Greenhouses and greenhouses for summer cottage: characteristics: dimensions, prices in Moscow

A country house can be not only a place of rest, but also a place where you can grow your healthy and organic fruits and vegetables. To achieve a good result: get the first crop or grow seedlings in a rather cold period, you need to buy a greenhouse. With it, you can increase yield, grow ornamental plants and more.

Greenhouses and greenhouses for summer cottage: characteristics: dimensions, prices in Moscow

With a good greenhouse, the first crop can be harvested much earlier

Greenhouse Features

Greenhouses are durable, high-strength and at the same time rather easy frame. In most cases, plastic or metal pipes are used that are resistant to mechanical damage and corrosion. From above, the construction is sheathed with a special covering sheet, which allows you to save the cultivated crops from the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation, cold, and heavy rainfall. But the material transmits the natural light necessary for the plants, allows you to maintain the optimum temperature inside the greenhouse and humidity.

Modern greenhouses with various designs are compact and very convenient solutions for even the smallest areas. However, for their effective use, you must follow certain rules before installing the selected model.

Greenhouses and greenhouses for summer cottage: characteristics: dimensions, prices in Moscow

The simplest construction of a greenhouse is a small arch covered with a film or agrofiber

To install a greenhouse, you must solve the following questions :

  • the installation should be carried out only in the warm time when the air temperature rises above 10 ºС heat;

  • choosing the most suitable form - it is necessary to take into account snow loads in winter and the direction of the sun during the day;

  • choosing the best place for the installation - the most important question, the ends of the structure should be in max. mally total illuminated spot portion.

If several types of different crops are grown at the same time in the greenhouse, then additional use of special partitions is required. They are used in order to avoid cross-pollination of plants.

Benefits of greenhouses

Greenhouses for summer cottages are somewhat different from greenhouses, and have a number of advantages. The main feature of greenhouses is that they are used for growing small plants, various greenery, as well as any seedlings. In the greenhouses, in addition to all the above, plants of great height can be grown. Greenhouses have compact dimensions, they can be assembled as a designer, so they are easy to carry, and can be removed for storage in the utility room for the winter.

Greenhouses and greenhouses for summer cottage: characteristics: dimensions, prices in Moscow

Greenhouse with a lifting lid - so it is convenient to get close to plants

Thanks to its compact size and ease of assembly, they can be mounted not only on cottage, but also on the plot or garden. The maximum height of the structure does not exceed 1.75 m. There are practically no doors in them, in some cases a roof is used as a passage. You can buy a greenhouse made of polycarbonate, which costs less than greenhouses.

Material for walls

Various inexpensive materials are used in the production of greenhouses. For example, a thick film that is considered sufficiently durable and affordable. She has a small weight, can be cut directly under the dimensions of the structure, used for partitions, fit into several layers. It accumulates quite well and stores heat from sunlight.

PET has a porous structure and low weight. The material does not violate the natural air exchange, but stores heat inside the structure, well protects against temperature changes. The disadvantage can be considered the fact that due to the porous structure the material passes moisture.

One of the best options is cellular polycarbonate with numerous air-filled cells.

Greenhouses and greenhouses for summer cottage: characteristics: dimensions, prices in Moscow

The greenhouse made of polycarbonate can be spacious enough so that you can take care of the beds

without any problems. Such country house due to the special structure of the cladding material has high thermal insulation characteristics. Despite its low weight, the material is characterized by high rates of fire safety, strength, biological, and chemical inertness. It should be noted that such greenhouses are the most popular.

Greenhouses and greenhouses for summer cottage: characteristics: dimensions, prices in Moscow

In order not to struggle with a large number of weeds, a greenhouse is placed on an agrofibre cloth
It can be interesting! Many enthusiasts make capital greenhouses on sites. In the article on the following link read about one of the options for such structures - greenhouses made of glass.

Ease of use

Modern greenhouses are the maximum ease of use, durability and good results. One of their main advantages is simplicity and speed of assembly.For example, it may take about an hour to assemble a structure with an awning, and for models with polycarbonate, it may take on average about two hours. At the same time, the design features make it possible to store and transport the greenhouse with maximum convenience. If necessary, the design can be supplemented with other elements, modernized, increased or decreased.

Many decide to buy a greenhouse in Moscow cheaply from the manufacturer due to the fact that it is a ready-to-use construction that can be mounted in any convenient or suitable place. The greenhouse does not require any foundation, it is installed immediately on the ground, and inside you can put on the dais boxes with fertilized and loose soil or use the soil under your feet. The design is characterized by a long service life, inside creates an optimal microclimate, which significantly increases the entire yield.

Greenhouses and greenhouses for summer cottage: characteristics: dimensions, prices in Moscow

The greenhouse does not require the arrangement of the foundation

Sizes and prices

The market has a large selection of greenhouses that are made from different materials. Their size and cost are significantly different from each other. For example, for 3-7 thousand rubles. You can purchase the structure itself and sheathe it with any suitable material. The length of this design will be from 2 to 6 m, the height is about a meter, and the standard width is 1.25 m. The option with folding roofs is a little more expensive than 5 - 10 thousand rubles. The most inexpensive models are greenhouses in the form of semi-circular pins, which are covered with agrofiber or film from above. Similar designs can be bought for less than one thousand rubles. The most expensive greenhouses are made in the form of tunnels: their width, height and length are basically two times larger than others. Depending on the coating material, the price for such constructions is 4-10 thousand rubles.

Greenhouses and greenhouses for summer cottage: characteristics: dimensions, prices in Moscow

The easiest greenhouse will be available to any summer resident. Manufacturers offer a large selection of models, materials and sizes. Depending on the characteristics of the structure, its cost may vary significantly. However, such greenhouses are considered a profitable investment - due to the peculiarities of the structure, the possibility of replacing the coating material, changing the design and so on. A variety of choices and characteristics of greenhouses allow not only to grow plants, seedlings, flowers and greenery for themselves, but also to establish their own business, to expand it even in a small summer cottage.
It may be interesting! A greenhouse does not have to be big. In the article on the following link, read about mini-greenhouses for summer cottage and home.

How a greenhouse is built, shown in the video:

Usage time

There are two types of greenhouses - year-round and seasonal. The first can be installed on a permanent basis, and the latter must be removed for the winter in the utility room. Year-round greenhouses in most cases are made with a metal frame of the corners, pipes and the like. Polycarbonate or film is used as a covering material. Seasonal or collapsible greenhouses are made from PVC. They have the simplest type of construction, when arcs are driven into the ground, a spunbond or film is laid on top.

Manufacturers offer various configurations of greenhouses - you can buy a greenhouse in Moscow, both for year-round and seasonal use. In any case, pay attention to the ventilation system design. Approximately in the middle of the day, the temperature in the greenhouse will heat up above the optimal indicators, which leads to the deterioration of the plants, and as a result, the plants begin to wither and grow much longer.

Depending on the type of model, the ventilation system can be implemented in various ways. For example, in some designs are used sash, opening in different directions. This provides not only good and fast ventilation, but also gives free access to the plants. If covers, agrofibre or film are used, then small holes are made in them for air circulation.

Greenhouses and greenhouses for summer cottage: characteristics: dimensions, prices in Moscow

A greenhouse must have holes for air circulation
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Greenhouses can be used in various regions of the country to grow various plants and flowers. For their production are used a variety of light and durable materials, structures, ways of access inside. There are year-round and seasonal models that differ significantly from each other. The cost of each option depends entirely on the materials used and the size of the structure.


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