prices for the construction of country houses, buy in Moscow

The construction change house is a multifunctional design that is most often used as housing for workers and as a place to store tools. The article tells about popular materials for the production of trailers, which design is more suitable as a cottage trailer, options for modern layouts, prices are indicated. The article will help you determine the choice of the optimal design of the shed and the material from which it is better to order.

prices for the construction of country houses, buy in Moscow

Until the house is built, a change house is necessary for a temporary stay in it or for storage of building materials

Purpose of construction change houses

There are various types of trailers that have their own specific purpose. However, in most cases they have standard dimensions - height and width 2.5 meters, and length from 4 to 9 m. The blocks can be industrial, administrative or domestic purposes:

  • temporary housing for workers;

  • check points;

  • pro-office workers; workers;

  • room for security or recreation ;

  • dining rooms, showers;

  • suburban, residential.

Each building is equipped depending on its immediate purpose. This may be a living room for 1-4 people, the office of the head of a large construction, bathroom and so on.

prices for the construction of country houses, buy in Moscow

The components of any cabins look approximately the same
On our site you can familiarize yourself with the most popular small-form projects from construction companies represented at the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

Materials for the production of sheds

The construction of sheds can be carried out using different materials. Depending on the options chosen, they will have significantly different characteristics and service life. The use of metal makes it possible to obtain a durable modular structure that easily transfers transportation, the influence of high and low temperatures, precipitation and sunlight. Metal cabins are the most reliable and durable.

For buildings intended for domestic use, wood is mainly used. The material is not as durable as metal, requires constant processing, but it is very light. Outside sheathed clapboard. The cheapest material, is used for short operation. There are also models for permanent residence, which are called chalets, can be built in the form of large houses.

Inside both cabins are lined with clapboard or fiberboard, can be with or without vestibule, divided into compartments / rooms and so on. Also cabins are divided by operating time - year-round or seasonal.

prices for the construction of country houses, buy in Moscow

A small wooden shed similar to a small house

Country sheds

Building country sheds allows land owners to receive comfortable accommodation at a very favorable price with minimal construction costs. For this, metal structures or wood are used. Basically used frame technology construction, which saves time and money on the whole process. The peculiarities of metal constructions proved to be advantageous when erecting small buildings of various purposes.

When using modular technology, blocks are delivered in the most assembled form, and the installation process can take only a few days. Everything depends entirely on the size and configuration of the project. When the size of the cottage ShhD 3-12 m modules are supplied assembled. It is possible to purchase a standard project or order an individual one. Frame technology is simple and fast assembly, but for many the main advantage is the price of materials.

prices for the construction of country houses, buy in Moscow

The change house may have a small terrace
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Advantages of sheds

Small shed wagons exist at almost all construction sites, large sections, and so on. Their relevance is related to the functionality, mobility, accessibility and ease of use of this housing. Such trailers have many positive sides:

  • Mobility. Such buildings can be easily transported using standard special equipment (crane and truck with a flat platform). The installation takes a minimum of time, it is enough to prepare an even and solid base, it can be put on plates or supports.

  • Communications. Electricity can be connected to the trailers. Water supply can be connected to certain types of cabins, for example, canteens, showers, bathrooms.

  • Favorable price. Initially, it may seem that the cost of a temporary unit is quite large, but in reality their use is much more profitable than the construction of temporary structures.

prices for the construction of country houses, buy in Moscow

Inside, temporary housing may have a partition dividing the room into a kitchen area and a recreation room
  • Equipment. In the shed there can be placed absolutely everything that may be required for work or comfortable living. Inside, additional or individual equipment is carried out in accordance with customer requirements.

Any temporary block will comply with the security conditions. It will last a very long time and will be equipped for a comfortable stay.

Current trends

Despite the fact that such temporary blocks were used only for working and living personnel on construction sites, today they have a new appointment. Now cabins have a large scope of use, ranging from small shops and ending with comfortable permanent housing. They can also be used as temporary storage sites for cargo. All this is due to their high versatility and efficiency, which allows solving many important tasks.

prices for the construction of country houses, buy in Moscow

Change houses are also two-level, and each room can have its own purpose

The construction of full-fledged and comfortable houses is carried out using several change houses. They can be installed in one row or mounted on top of each other to get a house of several floors. At the same time, special calculations are required.

All work must be carried out by qualified specialists in order for the building to meet the established safety requirements. Only after that the necessary communications can be connected to the house. Inside the building is settled down like a normal house. For year-round living the entire building must be insulated and installed heating system.

Cost of a change house

A change house, the price of which is very advantageous compared to other temporary buildings, can have a very different purpose. For a small fee, you can get a high level of comfort and a quick solution to complex problems. For example, wooden hozbloki and blocks in the capital can be purchased at a price of 25-35 thousand rubles. Metal models will cost 45-55 thousand. Made in the form of guard posts cost more than 60 thousand rubles. , and plumbing - from 100 thousand rubles. If you buy blocks from sandwich panels or modular buildings, they will cost more than 130 thousand rubles.

About the transportation and installation of the cabins on the video:

On our site you can familiarize yourself with the most popular projects of modular houses from construction companies presented on exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".


The cost of such carriages depends entirely on the materials used for their production, equipment and the ability to connect communications. If it is required to complete the unit, then its price may increase significantly. But this is a unique and durable solution that can act as a temporary / seasonal housing, hozbloka or comfortable home for year-round living. If necessary, it can be easily transferred to a new place and connect electricity. Due to its characteristics and advantages, such blocks are very popular all over the world.

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