Weather Vane for Roof, buy weather vane in Moscow, price for weather vane, copper weather vane

The article contains all the basic information about what a weather vane is for a roof. You can find out what parts it consists of, what it is used for and what materials it is made of. In addition, you will be interested to read about what the various figures represent. And so that you have the opportunity to buy a weather vane and not overpay, at the end there is a brief overview of the prices of such devices in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Weather Vane for Roof, buy weather vane in Moscow, price for weather vane, copper weather vane

A good weather vane can be successfully combined with any kind of construction

Purpose and various designs of weather vanes

A few centuries ago used to determine wind strength and direction. They had a wide range of applications and were especially often installed in coastal cities and areas related to navigation. Now such a device performs an exclusively decorative function and is considered an original exquisite decoration for the house.

Weather Vane for Roof, buy weather vane in Moscow, price for weather vane, copper weather vane

The weather vane in the form of an eagle is one of the most beautiful and spectacular options.

The principle of the device is very simple: a metal plate called the fly-gun, rotates under the influence of an air stream, specifying thus its directions. At the same time, the wind speed can be determined by the rotation speed. Despite the simplicity of the principle of operation, the price of a weather vane is not always low: it is often an exclusive forged product.

The design of the wind vane consists of three elements :

  • A metal rod that is attached to the roof and holds onto all the fixture .

  • Plate-flyugar , necessary in order to catch the flow of wind and rotate under its action. As it uses a flat figure.

  • Wind rose with the designation of the cardinal points indicating the direction of the wind. It must be firmly fastened so as not to twist.

Types of Weathervanes

According to their purpose, the devices are divided into the following categories:

  • Meteorological are very thorough balancing and distribution of forces. In professional terminology, they are called anemorumbometers. Installed only on weather stations.

  • Wind or wind vane Wilde are needed to measure wind strength. They are usually complemented by a vertical plate, swinging in different directions. This element by its deviation from zero and shows the power of the flow. Also for these purposes a small propeller can be used, the advantage of which lies in the fact that it frightens away birds.

  • Chimney weather vanes are needed so that the wind does not blow into the chimney, and all the combustion products freely go outside.

  • Decorative devices are not very accurate readings and are used only for the decoration of buildings. The direction of the wind indicates approximately the figure with the image, for example, of an animal or a ship. If you are not interested in accurate information about the parameters of the movement of air masses, then you can buy a weather vane of this type.

Weather Vane for Roof, buy weather vane in Moscow, price for weather vane, copper weather vane

A beautiful fine work weathervane can successfully decorate your home
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Symbols and meaning of weathervanes

In the Middle Ages, it was believed that the figures installed on the roof had mystic power and were able to protect the owners from danger and misfortune. For this reason, the attitude towards them has always been very reverent and attentive, and still a classification of devices has been formed, depending on what they symbolize. Now the figures, as a rule, are intended to somehow characterize the tenants. The most commonly used images are birds, fairytale characters, monograms, flags, angels, zodiac signs and other elements of symbolism and mysticism.

One of the most common images on weathervanes is a rooster figurine. The fact is that according to ancient beliefs such a bird drove away all evil from the dwelling. It was installed in order to protect themselves from thieves, fires or invasions of enemies. Another common version of the figure is the stork. It was believed that he will bring home strength and new life. Such a weather vane received almost universal distribution in Scandinavia.

Weather Vane for Roof, buy weather vane in Moscow, price for weather vane, copper weather vane

Storks are a very popular version of the flyugar
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But other figures also symbolized something:

  • Any domestic animals, for example, cows or horses meant friendship.

  • Ships symbolized the desire for change for the better.

  • Lions denote a whole range of qualities, among which are strength, will, nobility, and courage.

  • Cat symbolizes love and the desire for freedom and independence.

  • Libra are needed to show that the owner is a fair person.

  • Riders personify self-confidence.

  • Angels is a symbol of faith in a higher power.

  • Witches and witches show power and unlimited possibilities.

  • Griffins have the head of an eagle and the body of a lion and according to legends bring power and prosperity.

Weather Vane for Roof, buy weather vane in Moscow, price for weather vane, copper weather vane

Decorative flyughters can be voluminous

What do the weathervanes

Weathervanes make from virtually any material. So there are wooden, plywood, plastic fixtures. But traditionally the most commonly used metal. After all, such a device is distinguished by its good quality reliability, and also emphasizes the status of the owners.

If you want to buy a weather vane on the roof of the house, made of steel, copper or aluminum, then pay attention to the fact that it was treated with anti-corrosion compounds. This will protect it not only from precipitation, but also from ultraviolet radiation, and also give the product a pleasant shine.

