Construction of turnkey houses in Moscow - projects and prices, cheap cottages and houses

The development of the construction market is the emergence of a wide range of new and development of technologies that allow combining old building materials. As a result, modern residential buildings can be built from almost anything. Most construction companies provide a turnkey house construction service, whose projects and prices vary depending on the material chosen. The most popular is brick, foam, and aerated concrete, as well as wood (lumber and frame buildings).

Construction of turnkey houses in Moscow - projects and prices, cheap cottages and houses

Project of a house from a turnkey bar

Features of building a house turnkey

By entrusting the whole process of building a house under the key of one company, you can get ready housing as soon as possible. The exact time depends on the architectural complexity and technology chosen.

However, before proceeding with the main work, engineers and architects must select or create from scratch a cottage project that will meet not only the requirements of the customer, but also construction standards. After all, in case of gross mistakes, the adoption of the house by the controlling organizations will be impossible. Construction of turnkey houses is not an easy responsibility: firstly, the house must comply with all standards, secondly it must be attractive externally and thirdly, the interior should correspond to the tastes of future residents.

When creating a project, the following are taken into account:

  • floors;

  • number of outbuildings and living rooms;

  • structural elements (foundation, walls and floors, as well as roofing);

  • communications system.

Having defined the architectural design (layout), the team proceeds to preparatory and installation work, which includes:

  • material selection;

  • preparation of technical documentation;

  • preparation and approval of estimates (commercial project);

  • signing of the contract with fixed rates and terms;

  • construction;

  • commissioning.

Construction of turnkey houses in Moscow - projects and prices, cheap cottages and houses

Turnkey House Construction

The direct construction stage is divided into several successive steps:

  • construction of the foundation;

  • installation of walls and partitions;

  • roofing works;

  • exterior of the house;

  • wiring of engineering communications;

  • interior design of the cottage.

The minimum construction time is 3-4 months (subject to the involvement of a unified team which includes specialists of various profiles).

Frame houses: features, advantages and disadvantages

The frame house is a unique combination of comfort, convenience and low price. The technology of construction of such structures is quite simple and affordable, and therefore does not require the use of a large number of large-sized special equipment.

The cottage itself is lightweight, so it can be put on a lightweight foundation. And thanks to the frame construction with insulation, the house has excellent heat-saving qualities.

Construction of turnkey houses in Moscow - projects and prices, cheap cottages and houses

Frame house

The advantages of frame cottages:

  • low cost;

  • speed of construction;

  • no shrinkage;

  • good heat retention inside the house;

  • low cost of finishing works;

  • excellent sound insulation.

With proper design and construction of the house, the features of the frame construction exclude the possibility of drafts, bridges and cold points.

For reference! The Cold Bridge is a section of the building framework that has a lower thermal resistance (the joint of materials in the walls, the edge of the concrete element).

Of the minuses, it is possible to single out a small period of operation in comparison with stone or even log houses, but in any case, the house will be “enough” for 30-50 years.

Features and advantages of cottages from a bar

Construction of turnkey houses in Moscow from a bar is carried out from a profiled or glued bar. The first option is cheaper, but such houses are prone to shrinkage, since the most frequently used timber is natural moisture. There is no shrinkage in houses made of laminated veneer lumber, and finishing can be carried out immediately after construction, but the material itself is significantly more expensive.

Construction of turnkey houses in Moscow - projects and prices, cheap cottages and houses

Cottage from glued laminated timber

This category of wooden houses is divided into groups according to their intended purpose: for seasonal and permanent residence. Depending on the option chosen, use a bar of different thickness (90, 140 or 190 mm).

The advantages of timber houses:

  • high structural strength;

  • high fire resistance (compared to other wooden buildings), thanks to the special processing of wood;

  • the possibility of using virtually any architectural solutions;

  • presentability of the internal walls due to the special texture of the timber, which allows you to refuse the internal finishing;

  • good heat saving, saving on heating costs.

Stone houses: brick, foam and gas concrete

The choice of stone cottages is explained by their durability and reliability. A distinctive feature of block houses (from foam and aerated concrete) is the short construction period - from 2-3 months.

Construction of turnkey houses in Moscow - projects and prices, cheap cottages and houses

House made of stone

The stone walls of the dwelling are durable, strong, have high fire resistance, require minimal costs during operation.

