How to paint a gazebo from wood: features of materials and their use

The appearance of the gazebo is of great importance, since such a structure adorns the entire suburban area. Most often, such buildings are made on the basis of wood, since such a material has a low weight and is perfectly treatable. When choosing how to paint a tree arbor, you need to take into account a large number of nuances. There is a huge range of solutions that can be used for such work, so that the user will be able to choose the most suitable solution.

How to paint a gazebo from wood: features of materials and their use

Arbor with finishing

The choice of paint depending on the condition of wood

Paint for wood arbor is selected on the basis of a large number of factors, one of them is the condition of the material being processed. Often there are the following options:

  • New panel boards. For the lining of such a coating, the stain or any kind of varnish and paint will be ideal. Also a good solution would be the treatment with a protective mixture.
  • Raw boards. This surface is not recommended to be treated with stain, as the applied layer will be uneven. Best of all for this option suitable colored dyes.
  • Old tree. This coating can only be treated with opaque compositions.
  • Wood that has been painted before can be reprocessed with a solution. But it will be necessary to take into account the composition of the old mixture, since the new finish may begin to interact with it, which will lead to the folding of paint. Also, when processing such boards, you can remove the old lining with sanding or sandpaper and apply a new coating.

How to paint a gazebo from wood: features of materials and their use

For an old arbor an opaque coating

is suitable. It should be borne in mind that Not dependent on the type of material, it must be treated with antiseptic compounds that guarantee protection against the formation of mold or fungus, the appearance of insects.

Variants of coloring solutions and protective mixtures

How to paint a wooden arbor in the country? Solutions can have a different composition and consistency. The following types are most commonly used:

  • Dense paint and varnish mixtures.
  • Transparent primers.
  • Varnish or oil solutions.
  • Lacquer decorative lining.

Each of the options has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Before choosing, it is recommended to carefully study the features of such solutions.

The use of dense paintwork

These varieties include alkyd formulations designed for the treatment of outdoor structures, and most types of coloring compositions. It is possible to paint a tree arbor with the following compositions:

  1. Acrylic solutions that contain acrylic copolymer. Such substances are environmentally friendly and have excellent strength. They will be a worthy choice for high quality wood.
  2. Silicone compounds made with the addition of silicon resins have excellent protection against moisture and a good indicator of vapor permeability. After processing the surface becomes smooth and reliably protected from contamination and dust settling. The only significant disadvantage is the rather high cost.
  3. Silicate blends have a high water resistance. It should be borne in mind that this type of paint should be applied to a well-cleaned surface. You will need to remove the old lining and all contamination.
  4. Alkyd enamels are also a fairly popular solution. Their distinctive features include a low price and a good level of strength. Solutions of this type of Finnish manufacturing have the best quality.

How to paint a gazebo from wood: features of materials and their use

Arbor with a dense paint coating

Facing the arbor with paint allows you to implement any design solution. An extensive color palette of compositions will help you choose the best shades to implement your ideas.

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Using a transparent primer

Priming mixes can be divided into several types. There are such options:

  • Latex composition of deep processing. Breathable, but not afraid of water. It will be a good solution for lining wood before painting. Often this solution is used to treat the floor in the gazebo.
  • Acrylic based products. It is used to prepare the wood for painting, it contains antiseptics that guarantee protection against the formation of mold and fungus.
  • Stains. The basis of this solution is alcohol with a small addition of dye.After processing, the wood will receive an attractive brown color, this mixture can be applied only on a smooth coating without additional finishing. It is recommended to apply a layer of varnish over the stains.

How to paint a gazebo from wood: features of materials and their use

Arbor with stained

Primer can significantly reduce the level of absorption of wood, which will give a uniform paint in the future. Also, primer mixtures significantly increase the life of wooden structures.

Oil and varnish solutions

The basis of oil mixtures is synthetic oil, the binding parameters of which greatly simplify further painting of wood. There are several types of such substances:

  • Drying oils. It will be an excellent choice for preparing a wooden surface for painting. The material will receive a sticky coating with a high level of adhesion. It should be borne in mind that the varnish is always applied with the paint, because without further processing the coating will attract a large amount of dust and other contaminants.
  • Primer with antiseptic content. Before applying such a composition will need to carefully prepare the surface. The color palette varies a lot, which is a definite advantage. You can give the wood the effect of haze or gloss, it only needs to apply a few layers of mortar.
Attention! Oil should be treated with oil mixtures with utmost care. If this substance gets in your eyes or mucous membranes, it can cause severe burns. When working is recommended to use protective clothing.

