Hammock double: types and features

This information will be useful to those who are going to comfortably equip a recreation area in the country or near a private house. Here you will learn about the types of hammocks, which can be purchased from trusted vendors through our resource. What they are made of, how to choose a hammock for two, where to install. And a lot of other useful information.

Hammock double: types and features


Species and Features

It is good to buy a hammock for a holiday or camping if you know everything about it . It is much more difficult to navigate in a variety of models, if you have never used it before. They are classified and divided by type based on the material of production and design elements:

Brazilian model

A hammock in the manufacture of which is used mainly cotton threads, and wood from the Brazil nut. This type is characteristic of the design of the edges of the fringe.

Hammock double: types and features

Brazilian model of a hammock

Mexican hammock - double and not only

It is made from materials of synthetic origin. It is characterized by high quality and long service life.

Hammock double: types and features

Mexican model of a hammock


Produced from natural (natural) materials, also painted with natural dyes .

Hammock double: types and features

Colombian hammock model

Domestic model

These are (in the original) inexpensive high-quality hammocks double, which resemble a large mesh fishing net or a volleyball net. Modern models, having incorporated the best qualities, became more graceful and interesting.

Hammock double: types and features

Domestic model of a hammock

Other types of classification of hammocks for recreation:


The simplest, both in manufacturing, and in use model. It is worth buying a double hammock because it belongs to the budget line. It is installed very simply and quickly by hanging on supports (at the cottage) or on trees (at the campsite).

Hammock double: types and features

Hanging hammock


For those who can go on holiday out of town only on weekends. Looking for options for arranging a comfortable pastime this type will be interesting. Due to the presence of the frame base, it is simple and easy to install in any, without exception, place.

Hammock double: types and features

Frame hammock
On our site you can familiarize yourself with the most popular in Moscow suburbs for the construction of a country house . In filters you can set the desired direction, the presence of gas, water, electricity and other communications.


The best choice for those who read a lot or work on a laptop. By purchasing and installing such a model in your country house, you can not only work, but also enjoy the fresh air.

Hammock double: types and features

Hammock Chair

Varieties of production materials and features of each

As for the material from which you can To buy a double hammock in Moscow, there is something to choose from. They are made from materials of different origin.


Were popular once. Today they are in less demand, because, for sale there are many varieties of hammocks, which are more attractive for their appearance, more comfortable and better. The bed of the grid is not able to withstand a lot of weight for a long time, and we are talking about a two-seater model, which means it is least suitable for selection. Inexpensive high-quality double hammocks can help out only if you very rarely choose to rest or your budget is too limited.

Hammock double: types and features



This model, in comparison with the previous one, is characterized by better quality. It is more comfortable and pleasant to rest on them, provided that their weaving is dense. The following subtypes are very popular in this line:


They can withstand a weight of about 130 kg. Two people on it can safely rest at the same time. In addition, they are characterized by good elasticity and stability. In the sun almost do not fade, resistant to moisture. Of the shortcomings - they are expensive, with a strong heat can dry out. Only the hammock made of artificial rattan has flaws.

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Brazil nut

It is considered an expensive exotic, so not everyone can afford it. Such models are characterized by the highest degree of strength and resistance to temperature effects. This is explained by the fact that the wood from which they are produced undergoes extremely serious processing and endurance testing. And this, accordingly, affects the cost, making it so big.


A hammock for giving a double from a rod can be installed only under a shed or in a gazebo-type room. Have a good indicator of strength, reliability.

Hammock double: types and features

Such hammocks look beautiful, they have a pleasant and comfortable rest


Fabric is less in demand kinds. The main reason for this is a well-balanced ratio - quality / price. They have the widest range of colors and tones:


Very comfortable to use, convenient because they completely repeat the shape of the body of the guests. With tactile contact (to the touch) pleasant. They are considered environmentally friendly because they let in air, are hypoallergenic and rather durable. Capable of withstanding a weight of 160 kg. Of the minuses - they are afraid of high humidity, there is a risk of mold and fungal deposits on their surface. Amenable to ultraviolet (fade in the sun).

Hammock double: types and features

It will be better if you install them in a shaded area of ​​the dacha


A fairly strong hammock. It is inexpensive, buy a double hammock to give it out of the burlap - the right decision. It will not burn out in the sun, but if it will be influenced by moisture for a long time, it may rot.

Hammock double: types and features

It will be more correct to cover it if you don’t want to constantly assemble and decompose it
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Refers to durable and wear-resistant materials that: breathe, do not cause allergic reactions, are not susceptible to ultraviolet radiation, takes the shape of the body of the rest. Of the shortcomings - the possibility of shrinkage during washing. Therefore, this fact must be paid special attention.

Hammock double: types and features

Such a hammock is durable and durable

Parachute silk

Fabric with a soft surface, pleasant with tactile contact. Also applies to breathable materials, has high strength, is not afraid of moisture, ultraviolet - too.

Hammock double: types and features

A hammock made of this fabric is the best option for relaxing in the country house

Mattress tick

Very durable and thick fabric. Dries quickly, is well washed, belongs to the hypoallergenic types of fabrics.

Hammock double: types and features

Unpretentious to care, but to keep it for a long time on the street during the period of prolonged rains all the same

Tarpaulin and camouflage fabric

Most often, these hammocks are bought by people who often go on long-term hikes for a long time. Their such fabrics are made tents for the same purposes.

Hammock double: types and features

The fabric is considered to be very durable, hardy, rough with tactile contact, but very practical

From the video you can learn how to choose hammock:

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We hope that it will be easy to choose the type of hammock you like from the whole presented and listed. We need to remember one thing, a hammock is a very useful and necessary thing, both for recreation on the territory of a cottage or a country house, and at a campsite. And the choice of type is your prerogative.


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