If the figure has simple outlines, then it is cut with scissors made of copper sheet or another metal. A more interesting and complex flygun can be cut with an electric jigsaw. However, this procedure is laborious and requires special skills. There is a more expensive, but at the same time more efficient way - laser cutting. It allows you to make shapes of absolutely any degree of complexity.

Weather Vane for Roof, buy weather vane in Moscow, price for weather vane, copper weather vane

Such figures are made using laser machines

Pay attention to the fact that if you pursue individuality, then you should not buy copper vane on the roof, made by stamping. Minted and forged fly-flakes are always more exclusive.

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How the weather vane

is installed on the roof The weather vane will serve you well and cope with its functions only if installed correctly and reliably. In order for it to be performed well, it is better to turn to professionals. In general, the entire installation procedure is not complicated, however there are some rules.

The weather vane must be fastened at the highest point of the roof. It may be a fad or end of the chimney. To maximize the accuracy of the readings, the device must be installed at a height of at least 10-12 meters. This will allow the wind to freely blow the entire device. For the correct location of the wind rose is to use a compass.

Flygark should be attached to a steel tube with a freely rotating rod. For the system to work properly, it should be given a strictly vertical position relative to the horizon. To do this, use a variety of devices, such as level or plumb. Fastening reliability is enhanced by using metal plates mounted on the sides.

Weather Vane for Roof, buy weather vane in Moscow, price for weather vane, copper weather vane

This is how the weather vane should be fixed on the roof

Free rotation of the device on the base is provided by mounting the bearing. In this case, in no case should moisture get into the rotation node itself. Therefore, you can attach a special umbrella just above the rod. Modern weathervanes are equipped with metal-graphite bearings, less susceptible to corrosion. In addition, such a device provides more accurate readings, as it is much more sensitive.

Also, a roof vane mounted on the roof can function as a lightning conductor. To do this, it is only necessary to ground it properly. This should be done in accordance with special instructions and manuals. But in our time, the direct functions of such devices have faded into the background. Now the weather vane is needed in order to give the building a more decorative look and emphasize the wealth and good taste of the owners.

And for you to have a more detailed idea of ​​how to install a weather vane on the roof, you can watch this video:

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How much does a wind vane

So that you can buy a weather vane on the roof of a house in Moscow, saving at the same time without sacrificing the quality of the product, you must first familiarize yourself with the price offers in online stores. In general, the cost of such devices varies quite strongly and depends on the material of manufacture, size, as well as other parameters and characteristics of the device. In addition, the complexity of the fly-stick figure also influences the final price.

So, let's go directly to the weather vane prices. Angel figure, made of steel by stamping, with dimensions of 500 * 480mm costs about 2950mm rubles.The same model, but with dimensions of 700 * 670mm will cost 3,650 rubles. A stork from the same steel will cost about 3000 if its size is 500 * 450mm and about 3,750 rubles, if the size is 700 * 600mm. In general, the figures made by this technology will have approximately the same value, in the region of 3000-4000 rubles.

Weather Vane for Roof, buy weather vane in Moscow, price for weather vane, copper weather vane

Such figures from steel are quite common, due to their low cost

A steel weather vane in the shape of a rooster with dimensions 350 * 250 mm will cost 2300 rubles. Such a model is very common because of its budget price category, and also because, according to old beliefs, the rooster brings happiness. There are cheaper options, so you can buy a rooster 300 * 200 mm less fine work for only 1000 rubles, but this is the lowest price of a weather vane in the Moscow region.

There is also an option in the stores, such as a copper minted boat. You can buy it for 7200 rubles, due to the fact that its manufacture is associated with a large number of difficulties and requires the use of expensive equipment. At the same time, such a product does not differ in large size, its dimensions are only 450mm * 480 mm.

A great option is to buy a copper lion 300 * 250. It is such a weather vane inexpensive, only 1500 rubles. But it has an interesting appearance and good quality.

Weather Vane for Roof, buy weather vane in Moscow, price for weather vane, copper weather vane

An inexpensive and interesting weather vane that fits any construction
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Although nowadays the weather vane no longer carries any meaning and is used only for decorative purposes, many still install such additions on their homes. This is necessary in order to emphasize the status and rich inner world of the owner, as well as to characterize it. But there are instruments that have retained their original purpose, although they are used only at meteorological stations. The article collected all the basic information about such a device as a weather vane for the roof. You could learn about what it is, what it consists of, what it symbolizes and much more. After reading you can choose an interesting and beautiful weather vane for your home.


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