Projects of individual houses in Moscow: photos and prices

Design, being an integral part of the construction process, it helps to realize the ideas of creating the future building and realize the dreams of a new comfortable housing. This is one of the most important stages of construction, providing an opportunity to work through everything to the smallest details, take into account certain features of future construction and choose practical solutions for the construction of cost-effective, but durable housing.

The main objective of the design is to match customer desires with available construction methods and ways of organizing construction processes.

Projects of individual houses in Moscow: photos and prices

House built according to an individual plan.

Signs of individual residential real estate

The individual residential house is considered to be a separate building with no more than three floors and intended for one family.

In order for a given structure to be recognized as an individual residential house, it must meet the following criteria:

  • Floors. A rather controversial criterion - unanimously establishing what can be considered a separate floor can be difficult. The difficulty is that the basement and attic floors are included in the list of three floors, but under certain circumstances, the basement floor is not taken into account when establishing the number of floors. By law, any ground floor is considered a floor, the upper overlap of which is 2 meters above the house plan. In practice, the basement floor is often below this mark, which makes it difficult to accurately determine this criterion.
  • Separation. Individual residential buildings are separate from others. This distinguishes them from apartment blocks, and multi-storey buildings. An individual house does not divide the supporting structures with adjacent buildings, it stands on a personal foundation and has walls separate from other rooms.
  • Assignment. The definition of an individual residential house contains two criteria:
  1. First, this is a residential house, that is, people can live in it. In order to recognize the structure as a living space, it must meet the requirements of housing and town planning legislation, as well as sanitary and epidemiological standards.
  2. Secondly, this is an individual house, that is, it is intended for one family. However, it is worth considering that, according to the law, spouses, parents, children, siblings and co-residents are among the family members. In other words, in fact, two or even three families can actually live in the same house.

Projects of individual houses in Moscow: photos and prices

Individual project for a stone house.

What is a project of a residential building?

The project of an individual residential building is a set of working documentation that is created as an action plan for builders on the basis of a draft sketch approved by the customer programs. The construction project consists of three parts:

  1. The architectural part , which includes the drawings of the future house. It includes all floor plans (including basement and attic), plans for the facades and cuts of the building, plans for the roof, doors and window openings.
  2. The design part is aimed at implementing architectural drawings. This includes plans for the construction of all parts of the house (foundation, walls, ceilings, roof), tables and calculations for the use of building materials. All plans and tables are supplemented with recommendations for the implementation of construction works.
  3. The engineering part includes calculations and drawings for carrying out engineering communications to the house (plumbing and sanitary, heating system, electrical networks).

Projects of individual houses in Moscow: photos and prices

The original house.

Types of projects

All projects of residential buildings are divided into two types:

  1. Standard projects are intended for repeated implementation and serial construction similar buildings. They are also called ready-made, because they are created once and then used as a template. Development of ready-made plans is carried out on the basis of a study of the construction market, soil features, weather conditions, specific building materials, taking into account all the necessary building codes and regulations.
  2. Individual projects. Individual design is the development of project documentation, which is based on the requirements of a specific customer, competently combined with the construction features of the selected technology.

Individual design allows realizing the client’s desires, creating not just template housing, but building a building that fits harmoniously with a non-standard site. The individual project contains exactly those documents that are necessary for the construction of a particular house - the general plan, the plans of the facades and floors, the cuts of the building, the drawings of all the structures and important elements. In addition, for an additional fee the client can order plans for additional objects, such as a garage, sauna, summer house.

Projects of individual houses in Moscow: photos and prices

A small house on an individual project.

The advantages of creating an individual project

The individual project of a residential house guarantees the originality and uniqueness of the future structure and has several advantages:

  • Ability to enter the structure in non-standard plan of the land plot, to build a structure that differs from typical low-rise objects.
  • Consideration of climatic and geological features of the site , topographic data, soil type and other construction conditions in the preparation of project documentation.
  • Savings on future construction. The individual project takes into account not only the features of the terrain and the soil, but also the estimates, therefore, during the construction of the building, additional expenses are minimized.
  • You can still at the stage of preparing project documentation attract the designer and think about further improvement of the site.

The main thing that gives an individual project to the customer is the opportunity to offer any ideas that competent specialists will translate into reality, taking into account the existing building codes and regulations.

Projects of individual houses in Moscow: photos and prices

House with large windows.

What to look for when choosing a design organization?

The first thing you should pay attention to is the status of the construction company and the skill level of the architects. Individual designers should have at least 20 development packages in their annual portfolio that differ from each other.

Competent firms rarely make a full prepayment when drafting an agreement, and if they do, they provide the customer with official guarantees of high-quality order fulfillment. The fact is that experienced architectural bureaus usually have a good material base for the provision of their services, so the client’s prepayment is not so important for them.

At the time of execution of the contract, an estimate is made, which determines the cost of the completed project. It is important to ensure that the project does not include, for example, extra building materials or add additional services to a construction company. Even if it seems a trifle at the design stage, then during construction such a nuance can turn into a serious financial miscalculation.

The package of finished project documents should include the three previously mentioned parts, which is also necessarily indicated in the contract.

Projects of individual houses in Moscow: photos and prices

The original house, as a result of individual design.

Prices for individual house projects

The cost of drawing up a project depends on many factors. An individual project is complex and complex, it is ordered for the construction of complex buildings. The more complex the proposed design, the higher the cost of the project. Also, the final price depends on the area of ​​the future house.

On average an individual project will cost the customer no less than 35 thousand rubles without taking into account the design of additional buildings.

Own private home is the dream of many people. Its embodiment is better to trust the competent specialists. Of course, it will be necessary to prepare for serious expenses, since the compilation of an individual project at home is a matter that requires maximum precision and long hard work of several professionals. But, having addressed to a reliable construction company or an architectural bureau, you will receive well-thought-out project documentation, and you will be able to build a truly comfortable and durable individual residential house for your whole family.

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