layout of the plot with the house, garage and sauna, projects and design options, photos

The article describes the layout of the site 15 hectare. As in such a territory, it is competent to place various household outbuildings, a playground, a garden, a garage for cars, and a recreation area. Examples of zoning using different plantations and arrangement of free space are given. You will learn about a number of rules that experts adhere to, and will know what is at stake when discussing projects.

layout of the plot with the house, garage and sauna, projects and design options, photos

15 acres is a fairly large area where the fantasy will be where the

important moments will

go before the beginning of the planning of any site should definitely pay attention to some of the nuances.

  • Relief . On the territory sometimes there may be small hills, less often mountainous terrain occurs, in some areas there may even be natural reservoirs. The choice of installation of the necessary systems and the location of the planned buildings depend on the features of the relief. The best option is a flat area.

  • Form . It has one of the most important values ​​when planning all zones. In most cases, all areas are rectangular, but can be in the form of a triangle, a square, with rounded.

  • Soil . The most important moment. Possible plantings and constructions completely depend on the type of soil. Sometimes it is recommended to import fertile soil.

  • Groundwater and water bodies . This indicator is associated with the bearing capacity of the soil. It is necessary to explore the territory for the presence of elevations, the presence of a nearby reservoir.

It must be remembered that if the site is in a valley, then it will face seasonal flooding. Landing is economically unprofitable and not always justified. It is very important to make a good drainage system.

layout of the plot with the house, garage and sauna, projects and design options, photos

There are a lot of different points to consider when setting up a site

First stage of planning

Site owners when developing a site plan The following objects are mainly taken into account :

  • residential house ;

  • hozblok , parking;

  • bath and guest house;

  • garden , small garden ;

  • playing area for children;

  • recreation area , gazebo, swimming pool.

It is important to decide in advance on the general concept of the future placement of zones. When planning a plot of 15 acres of rectangular shape, you must begin with the placement of the necessary buildings. Considering them, all other objects are located. The main building is a residential house, which should have the most comfortable location. It is located at a certain distance from the fence. You can then begin planning for other zones.

layout of the plot with the house, garage and sauna, projects and design options, photos

Secondary zones are distributed around the site after the construction of the house
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Zoning of the territory

When distributing a plot, a house, a bathhouse and a garage in the northern part are recommended, since it is not suitable for many plants. Before defining zones, it is necessary to conditionally divide the territory into four parts:

  • Rest . It is necessary to pay attention to this area. It can accommodate recreation points, a playground, and decorative elements.

  • Sadovaya . Sometimes without clear signs, it can pass through the whole territory, irrigation system and paths are desirable. We must take into account the peculiarities of the content of plants. Under the garden is given a sunny and warm place, you can use decorative fencing.

  • Residential . Includes a house, can be quite large due to the territory of 15 acres, a garage for several cars and a terrace.

  • Economic . Hozblok, for the maintenance of animals, birds, in the corner compost, toilet / shower and other buildings of this destination. Must be on the opposite side of the rest area.

layout of the plot with the house, garage and sauna, projects and design options, photos

The zone for plants is distinguished from the south side

When planning the main building, namely the house, it should be located no closer than 5 m from the road and 3 m from residential streets. The house is recommended to put in the north, it will be the main object. It is recommended to place a garage near the house, preferably closer to the gate. Nearby there may be green areas that are not afraid of the direct rays of the sun. All this concerns the scheme of options for planning a plot of 15 acres in the cardinal directions. But in some cases it is necessary to build on other features of the territory, for example, an unusual form.

layout of the plot with the house, garage and sauna, projects and design options, photos

It is better to place the house and other buildings on the north side

There are lots of very different shapes: with turning, triangular, uneven. Some may be located, for example, on a slope, which also affects zoning and layout. Visually, you can change the shape of the paths and various plantings.When planning on triangular territories, one should push off from the cardinal points. It is recommended to place the house in the center, and farm building along the fence, trees in the corners. Territories on the slopes need additional work and cash investments. The plot is leveled using stepped zones, retaining walls are used. For all steps it is necessary to equip the water drainage system.

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The plan of the plot of 15 hectare has its own characteristics of the location of all buildings to ensure maximum comfort.

When developing a plan, you must adhere to certain proportions :

  • 15% for building a house;

  • 15% for other buildings;

  • 20% for the recreation area;

  • about 50% for the garden.

