense dense crown and small foliage (or conifers) and grow slowly. The most popular for these purposes are juniper, boxwood, cypress, ivy, cotoneaster, hawthorn, common hornbeam, yew, laurel tree, privet, holly.

Garden decor on the dacha: best ideas, photo examples

Neatly trimmed bushes are a universal design solution.

Balls are also made of concrete. Products of small diameter are obtained by pouring rubber balls from the inside. Large-diameter spheres, on the contrary, covering inflatable beach balls reinforced with a building net outside. In the first case, after solidification of the concrete, the rubber form of the shell is removed simply by cutting the ball. In the second case, the beach ball remains inside the sphere. For decoration in concrete can add pebbles, colored glass, or paint the resulting ball. To decorate the cottage, you can also buy ready-made spheres made of fiberglass or bright glass balls. A special chic is the installation of a fountain, in which the bowl has the shape of a hemisphere, which is the basis for the stable placement of a glass ball enveloped by flowing water.

Garden decor on the dacha: best ideas, photo examples

A glass ball installed in the hemisphere of a street fountain will certainly attract the attention of guests

You can also decorate the garden with colored pebbles. Examples in the video:

Metal decorations of the

section Metal can be called a versatile and wide-ranging material for decorating a garden. From it create a mass of structures that have a purely decorative purpose, and perform practical functions. In the first case, these are pictures of metal bars, stands for jewelry and tea candles, metal sculptures. In the second case, they are wrought-iron benches, swings, tables, bins, lamp constructive elements, gate leaves, fence details, garden fences and much more.

Garden decor on the dacha: best ideas, photo examples

Using a metal bar, you can create real works of art by forging
It might be interesting! In the article on the following link read about pebbles for landscape design.

Suspended solutions

Decorating a villa by hanging a variety of decorative objects allows you to achieve a lot with minimal time and money. The following objects can be used as hanging objects:

  • original pots made of wood, ceramics, metal, automobile wheels;

  • baskets;

  • lights (LED, with incandescent lamps, candles);

  • hammocks and hammocks;

  • various figures from metal, plastic, wood.

Garden decor on the dacha: best ideas, photo examples

By hanging a lot of small lanterns under the crown of a tree in the garden, you can create a fairy tale atmosphere

Powerful plastic features

Plastic bottles and bottles for drinking water and beverages of various sizes are considered the most universal form of decoration in terms of decor. Firstly, they cost practically nothing and are easy to find. In addition, beverage manufacturers offer plastic a wide range of colors - from transparent to poisonous orange and green. The creation of decorative handicrafts requires a minimum of tools, the bottles are easy to cut, bend, and melt.

From the bottles you can make fencing beds and flower beds, figures of animals and birds, lights for LED lamps, prefabricated structures. Also for country design often use plastic buckets, old watering cans, cans, barrels, dishes.A major advantage of plastic is its resistance to rotting and dampness. As an alternative, it can use glass bottles and jars (lamps, curbs, walls).

Garden decor on the dacha: best ideas, photo examples

Using ordinary plastic bottles for kefir and wheels, it is easy to make an artificial lily of the valley


From natural stone , sand and pebbles create decorative philosophical Japanese gardens. Alpine hills, paths, dry streams are made of this material. From stones make miniature and small models of rocky massifs. The stone is actively used to decorate artificial reservoirs, arrangement of fountains and waterfalls. The artificial stone is popular at arrangement of paths, platforms, arbors, borders.

Garden decor on the dacha: best ideas, photo examples

Natural stone and colored gravel are ideal for arranging a pond at the cottage

In the following video, see some more examples of decorating a garden with products from cement:

It may be interesting! In the article on the following link read about the original solution to the problem of height difference, or an artisan from architecture.

General conclusion

The design of the dacha space can be distinguished into a separate direction of architecture. A serious place in it occupy a variety of decorative objects. They can be different in size, used for the construction of materials, style, functionality. There are plenty of existing and emerging ideas of decor. But why experiment? It may be better to turn to a professional designer, and he will prompt the best solution.


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