design features, making a balcony in the original project

Attic with a balcony is becoming more popular. Beautiful, cozy addition to a non-standard floor extends the functionality of the house. Here you can arrange a greenhouse, a summer cafe or a place for contemplative rest. From the article you will learn about the main features of the attic balcony construction, its advantages and disadvantages. Subtopic about the types of models will help you choose the appropriate option. Also, you will discover the secrets of a successful project with any choice of balcony.

design features, making a balcony in the original project

Attic with balcony

Balcony as part of the attic: features

Balcony on the roof of the house - no longer luxury, but a useful necessity. It makes living in the attic even more convenient. Knowledge of its features saves manpower, time and money in its device. So, here they are:

  • Adding a balcony to the original project is the best option for its construction. The extension of the design to the finished house is difficult. It can not do without the help of professionals who will calculate everything. Improper installation of the roofing balcony threatens to subside, misalignment or destruction of the roof.

  • The side and front balcony is a continuation of the attic. Bearing parts built with her alone, so that part of the house remains unprotected. To protect yourself from the harmful effects of wind, precipitation and chemicals from the street, you need to seriously approach the issue of heat and waterproofing facilities.

  • The area of ​​the “hanging porch” depends not only on the wishes of the owner, but also on the size of the attic and on which side of the house it will be arranged.

  • If the balcony structure is attached to the finished building , then it should have a small weight . Experts recommend making it out of plastic, steel or wood.

design features, making a balcony in the original project

Balcony in a private house

Attic with balcony: advantages and disadvantages

With a balcony attic is always better than without it. To get a house with such a twist, many dream. A balcony in a private house under the roof is demanded for the following reasons:

  • It provides an excess of fresh air and sunlight . Instead of walls at the attic room - roofs, and this makes it difficult to install the desired number of windows.

  • Due to the height from such a balcony an excellent overview of the terrain is revealed. This is especially valuable if the house is located in a picturesque place.

  • A spectacular addition to the attic gives the exterior of the house thoroughness, charm and aesthetics .

  • The “Hanging Porch” increases the area of the upper tier and makes the interior more comfortable.

design features, making a balcony in the original project

Placing the table and chairs on the balcony, you will receive an additional corner for relaxing

The disadvantages of the attic balcony connected mainly with the laboriousness of his device:

  • If you want to make an extension to an existing house, be ready for large expenses and make a serious work plan. First you need to make a sketch, then a drawing project, then a hike through the authorities (BTI, Zhil. Inspection). With the papers on hand, you can start the implementation of the project.

  • Roofing and gable balconies need good waterproofing and warming the floor slab.

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A variety of models: what attic balconies are

Today a balcony in the attic can be built in three ways: in its roofing part, from the side of the pediment and as a window (modern hybrid). Depending on these methods, the following hanging porch models are distinguished:


Arranged in front of the attic. Their width almost coincides with the width of the house, that is, it is impressive. In turn, these balconies are divided into:

  • Forward speakers . Their floor is a continuation of the slab behind the gable line. Such options can be obtained only during the construction of the building. They have one drawback - the limited size.

design features, making a balcony in the original project

Forward speakers balcony
  • Deepening inside like terraces .

design features, making a balcony in the original project

The disadvantage of such a balcony is the capture of the attic area


Country roof with balcony is convenient in design. To create such a balcony in the roof you need to make an opening of the desired width and height. The latter should provide easy access. Next door is mounted with a partition to enter the balcony from the attic. The resulting triangular niches are bricked up, the joints are sealed.

The area of ​​the balcony is the portion of the attic floor between the roof and the raised partition.Square meters can be added by placing and firmly fixing the concrete slab extending beyond the boundaries of the roof. Naturally, it needs to be reinforced along the entire perimeter for the subsequent installation of a strong fence.

design features, making a balcony in the original project

Attic with balcony
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Balcony windows

Such a hybrid is the most problem-free solution, but you can hardly call it a real balcony. This design is obtained from the transformation of the attic window and has two doors: the lower with the upper. To get a balcony, just push forward the bottom. She will turn into the fence with the railing. The top flap, raised to a horizontal position, turns into a balcony visor. The unfolded balcony in the roof roof is equipped with side rails. When returning it to its original position, they fold and hide inside.

A balcony window is a non-ideal invention. If it rains and the lower flap is pulled out, water will enter the room.

design features, making a balcony in the original project

This design cannot be decorated or greened

Important nuances of designing balconies on the roof roof

If you want to get gable, built-in house loggia, consider a number of points:

  1. It should be built with the roof . At the same time, the area of ​​the roof will be reduced by the number of square meters allocated for a balcony.

  2. For slabs, use the massive timber , whose cross section is 150 by 100 mm.

  3. The separating partition between the attic room and the terrace should be of medium thickness, not heavy.

  4. Roof covering is arranged on hanging rafters.

  5. Regulations prohibit to use the extension of the attic floor as the base of the protruding balcony.

Fans of country houses often equip balcony structures in the roof of the building. Here you need to know the following:

  • The roof section over the planned roofing does not sheathe .

  • thick beams with a section of 150 by 100 mm are suitable for floor beams.

  • In the educated opening, mount the frame-shield partition . Then install the shield walls on the sides.

  • The received extension is equipped with a roof .

design features, making a balcony in the original project

Sheathe the roofing material, which consists of the roof of the house
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  • The terrace area here will depend on the size of the attic. The slopes of the house are always large, so even a small house has a long balcony on the roof.

The mansard roof with a balcony-window most often decorates a house in the country. For starters in the attic form a rectangular hole. When composing a drawing, you should remember that the distance between the rafters should be equal to the width of the window. Hybrid designs are purchased separately. 80 cm. - their standard width. Folding models can have a size of 150 cm. In an exceptional case, if the distance between the rafters is less than 80 cm, the window is ordered individually.

So, making up the drawing of the attic with a terrace, you must clearly know the location of the structure and its dimensions. Any type of balcony requires the use of durable materials: steel corner and timber with a thickness of 150 cm.

In the video you can see the project of a house with an attic and a balcony:

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In addition to the examples presented in the article, construction companies will provide you with many drawings - both for the construction of the whole house and for the extension of the balcony to the attic. Having a little worked and spent, you will turn your country house or country house into a solid piece of architecture.

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