What is a decorative stone, how to choose it and put it right

The tendency to use decorative stone to decorate residential and office premises has become fashionable relatively recently. Wallpapers that mimic natural materials, gradually cease to satisfy modern designers and owners of premises. They are replaced by the energy of natural materials, the natural appearance of stone structures.

How to approach this issue correctly? How to make the decoration of decorative stone originality and positive?

What is a decorative stone, how to choose it and put it right

Stone and fireplace - a classic union of harmony and taste

From which we choose ?

The imitation of a stone in the interior looks natural and is not beaten. Originally laid out corners, door and window openings, frames for panels create an extraordinary aura, make it possible to complement the chosen style in an advantageous way.

However, not all artificial stone is the same. It can be made of materials based on:

  • concrete ;

  • acrylic ;

  • porcelain tile ;

  • quartz ;

  • gypsum .

Despite the fact that they are all recommended for interior work, the physical characteristics differ. Having decided to apply it in the interior of a room, it is necessary to make the right choice, prepare it properly and properly attach it.

Bathroom interior

An artificial stone imitating ceramic tiles looks warmer and more textured. With it you can in the bathroom you can lay out the floor, walls, built-in shelves and racks. Original and pretentious look mirrors embedded in the "stone" walls. A spray from the bathroom stalls are not terrible to cover made from acrylic or porcelain. It is better not to use gypsum materials, since wet conditions of the room may be harmful to them.

What is a decorative stone, how to choose it and put it right

Artificial stone in the bathroom design elements

Using the rich color palette of the proposed decorative stone for the bathroom, you can create a competent ensemble: bath -washstand stand for clothes. The combination of stone walls with the floor tiled with metlah tiles looks natural.

About the kitchen

You can choose a competent design of the kitchen walls from an artificial decorative stone. Design solutions often contain such areas around the dining table, stove, refrigerator. The original compositions, which echo the floor, ceiling, walls. Such interiors are complemented with characteristic electrical appliances and household gadgets.

What is a decorative stone, how to choose it and put it right

Kitchen interior decorated with artificial decorative stone

If space permits, lay niches for refrigerators and dishwashers from decorative stone, and exhaust umbrellas are selected and installed so that they look like a continuation of the stone elements, for example, a metal canopy from the rain.

For areas near the stoves, a material with high heat resistance is selected, and the space around the windows is expanded with plaster linings similar to shutters.

Stone inserts on the walls are naturally combined with the tops of the cutting and dining tables made of materials of the same color and texture. Those who are not limited in their means and choose the natural stone surface of the tops, artificial imitations of stones on the walls will also not be damaged.

The entrance hall is a suitable place for such a decoration.

The entrance door, the entrance hall walls and the tambour's decor - will most organically match the decorations made of artificial stone. Here he does not require framing and softening. Its natural appearance is an illusion of space and independence.

It is reasonable to combine it with metal handles on the doors, framing a mirror, style shelves for shoes or hooks for keys.

What is a decorative stone, how to choose it and put it right

Decorative stone for the hallway

It is logical that the decorative facing stone in the hallway needs special lighting. Usually used LED lamps, which are located above and below the frame. This gives the stone mystery, solidity, sophistication.

The hall is a place to relax and socialize

Designing the walls of the hall in a “stone” style is an extraordinary and original decision. It depends on which material you choose:

  • interior lighting (some actively absorb natural light);

  • visual height of the room ;

  • amount of free space .

Actually lay out a decorative stone wall with a fireplace or place near it an aquarium with fish. Matching plants are also suitable - a kind of ivy creeping up the rock. Those who do not have a relationship with wildlife, you can pick up special facing plates with printed green patterns, and you can replace the full-fledged fireplace with an image on canvas.

What is a decorative stone, how to choose it and put it right

Another variant of the joint composition is a stone wall with a fireplace

It is advantageous to use stone coatings on the walls that act as partitions and zoning the room into parts.

Using materials of various textures and colors, with the help of design techniques, you can emphasize some details of the interior or make any defects invisible.

In rooms where the walls are decorated with decorative stone, soft leather furniture, long-pile carpets on the floor and soft drapery on the windows look organic. However, the choice of design details is determined by the chosen style of the room.

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Do you need a stone in the bedroom?