Varnish decorative mixtures

Varnish can only be treated with even and smooth surfaces that have been pre-lined with a primer. The following variants of such solutions are produced:

  • XB lacquers for tinting. Quite a common solution, the result has an attractive brown color. The disadvantage of this choice is the difficulty of applying an even layer. Also, this varnish is very toxic.
  • The yacht or parquet composition is able to guarantee high-quality surface protection from exposure to the sun's rays, which is definitely required in the street. It is possible to apply such mix only on a new pure wooden surface.

How to paint a gazebo from wood: features of materials and their use

Arbor varnished

How to paint a wooden arbor? All solutions have their differences and can be used in different conditions. But when choosing a composition for facing, it should be borne in mind that the treated gazebo should harmoniously fit into the design of the suburban area. You should not give preference to bright colors and you should always remember about the protective properties of the used finishes.

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Arbor floor treatment solutions

Special attention will need to be given to wood-based flooring, as it will be constantly subjected to pressure. You need to choose options that can protect the surface and increase its service life. An excellent solution would be to use lacquer formulations or mastic.

How to paint a gazebo from wood: features of materials and their use

Floor mastic

Mastic can be of different types. The most popular are the following solutions:

  • Hot mastic, which heats up to 180 degrees and gradually hardens. Only specialists will be able to work with such a mixture, since it will be difficult to heat it without using special tools.
  • Compositions that dissolve in water. They should be used on hardwood. But after such treatment, it is better not to wash the flooring with water.
  • Aqueous emulsion mixtures are a fairly common solution. They are easily applied to any type of wood, and care for the treated coating is simple.
  • Turpentine mastics are made from artificial wax, and turpentine is also added during manufacture.
  • Compositions produced with the addition of natural beeswax have excellent coating parameters and are also diluted with turpentine. The cost of this option is quite high, as in the composition there are natural ingredients.

When choosing mastic it is worth considering that it has a limited service life. Coverage will need to be updated periodically. Also, sometimes you need to rub the coating to maintain the effect of gloss and remove matte spots.

Floor lacquers are also used quite often. They are made with the addition of softened resin and chemicals. Synthetics allows you to maintain an attractive appearance of the floor, even in constant operation.

Choosing a color palette for facing gazebos

A huge number of different colors sometimes makes it quite difficult to choose. In this case, it is recommended to ask for help from a professional designer.

Varnish is an excellent solution, it allows you to convey the beauty of wood texture. Colorless mixtures can be used to decorate the new polished panels, from which the gazebo is erected. Tinting significantly enhances the natural color of wood, making it look more noble and attractive. Varnish mixtures are ideal for flooring in the newly built gazebo.

How to paint a gazebo from wood: features of materials and their use

Varnish - a classic and attractive solution

Colored paint applied to the gazebo can decorate the general look of the dacha. Experts when choosing recommend to take into account the psychological and decorative nuances of the color palette. The most popular are the following solutions:

  1. White color allows you to visually expand the space, giving the building the effect of purity and novelty. This option is perfect for arbors with bars. But it is necessary to take into account that pollution will be strongly visible on the white color, so you will need constant care.
  2. Shades of yellow or ocher perfectly imitate natural warm tones. This solution can be used for poor quality wood, the state of which does not allow the use of colorless varnish.
  3. Blue and green shades are also very popular. By choosing the right key, you can easily create an attractive exterior in which the colors of plants and buildings will harmonize with each other.
  4. Black, although not a large number of varieties, is also often chosen for facing gazebos.
  5. Bright colors can be used to decorate children's arbors. Different colors are interesting to combine for painting the table and chairs in such a structure.

How to paint a gazebo from wood: features of materials and their use

White arbor

Preparatory procedures before dyeing

Facing the arbor with paint requires dry coating, otherwise the solution may crack during operation. Also, the material must be treated with protective agents that will provide strength and protection against various factors. The following solutions can be used to pre-finish the arbor:

  • Silicate glue. It is a popular compound that prevents the formation of mold and mildew. Pre-glue must be diluted with water before giving it the consistency of sour cream. Drawing is carried out by means of a brush.
  • Mixture containing copper sulphate. 10 g of water is added 10 g of such a substance.
  • Composition with addition of table salt and boric acid. Facing such a mixture should be performed several times at intervals of several hours.
  • Chemical solutions that can be bought in many hardware stores. Before using them, you should carefully read the instructions on the package.
  • Antiseptic anti-insect formulations, which can also be purchased at hardware stores.

Good preparation of the coating will significantly increase the life of the building and for a long time to keep an attractive appearance. Properly selected color palette for gazebo design will help to create a beautiful interior of the dacha, which will attract the views of guests.

The process of preparing for staining is demonstrated in this video:

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Selecting material for exterior decoration of the gazebo is not an easy task. Much depends on the initial data of the structure - on its age and the quality of the material from which it is made. Otherwise, you need to focus on the tastes and capabilities of the owners. Ideally, the designer will select the paintwork.

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