Ruberoid, stekloizol, glassine and bikrost - which one to buy a roll roofing in Moscow

In this article we will focus on roofing felt - an inexpensive and durable material, which is characterized by ease of installation. The price of ruberoid per roll, its main characteristics and advantages will be given. Considered different brands of material and their purpose in the arrangement of the roof.

Ruberoid, stekloizol, glassine and bikrost - which one to buy a roll roofing in Moscow

Roofing material is most often used for overlapping and waterproofing roofs

The low cost of roofing material and its performance characteristics make this material popular and convenient for roofs with different slope and shape. In addition, the roofing material can be used in the basement. The material can be elastic, lining and roofing type with different levels of density.

Purchase of roofing material is worth it if you need to create a reliable, high-quality and durable roofing coating with minimal costs for all the necessary materials. Roofing material is capable of relatively high mechanical loads, constant humidity and aggressive chemical compounds. It is realized in rolls, before the flooring on the surface is preheated to a certain temperature.

There are several types of roofing material in which different materials are used:

  • HSP - the basis is fiberglass, the bitumen is protected by polyethylene, the simplest and most affordable option , the cost of a roll is 250 - 500 rubles. ;

  • HKP - similar to the previous one, but special granules are additionally used to protect against ultraviolet radiation and increase strength; the price of a roll is 500 rubles. - 1,2 thousand rubles. ;

  • TKP is based on fiberglass, the bottom layer is protected by polyethylene, the top one is by special sprinkling, the best option for inverted roofs is the cost of material 650 rubles. - 1.3 thousand rubles. per roll;

Ruberoid, stekloizol, glassine and bikrost - which one to buy a roll roofing in Moscow

Ruberoid differs from each other with the basic material for the manufacture of
  • CCI - used as the bottom layer for the previous two types, based on frame fiberglass, you can buy a roll of this material at a price of 500 rubles. - 750 rubles.

Asphamine is considered the cheapest analogue, based on cardboard filled with bitumen - 200 rubles. - 300 rub. for one roll. Depending on the meaning of the letter "P" is designed for outbuildings and harsh operating conditions. Combines good performance and value.

The price of roofing felt for the roof is one of the important advantages of the material. However, over the years, it remains a high-quality and reliable waterproofing, which can last for ten years and much longer. The cost of such waterproofing is much lower than that of any built-up materials. The cost of the roll depends on the manufacturer, as well as the brand of roofing material.

Ruberoid, stekloizol, glassine and bikrost - which one to buy a roll roofing in Moscow

The cost of the roll depends on the brand of roofing material
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Stamps of roofing material

This type of material is considered to be a classic, durable and inexpensive option to protect the roof from moisture, wind and noise. It is precisely because of such qualities and favorable price of a roll of roofing material for the roof that it is in great demand. Manufacturers offer several brands of this material for arranging reliable and inexpensive roofs:

  • Without crumb . It is used only as a waterproofing bottom layer of the pie of the roof. Also often used when carrying out waterproofing works of various types of purposes. The surface of the material is sprinkled with talc mixture, which protects the roll from possible sticking of the layers.

  • With baby . It is used only for reliable and high-quality waterproofing of the top layer of the pie of the roof. From above material is covered with coarse-grained dressing, it protects the bituminous substance from the negative natural phenomena. The lower part is treated with talc dressing.

Ruberoid, stekloizol, glassine and bikrost - which one to buy a roll roofing in Moscow

Canvases can be with or without crumb

One material is the basis for all grades of roofing felt - This is a special roofing paper that can have different densities. It should be noted that the letters on the labeling of the rolls indicate the type of material used to protect surfaces, and the numbers indicate the density of the base used.

Choice of roofing material

If you need to buy roofing material for the roof, you need to focus on a few simple factors. First of all, you need to decide on what works the material will be used for. The second issue is the lifetime of the ruberoid. It is worth noting that today manufacturers offer a new type of material - you can buy liquid roofing material.

Light brands can be used as a protective and waterproofing layer for various structures and objects.They are mainly used for the preservation of construction, high-quality protection from moisture of the lower layers of two-layer roofing pies. They can serve up to 7 years. For single-layer roofs or those that consist of several layers, use heavy brands. Such a ruberoid can last up to 15 years, but only if the roofing work was performed qualitatively.

Ruberoid, stekloizol, glassine and bikrost - which one to buy a roll roofing in Moscow

High-quality roofing material will last up to 15 years
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The most inexpensive type of roofing material is asphalt, at an average price of 250 rubles. for a roll. Such a low cost is justified by the fact that for its production is used cardboard, which is impregnated with bitumen. No more components in it. But despite this, this type of roofing material can be used both for simple buildings, and for operation in very harsh conditions. It should be noted that the performance characteristics are indicated by numbers after the letter "P". Ruberoid with the designation of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry is in the second place at the cost, it is used as the bottom layer for roofing materials with the letters X / TKP. Twice the cost can cost the roll HKP. This is due to the fact that it additionally uses polyethylene, and fiberglass is used as the basis. At 200-300 rubles more expensive from HKP will cost a roll with the designation TCH, because it uses protection from two sides (bottom polyethylene, top dressing). Such a ruberoid was developed specifically for inversion roofs.

Ruberoid, stekloizol, glassine and bikrost - which one to buy a roll roofing in Moscow

For the inversion roof, a rubber felt of the grade of technical and technical equipment

is used. Also, the cost may be affected by the presence or absence of special chips. In the first case, it is used as an upper roofing cake waterproofing. Bottom ruberoid is treated with talc dressing, coarse-grained topping is applied on top. Rolls without chips can be used as a waterproofing of the lower layers of the roofing pie. It can be used as a waterproofing for various works, bottom talc dressing.

Benefits of roofing felt

If the buyer is interested in how much roofing felt is on the roof, the price depends on a number of factors. But the cost of this material is considered its main advantage. In addition, he has a number of other important advantages. For example, high rates of vapor and moisture resistance due to bitumen impregnation, even in the simplest version - parchment for 250 rubles.

Features of selection of roofing paper in the video:

Another not less important indicator is considered high temperature resistance. The bitumen itself becomes soft at a temperature of 50 ° C, but this is not enough for the roof, which is very hot. In this case, in the production of such a waterproofing material, bitumen is oxidized with hot air under high pressure. Thus, the softening temperature rises to 90 ° C. As a result, the material retains its properties even at temperatures above 20 ° C frost.

Some types of roofing material are designed specifically for laying on open spaces, for example, roofs of high-rise buildings and other buildings with a flat roof. In this case, it is necessary to acquire a roofing material with the best performance. Their cost is an average of 500 rubles. - 1 thousand rubles.

Ruberoid, stekloizol, glassine and bikrost - which one to buy a roll roofing in Moscow

Roofing material is applied to the open roof with higher quality scores
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Ruberoid is a durable and environmentally friendly material. Thanks to the use of special materials, it can serve for a very long time. Increase the service life by complying with all technological standards and requirements. In its production using inexpensive and natural ingredients. No harmful substances are released during use. Its price, ways of laying and operational characteristics made roofing material claimed and popular. It is used for waterproofing roofs, various construction projects, foundations, pipes, and so on.

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