If there is a desire to allocate more space for a zone, then it is best to sacrifice a garden, a bath, and other buildings. Garden territory should be the largest. Filling the site necessarily begins at home, it is built so that it can conveniently get to any point of the site.

layout of the plot with the house, garage and sauna, projects and design options, photos

The conditional distribution of areas of the area

Planning of the area

The layout options of the 15 hectare site vary, suitable for simple shapes. If you put the house on the side, the emphasis is on any decor or component of the territory of rest. Near the decorative object can be planted beds. Fruit trees should be planted from the gate, and the outbuildings should be located on the other side. Near the outbuildings is a garden. Bath and games / recreation area can be close to the house and the fence, but from opposite sides. The best solution is to place a garage near the house itself. Arbor can be put almost anywhere in the area, next you can make a small artificial lake.

Another layout example in this video:

A 15 hectare site layout with dimensions will avoid a number of difficulties. Due to the designation of the exact dimensions of all zones, you can determine exactly how much and what will be occupied. So in the future it is easier to navigate when designing a design using different directions. On the territory you can plant more bushes and trees, there will be plenty of space for flower beds, various decorative items. Planning a territory is much easier on square plots.

layout of the plot with the house, garage and sauna, projects and design options, photos

The recreation area can also occupy a significant part

When working with narrow areas, the shape of the area is taken into account. Scale zones are located on the sides, flowerbeds act as borders between the zones. You should not use additional fences - they take up space and the territory seems even narrower. The site in the form of "G" has its own characteristics, in the process you can make a barbecue area, a platform for any purpose, and so on. The central part must be free so that you can fully view the entire territory.

layout of the plot with the house, garage and sauna, projects and design options, photos

Project of arrangement of a site of irregular shape
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The design of the 15 hectare site with the house helps in the implementation of a wide variety of ideas. Geometric or regular style is taken into account relief. For all equal territories it is worth choosing a style in which there are straight lines, convenience and economy. It is desirable that the design elements correspond to symmetrical axes. With a free / landscape style, the areas on the ground can differ significantly when working with relief and flat areas. Landscaping on a hill / slope is performed only in this style. Any descents are beaten up by winding lines, correct shapes and symmetry are excluded. Another option is mixed, where sinuous ones are used at the same time, there should be no symmetry. This style is suitable for areas with any reliefs, provides great opportunities for design ideas.

How to distribute the building plot will show the video:

Landscaping the territory

When landscaping such a large area, do not try to plant everything and more, it is necessary to combine plants, but everything should be in moderation. For a plot of 15 acres it is recommended to plant up to 20 trees and 10 shrubs. Otherwise, the soil can be very wet, and the area is shaded, and as a result there is no harvest.

It must be remembered that some shrubs grow very quickly and require constant care in the form of pruning. Some trees can give a lot of shade, and the roots even destroy the foundation of buildings.Other plants do not tolerate severe frosts at all, so in the northern areas they should be abandoned. Some plantations are important a lot of spacious space, certain fruit trees should be planted in pairs for pollination, so if your neighbors do not have apple / pear trees, then they should be discarded or planted in pairs. It is also important that parasites often infest on fruit trees.

layout of the plot with the house, garage and sauna, projects and design options, photos

It is not enough to make a beautiful design of the site so that it always pleases, you need to keep order on it all the time

When you attach a bush / tree it is necessary to use the rule of a semicircle or diagonal. When planting, you need to remember about caring for them and respect the neighborhood. Carefully need to select ornamental plants. Natural appearance of the design can be given on a slope or hill. Slides and flower beds are better to make an oval shape. Arbors, benches, small ponds fit harmoniously into secluded corners. In this area, you can try a mixed design style.

layout of the plot with the house, garage and sauna, projects and design options, photos

When planting trees, shrubs and other plantations take into account their compatibility
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The planning area of ​​15 hectare has its own characteristics. When developing the form of a site, its relief and some other nuances is considered. To achieve the best result, you need to know how to properly place the house and other buildings, designate and arrange the zone. Landscaping, the placement of ornamental lakes, a swimming pool, a barbecue, gazebos and so on play a big role in the planning. It is better to plan the location of all elements on the site with a qualified specialist, with whom you can develop the right landscape design.

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