Roofing materials for the roof: types and prices of coatings

The choice of building and finishing materials in the construction of a country house or cottage should be done at the design stage, and the roof for the roof is no exception. The market offers a huge selection of products, which differ in composition, physical and mechanical properties, appearance and cost. Before buying, it is advisable to compare the advantages and disadvantages of various materials, calculate the price and costs of installation, as well as take into account the nuances of the building project itself (purpose, number of floors, form of roofing structure, etc.).

Roofing materials for the roof: types and prices of coatings

Popular types of materials for the roof

What should be considered when choosing

Before you buy roofing products, You need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Durability . The finished coating should be as resistant to snow and wind load.

  • Mass . Roofing material should not create an excessive load on the rafters and the foundation of the house. For this reason, for light buildings on a pile foundation, a soft roof, ondulin is usually chosen, and for houses on a strip or slab foundation any kind of product is suitable, including natural tile, the mass of which is greatest.

  • Service Life . For cottages, they usually acquire material that retains its properties for at least 50 years, and for country houses and extensions, types are more affordable, but employees are less (15-25 years old).

  • Security . Quality products should not contain toxic substances.

  • Another factor that is paid attention to when choosing the type of roof for the roof is price : in Moscow for 1 square meter. m will have to pay an average of 500-900 rubles. The most accessible types are professional sheet, slate and soft roof, composite and ceramic tile cost the most.

Roofing materials for the roof: types and prices of coatings

The roof of a residential house is an important element of its appearance.

Also, when purchasing roofing materials you should consider the purpose houses (for permanent, temporary, seasonal residence), roof shape (flat, gable, multi-slope, asymmetrical, domed, etc.). It is necessary to pay attention to the compatibility of the product shade with the color scheme of the future structure: this is especially important for residential houses and cottages, which should be not only comfortable and reliable, but also aesthetically appealing.

It may be interesting! Proper construction of the roof provides high-quality air circulation in the under-roof space. What is it and how it is done, see the article about the ventilation of the roof.

Metal roof: types, pros and cons, cost

Metal roofing is a great success and combines practicality with affordability and relatively quick installation. Such materials can last for 15-20 years, withstand solid loads, but are susceptible to icing, require careful warming, and due to low sound insulation during rain or hail on the upper floors will be too uncomfortable.

Roofing materials for the roof: types and prices of coatings

Metallic materials: 1 - metal tile, 2 - decking, 3 - folded roof

The following types can be found on the market today:

  • Metal tile . It is made of galvanized steel, the outside imitates the design of natural tiles. Pros - high strength, the ability to lay on the old coating, fire safety, a large selection of colors. Cons - high thermal conductivity, noise during rain. Price per square meter - 300-600 rubles.

  • Professional sheet . These are corrugated sheets, they are attached to the crate with the help of special screws. The quality of the profiled sheet does not differ from metal, its appearance is less aesthetic, but the cost is 250-350 rubles per square meter.

  • Fold roofing . It was named after the type of connection - fold: the element has a snap construction. This material for the roof of the roof is reliable, it looks more aesthetically pleasing. The cost of a folded roof per meter is 500-700 rubles.

Natural tile

If you plan to build a block, brick house for permanent residence, the budget allows you to purchase more expensive material, you can pay attention to the tile.

Roofing materials for the roof: types and prices of coatings

Natural tile roofing looks the most aesthetic.

There are several varieties of this product on the market that differ in composition, properties and price. The most common ceramic tile, which is made of clay by firing at high temperature in special furnaces. The coating is resistant to mechanical and climatic influences, does not fade in the sun, has a high refractoriness, retains the perfect appearance for 100-150 years.However, ceramic tiles can be installed only if the truss system is designed for a large load: the material has too much weight. The cost of production starts from 1500-1700 rubles.

For finishing the cottage in the traditional European style, you can choose slate tiles, which have been known since the Middle Ages and are suitable for cladding roofs of all shapes and sizes. Natural slate has excellent thermal insulation, does not create noise during rain and hail, does not crack from external influences and does not fade in the sun. The service life is 150-200 years. The price of such products is about 400-600 rubles per tile.

Roofing materials for the roof: types and prices of coatings

Slate coating looks very unusual

Another popular type is cement-sand roof tiles. Such products are almost indistinguishable from the ceramic counterpart, have the same pros and cons, except for the service life: it varies from 80-100 years. In addition, this type is cheaper: the price per square meter is 400-500 rubles. The material is suitable for pitched roofs with a slope of 20-60 degrees, for more steep surfaces will require additional waterproofing.

It may be interesting! If the project of the house provides for a flat roof, then special attention should be paid to its protection from moisture. Read more in the article about waterproofing flat roofs.

Versions of soft roof

Flexible roofing materials are considered to be in great demand: they are universal and due to their low weight they are suitable for any buildings, be it a brick cottage or a summer house. The flexible roof is resistant to temperature extremes, easy to install, has high sound insulation, and is safe. Average service life makes 15-17 years on condition of competent installation. One of the most popular varieties is the weld roof. This product is often black in color, but you can also find variants with basalt dressing in various shades. The cost of the roll varies in the range of 700-1200 rubles.

Roofing materials for the roof: types and prices of coatings

Fusing roof

Another type is soft tile: it imitates the design of a ceramic analogue and has a multilayer structure. The base is made of fiberglass or polyester, covered with a bituminous composition, the substrate and mineral dressing (top layer) are on top. There are the following types of roofing of this type:

  • Tile class A . It has a high level of fire safety, retains its properties and appearance for at least 20 years.

  • Tile class C . Roofing paperboard acts as a base, wear resistance is less high. Service life does not exceed 15-20 years.

Manufacturers offer such material with different shapes of elements, from rectangles to shingles imitation. The cost is 250-450 rubles per square meter, depending on the manufacturer, design and composition.

Other products

The range is not limited to the materials mentioned above, customers can choose and buy roofing for other types of roofs. Among them are both modern options (for example, composite products), and traditional types of coatings.

Roofing materials for the roof: types and prices of coatings

Other types of roofing: 1 - composite tile, 2 - slate, 3 - ondulin

For example, in the last 5 -7 years composite tile is becoming increasingly popular. It has a steel base with aluzinc coating and basalt dressing, it is notable for its increased strength, variety of shades, long operation (more than 100 years), and excellent heat and sound insulation. This material weighs less than its natural counterparts, does not fade in the sun, is relatively inexpensive - 500-700 rubles per square meter.

About the types and properties of the roof in the video:

Another popular coating is ondulin, or euroslate. It is made from cellulose fibers with polymer impregnation, the sheets have a corrugated structure. The products are notable for their ease, practicality, ease of transportation and installation, the cost of a sheet is 500-650 rubles. The closest analogue is the classic asbestos cement slate, which is heavier, more fragile, requires regular maintenance and careful waterproofing, but costs less - 200-250 rubles per piece. Most often, slate roof is placed on non-residential buildings and extensions.

Roofing materials for the roof: types and prices of coatings

The right choice of material is a pledge of a beautiful and reliable roof
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Before building a country house or a cottage, it is important to examine what kind of roofing materials there are for the roof, types and prices for them.On the market you can find both natural and artificial varieties in any price segment, from budget to premium class. The choice should be made taking into account the design features of the future building, its own aesthetic preferences and budget.


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