selection of materials and design options for photos and videos

Seasonal vacation in the country is an opportunity to recuperate and break away from the hectic life in the city. In order to spend fruitful and interesting time in the country estates, it is important that the interior decoration of the country house corresponds to the basic needs - it is beautiful, safe, it multiplies the energy of the country cottage. Therefore, when drawing up a design project, special attention should be paid to the choice of materials and technologies.

selection of materials and design options for photos and videos

The bedroom on the top floor of the villa is lined with wood - an organic way to decorate rooms in a trendy eco-style

Selection Criteria

A key indicator in ordering finishing finishing of a summer house is the ratio of the cost of raw materials to its performance. The second plan considers such factors as environmental friendliness and naturalness.

Professionals emphasize: the list of available materials is significantly limited by the seasonality of the problem. In particular, in rooms that are not heated in winter, you should not use drywall, gypsum-fiber sheets, laminate flooring, MDF, wooden paneling.

In the decoration of the sleeping area it is undesirable to use glass-magnesium sheets, OSB boards, laminate. If the building has not yet undergone complete shrinkage, gypsum fiber and gypsum board are prohibited.

Thermal insulation of walls, floor, doors, windows

Internal thermal insulation projects are designed to minimize the loss of usable space - the thickness of the insulator "eats" centimeters from the walls, floor and ceiling. In this case, the decoration of the country house is made of materials with a minimum thickness.

selection of materials and design options for photos and videos

The first step to warming is to install the sheathing on all the planes

The insulator is laid on guide profiles (frame), supplemented with a vapor barrier film, The base surface must first undergo an antiseptic treatment. The final stage is the finishing facing of the walls. The openings are isolated using foamed synthetic materials. In the process of thermal insulation of the floor, all wooden surfaces are treated with protective compounds, the space between the lags (frame elements) is lined with windproof material, filled with fine claydite.

Finishing options for a country house: a review of materials

When deciding how to decorate the walls in a country house inside, you usually choose between simple ways (leveling for painting, plastering, wallpapering) and decorative veneer, for example clapboard.

What kind of paint can be used

Aqueous emulsion is safe for health, it is one of the most economical options. The composition quickly dissolves in water and dries on the surface, does not serve as a source of unpleasant odors.

Substances based on acrylic resins form a film on the walls, dry quickly, look great, and retain their original aesthetic properties for a long time.

selection of materials and design options for photos and videos

The correct color of the paint allows you to visually expand the room, add a feeling of spaciousness and abundance of air.

There is a separate segment of products intended for allergy sufferers - The composition of eco-friendly paints deprived of any irritants, is suitable for use in children's rooms.

Decorative plaster

Venetian plaster imitates surfaces of natural origin, it is usually included only in premium projects for finishing of country houses because of the high cost of raw materials. The finish coating is not afraid of moisture, durable, has optimum breathability. The composition of the "bark beetle" is indispensable in drawing up a bright design, the finished wall resembles a section of a tree eaten by the same beetle.

On our website you can find contacts of construction companies that offer the service of warming and finishing houses. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

Plasterboard capabilities

Standard plasterboard sheets are based on alabaster - it collapses in wet conditions and does not have sufficient strength. GVL slabs are an improved version, more acceptable for country realities, it is reinforced with special fiber, and here, instead of cardboard, durable moisture-resistant cellulose is used.

selection of materials and design options for photos and videos

Smooth walls for painting - the result of skillful use of sheets of drywall


When choosing a coating, you need to consider strength indicators: durable solutions are used at the cottage. Duplex rulers are optimal - due to their special impregnation they do not fade in the sun, they are resistant to moisture. A practical option - vinyl wallpaper, they have an impressive operational resource and are not demanding to care.

Cladding cladding

One of the most popular finishing technologies in country house construction, its relevance is due to its high strength, preserving its original appearance for more than 15 years, and the absence of the risk of mold and fungus.