Houses made of aerated concrete and foam concrete

Gas and foam blocks, unique in their heat-saving properties, are fireproof materials and, in terms of energy efficiency, are in many ways superior to buildings made of brick and even wood.

An unpleasant feature of both materials is their unassuming appearance, which is why houses from blocks need additional finishing.

Despite the similarity of materials, they are radically different in their water-absorbing properties. If the houses of foam concrete just need to be finished "for beauty", then the buildings of aerated concrete must be protected from moisture - the facade must be ventilated so that the water that falls into them (condensate, etc.) erodes from then on. But at the same time, structures made of aerated concrete are “breathing” walls, which pass air through the micropores into the house, keeping the optimum microclimate inside.

The blocks are characterized by low thermal conductivity, high strength, environmental performance and durability. In order to achieve the optimal ratio of these two indicators in the future construction, foam blocks D500 and D600 are used in construction.

Construction of turnkey houses in Moscow - projects and prices, cheap cottages and houses

House of turnkey foam blocks

The comparative lightness of the material provides a reduction in the load on the foundation, and therefore an increase in the safety of the building. Due to the universality of the blocks, in such projects it is possible to translate into reality any design ideas, creating an original cottage on an individual project.

Brick houses and cottages

Brick cottages have been and remain classics of the construction industry. Regardless of size, design features and fashion, brick houses have always been considered prestigious apartments, which warm the owners with warmth and comfort.

Construction of turnkey houses in Moscow - projects and prices, cheap cottages and houses

House from a turnkey brick

On our site you can familiarize yourself with the most popular projects of houses from construction companies represented at the exhibition houses "Low-rise Country".

The advantages of brick houses:

  • strong walls;

  • fire safety;

  • maintaining a comfortable temperature (the brick heats up for a long time, but slowly cools);

  • practicality and reliability;

  • resistance to mold and fungus;

  • high degree of sound insulation (important for people who want to build a house near the highway or highway);

  • maintaining a comfortable humidity level indoors (with conditions for proper layout of air ducts);

  • eco ogicheskaya cleanliness and safety;

  • a wide variety of projects;

  • no need for external finishing.

Construction of turnkey houses in Moscow - projects and prices, cheap cottages and houses

Building a brick house

The main disadvantage is the high thermal conductivity of the brick (in order to save on heating in winter, the house will have to be further warmed).

Technologies and stages of turnkey cottage construction

The choice of the basic material in housing construction influences not only the cost of the turnkey house, but also the way the structure is erected. The application of a particular technology entails the implementation of actions in the right sequence.

Construction of a frame house

Construction of frame cottages is minimal in comparison with other materials.

Construction of turnkey houses in Moscow - projects and prices, cheap cottages and houses

Construction of a frame house

The technology involves the following steps:

  • Construction of the foundation . Due to the small mass of the whole building, the use of a pile or shallow-tapered foundation is allowed.

  • The organization of the lower trim of a frame house (installation of supporting bars and rafter above the foundation).

  • Installation of a log under the floor and installation of boards.

  • Vapor barrier and floor insulation.

  • Assembly of the frame (walls), as well as its insulation, steam and waterproofing.

  • Installation of floor beams.

  • Installation of roof ceilings, insulation of the ceiling.

  • Laying the finished floor.

  • Exterior finish.

  • Roofing.

  • Interior trim.

Protection against moisture, wind and other external influences in the frame house is provided with the help of special films and mineral wool insulation. Elements of wood are made exclusively from dried raw materials, treated with antiseptics and fire-resistant compounds. Thermal insulation materials are selected non-flammable.

Construction of turnkey houses in Moscow - projects and prices, cheap cottages and houses

Turnkey frame house

Dry floor boards are used to organize the finished floor, and bottom rims are used for tying. When roofing works usually use ondulin.

On our website you can find contacts of construction companies that offer turnkey house building services. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

Construction of a house from a bar

After agreeing on the general format and design features of the cottage, materials are delivered to the construction site and equipment.

The first stage of construction is the organization of the foundation. For the construction of timber available:

  • tape;

  • pile-screw;

  • slab monolithic ;

In the future, construction technology is determined by the type of work (under shrinkage, frame technology or turnkey) and the purpose of housing (seasonal, year-round). For summer houses it is enough to use a profiled bar with parameters of 60x150 mm or rounded logs with a diameter of 16 cm.