Many people feel that there is a stone like on the walls of the bedroom as an unnecessary, rude and inappropriate design solution. However, not everything is so simple. The advantage of artificial stone is its ability, depending on color, texture and thickness, to create illusions of stability, peace and satisfaction. Selecting the plates in the overall color scheme of the bedroom, placing such a finish not in places where furniture is crowded, with this accent you can add originality to the room. Especially beautiful is the "masonry", complemented by original lighting fixtures and

What is a decorative stone, how to choose it and put it right

Cozy soft combination of stone and wood in the bedroom

matching sets curtains. In this case, the stone coating is not an independent element of the decor, but part of a general composite ensemble, made, for example, in the style of the Middle Ages or Provence.

In addition, the floor in the bedroom is filled with natural wood, which is most naturally combined with the natural stone elements.

How to carry out design work

The main advantage of a decorative stone is its low weight. Considering that it is light, there is no need to design special reinforcement. It is enough to purchase a special glue, in a separate case, to enhance its effect using a primer.

A cloth that has the appearance of a stone from the outside, from the inside is a porous, relatively soft material that can be easily cut with scissors or a household hacksaw.

The main thing is to level the surface to be decorated and evenly apply an adhesive to it. Since the installation of the decoration is simple, it can combine various kinds of panels, mosaic stained glass windows, plaster prints.

What is a decorative stone, how to choose it and put it right

Installation of decorative stone
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What are the advantages?

The decoration of the walls with the finishing stone has a number of advantages that are appreciated by those who used it in the decoration of their homes. Such details are ecologically safe, have no smell (if they are of high quality), wash well, are practical, safe.

They withstand changes in air temperature and humidity in the room, are fireproof, hygienic and aesthetic.

Having a certificate of quality and safety, they are guaranteed not to pose a radiation hazard and do not emit harmful substances into the external environment.

The cost of decorative trim stone is fully consistent with the appearance that rooms and the outer facade acquire. The boundaries of price fluctuations can be designated 1200-1550 rubles per square meter. m.

So, the White Cliffs will cost 1520 rubles per square meter. m., Fjord Land - in 1450. Options Bremar, Devon, Lorne, Durham, Roca can be bought for 1290, Lothian and Berkeley - more budget options - sold for 1050 rubles.

Finishing of exterior walls

Stone decoration is successfully applied to exterior walls. Unlike a natural facing stone, the weight of which not every foundation can withstand, such material is acceptable both from the financial and practical side.

What is a decorative stone, how to choose it and put it right

Decorative facing stone for exterior decoration
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The following requirements are imposed on such facing materials:

  • resistance to atmospheric precipitation and exposed to abrupt drops temperature;

  • fire safety and ultraviolet immunity ;

  • good sound and light insulation ;

  • environmental friendliness ;

  • possibility ventilation preventing the formation of condensate .

The price is important for buyers, which depends on the brand of the manufacturer used for the production of raw materials, terms of its warranty service, size, thickness, practicality of dyes and other factors.

Decorating a house with a decorative stone carries with it such positive moments as the possible choice of colors, ease of construction, giving it originality and originality. Such houses attract with a sense of dignity and wealth, they look stable, durable and natural.

The question of the cost of such facing is also important.

What is a decorative stone, how to choose it and put it right

Artificial stone - the best finishing solution available at a cost of
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To the question of the cost of such a design

You can buy a decorative stone separately or provide for the services of relevant specialists. From this will depend on the price and timing of lining.

The cost of materials will increase if it is necessary to pre-align the walls, strengthen the corners or install reinforcement.

The price of a decorative stone is determined by the composition of polymeric and mineral components. In addition to the main parts in the manufacture of used ballast aggregates, often representing shale rocks. In order to have a fortress in the final product, binder components are added to it, for example, cement or gypsum. The final price of the product depends on the specific weight of each component in the created structure.

Using an artificial stone for facing the walls of his home or office, a person brings his living conditions closer to nature. It is as if recharged from the appearance of the stone with its energy and strength. The walls, fully or partially decorated with stone imitation, look cool and durable, and the design of the design acquires some power and originality.

We offer you to watch a video on how to lay a decorative stone:

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In conclusion

The main thing when creating such a masterpiece is to strictly follow the instructions on the technology of fastening plates and not to save on consumables. Otherwise, in 1-2 years repair work will have to be resumed. If you follow all the necessary steps, withstand their exposure and exploit the surface in accordance with the purpose of the cladding, the decoration of such a house - the walls will please the owners for a long time with their representative appearance.


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