Natural raw materials will be more expensive, but you can save on such a project: often the order does not include finishing the walls - the interior design is based on the natural beauty of wood.

selection of materials and design options for photos and videos

The harmonious combination of green and natural hues of wood creates an unforgettable sunny mood - such a summer house will become a favorite place for a family and noisy friendly holiday

Pros and cons of wood trimming

A clean, warm texture fills the room with a special aroma, which is especially appreciated by eco-style fans in the dacha's interior. When calculating the finish, specialists take into account the expansion and reduction of the volume of wood following the change in humidity - the size of the game “logs” is larger than that of boards and boards.

A frame for wall and ceiling cladding is optional. The raw materials are impregnated with protective compounds, afterwards this layer will need to be regularly updated. The main drawback of the material is the high cost, but it is leveled by the beauty of the pattern and the environmental friendliness of the solution.

A wonderful video example of the decoration and interior of a spacious country house made of northern pine

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Specificity of using boards made from chips, chips, sawdust

These are compressed panels made from waste from the wood processing industry (a bright example is OSB with chips in the base). The vapor permeability of the sheets are comparable to the characteristics of solid wood, they react flexibly to the shrinkage of the walls, and do not deform in wet conditions. Products are often used when finishing a country house inside, because they are easy to process.

In a wooden house, OSB plates can be sheathed in all rooms except the bedroom, since the composition contains formaldehyde. MDF layers are safer - in them sawdust are connected with wood resin. The first option is optimal for giving seasonal use, which is still subject to shrinkage, the second - for a heated house, which has been used all year round for 3-5 years.

Plywood with a subsequent finish

This popular example is used for acrylic paint. Plywood consists of perpendicular interlayers of veneer, it does not warp, provides full thermal insulation.

selection of materials and design options for photos and videos

A concise solution for giving in a bachelor style

Living rooms can be sheathed with a block house, which thanks to the pressed structure perfectly tolerates changes in humidity and temperatures. It looks interesting straps with a small profile.

Floor and ceiling decoration

In the popular country-style country style, eurolining is used for cladding the ceiling - special-shaped boards are installed in a solid canvas, the joints are almost invisible. Attic decoration is often based on the preservation of the appearance of the supporting beams - the so-called "breathing" structures; this is another embodiment of the eco-design of wooden houses.

In the same segment, decisions from unedged boards are relevant, giving the room a resemblance to a forest hut. In this scenario, the ceiling is sheathed in two layers - masks gap, inevitably formed between the slats.

If the choice fell on suspended suspended or plasterboard ceilings, be sure to leave holes for ventilation. These lining techniques are rarely found in the design of summer cottages - the complexity of installation and the cost of raw materials affect.

selection of materials and design options for photos and videos

Bright floor - the perfect accompaniment to a minimalist interior

Professionals use a hard tie, for example, expanded clay as a base for flooring. . For laying on top of the best laminate, linoleum, flooring. The first two solutions are more practical, they will adequately withstand the difficult dacha operating conditions.

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Photo ideas for the interior design of a country house

The design of the walls at the cottage determines the dynamics of the room - they can be a calm backdrop for a colorful combination of furniture and textiles or serve as a key stylistic accent that determines the mood of the room. For example, the interior decoration of a country house in the photo below is a classic solution for a small room.

selection of materials and design options for photos and videos

When designing small summer houses, ergonomics play a major role, therefore wood trim is popular in the decoration - practical and laconic

In the arrangement of a spacious summer or year-round housing is allowed the use of convex textures - bars, imitations of round logs. Luxurious interiors imply the introduction of more sophisticated materials - Venetian plaster and complex ceiling structures.

selection of materials and design options for photos and videos

A cozy feeling in this bedroom in a country cottage is achieved through the use of three-tone wood motifs - on beams, walls and flooring
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The interior design of the walls in country houses is characterized by democratic options: to create an attractive design it is not necessary to use advanced technologies and expensive materials. A professional approach and accurate calculation when choosing raw materials help to equip the perfect interior within the average budget, all that is needed is to take into account operational requirements and the possibilities of preliminary insulation.


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