Construction of turnkey houses in Moscow - projects and prices, cheap cottages and houses

Profiled beam

all year round, then more massive material is needed. It is recommended to use a rounded timber with a size of 20x22 cm or profiled - 15x20 cm.

Construction of a brick house

Since the brick buildings are rather heavy, much attention is paid to the calculation of the foundation. Most often, a tape foundation is used, which is recessed below the level of freezing of the ground - this is necessary so that in winter the frosty swelling of the soil does not squeeze the foundation out, which causes the walls to crack. However, this option is suitable only with a low level of groundwater.

For the pros and cons of brick houses, look at the video:

A great example of an economy project of a timber cottage is a 6x6 m house with a bay window. This building is suitable for country living all year round. The absence of internal load-bearing walls allows you to create almost any layout with the most lighted room on the first floor with a bay window, and the height of the structure will provide high ceilings - ideal for tall people and fans of large chandeliers.

Construction of turnkey houses in Moscow - projects and prices, cheap cottages and houses

Project of a small house from a bar with a bay window

Houses made of stone

Brick house is a choice of reliable and durable buildings. Brick buildings can stand for more than a century, even without major repairs. At the same time, the buildings are fireproof, frost-resistant and water-resistant, as well as environmentally friendly.

Projects for them are distinguished by their architectural diversity, the richness of design solutions, and the most convenient and practical layout. Such houses should be built if you plan to transfer housing to children, and also to declare your financial security and prestige (brick cottages are one of the most expensive in construction).

Among the variety of projects, turnkey multi-level cottages with original design are the most popular. A striking example is the project of a two- or three-storey mansion of more than 150 square meters. m building with a carport / garage for cars and a spacious terrace on the second floor.

Construction of turnkey houses in Moscow - projects and prices, cheap cottages and houses

A three-storey brick mansion

The construction cost will be at least 3.5 million rubles. Such a house will suit a large family, which often receives guests and wants to have everything you need under one roof. The building belongs to the elite, so its maintenance will be expensive, since brick buildings require a powerful heating system.

Advantages of building turnkey cottages

Regardless of the material chosen, a turnkey house would be the best choice - the price includes the cost of all construction work, and the project is provided free of charge. When ordering the construction of a turnkey cottage, you are not engaged in the search for designers, designers, architects and skilled workers who carry out geodetic and building processes. The main thing here is to entrust the process of a competent company, which employs specialists from various fields of construction.

Construction of turnkey houses in Moscow - projects and prices, cheap cottages and houses

The team of the construction company has specialists from all fields of construction

Other advantages of choosing a turnkey construction service include:

  • drawing up and strict fulfillment of contract clauses (excluding legal risks);

  • strict adherence to the construction stages;

  • Often the construction of "turnkey" is an opportunity not only to choose a ready-made project for free, but also to create an individual one, but this question should be clarified with the construction company;

  • implementation of measures in clearly defined deadlines (the finished object is commissioned on time);

  • absolutely all work, starting with the purchase of raw materials and ending with final finishing, is carried out by a competent team and can be controlled by the customer.

Often the construction of turnkey houses also includes a free inspection and measurement of the site, as well as advice on the optimal project. As a result, for your money, you are guaranteed to get a fully ready to use housing that meets all building codes.

Construction of turnkey houses in Moscow - projects and prices, cheap cottages and houses

The turnkey service implies that after all the work has been completed, the house is fully ready to move in.

Features of ordering the turnkey house

To order the construction of a cottage or a turnkey country house, all you need is an idea of ​​the future home and knowledge of what materials you want to use. After selecting a construction company, there should be a choice of project, in which you need to take into account several nuances:

  • whether the chosen standard project was implemented (can you evaluate the finished result);

  • compliance with the configuration of the customer's requests (is the house suitable for his family);

  • the location of the entrance group;

  • number of windows (is it enough in the cottage natural lighting);

  • location of recreation areas;

  • the ability to install built-in furniture;

  • compliance architectural design solutions to the client's taste.

Having discussed important issues, having made an estimate and signed the contract, the construction company is taken for the implementation of the project, and you can always keep track of how the workflow is progressing.

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Building a country house or a huge turnkey cottage is a very exciting process, especially if you watch it from the side. The work of a professional always pleases the eye, especially if the head at this moment is not busy with the current issues of building a house.


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