Car lift for the garage: types of garage lifts

Every owner of a personal vehicle has to face the repair of a car. To facilitate access to certain units of a personal vehicle, it is recommended to use a car lift for the garage. The article discusses the types of devices and design features of individual types of equipment. Possession of this information will allow the motorist to sort out among the variety of market offers in order to choose the device that is optimally suitable for a particular garage.

Car lift for the garage: types of garage lifts

Car Lift

Main advantages of garage lifts

Domestic motorists from foreign counterparts are distinguished by extreme ingenuity caused by striving save your own money by saving on the services of specialized services for the repair and maintenance of vehicles. Therefore, they are trying to fix minor damage on their own.

Many parts, most often failing, are located under the bottom of the car, making it difficult to carry out repair activities in the absence of a special pit. Entrepreneurial homegrown mechanics have found a way out by installing a lift in the garage. With the help of this simple equipment, the time spent by the master to move under the machine is significantly reduced.

Car lift for the garage: types of garage lifts

Mechanism for automobile owners-mechanics with impaired functions of the musculoskeletal system

acquires particular relevance. The targeted use of a garage lift for a car has a number of benefits. Among the obvious advantages, the following should be noted:

  • providing comfortable access to problem nodes and mechanisms;

  • creation safe conditions when carrying out repair work by increasing the space that does not limit the movements of the master;

  • providing a good overview , which allows you to timely detect problems in the vehicle's systems.

The above facts demonstrate the feasibility of purchasing a lifting device for a car in your own garage.

Car lift for the garage: types of garage lifts

When choosing a suitable mechanism, it is necessary to take into account specific conditions of use, such as floor space or the principle of operation of equipment

Types of garage lifts

Manufacturers provide consumers with a fairly wide range of compact truck-mounted cranes suitable for use in the confined space of a personal garage. There are several types of such equipment, differing in certain parameters. They should be considered in more detail.

Principle of operation

An important factor that is recommended to consider when choosing garage equipment is the principle of operation of the lifting device. It is the basis for dividing the considered mechanisms into the following types:

  • screw supports form the basis of the design of mechanical lifts. When the shaft rotates on it moves the nut. The brackets on which the platform for the car is fixed are tightly fixed on it;

  • the operation principle of the hydraulic lifts is based on the action of special hydraulic cylinders, the oil to which is supplied by means of mechanical or electric pump The working cylinder has a special design, which allows to manage the minimum control force;

  • scissor or folding devices represent a combined type of lifting mechanisms. The height of the lifting platform is determined by the length of the individual fragments fixtures.

Car lift for the garage: types of garage lifts

A special locking system keeps the machine in a raised position
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Lifting gear control

The difference in control methods determines the division of the considered devices into two types:

  1. use of physical efforts of the worker for lifting car is the basis of the principle of action of manual lifts. Their disadvantage is the time required to move the platform;

  2. electric drive unit is a distinctive feature of the design of semi-automatic lifting mechanisms. Their benefits include increased safety and stability with sufficiently large loads.

Drive unit

Various types of mechanisms are used to move the platform on which the vehicle is placed.This led to the division of garage lifts into the following types:

  • truck cranes equipped with hydraulic power units;

  • devices that use drive quality is an electric motor with a reducer;

  • equipment driven by a pneumatic system.

Car lift for the garage: types of garage lifts

Car Lift

In the latter type of truck cranes, the piston extends under the action of compressed air. This principle of operation is most typical for scissor lifts.

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Design features

When choosing a suitable lift for cars in the garage, you should consider the variety of designs. There are several types of equipment in question. The most widely used are the following devices:

Single column cranes

They have the maximum compactness and availability. The design, rather simple for execution, is presented by one bearing column. To accommodate the car are two high-power brackets.

The maximum loading capacity of the mechanism is 2.5 tons, while its own weight is characterized by a value of 250 kg.

Car lift for the garage: types of garage lifts

For the repair of passenger vehicles, you will need at least two lifts, installed on both sides of the machine

Dual-post cranes

Basis Such structures - two columns, placed on either side of the place where the car stopped. The machine is located on special paws or brackets. The advantage of lifts of this type is the ability to select the most convenient points of support, which is achieved by the free movement of the paws along the vehicle body, their ability to lengthen when extending.

Such devices are characterized by the ability to hold at a certain height a machine weighing up to 5 tons. The division of two-post mechanisms into symmetrical and asymmetric mechanisms is determined by the method of the arrangement of the feet. In the first case, the brackets have equal dimensions, and in the second, the length of the front is less than the rear, thereby increasing the width of the door opening.

Some models of two-post lifts are complemented by special support platforms that increase stability on precarious concrete floors of garage floors.

Car lift for the garage: types of garage lifts

Two-post crane
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Four-post truck cranes

As the name implies, the construction of four-post truck cranes is represented by four columns, forming a rectangle inside which the machine is placed. The low height of the platform, fixed on the columns, allows you to serve vehicles with low ground clearance.

This garage lift is driven by the efforts of four hydraulic cylinders operating synchronously. The rather tangible cost of such equipment is offset by the extreme reliability of the mechanism.

Scissor lifts

A scissor-type device is in great demand among novice mechanics who use a private garage as a home workshop. The platform is raised and lowered due to the combined action of hydraulic cylinders with mechanical hinges.

A lack of equipment is considered to be large overall dimensions, in particular, height when assembled. To overcome it, special niches are formed in the floor of the room to accommodate the device.

Car lift for the garage: types of garage lifts

Scissor lift

Compact truck

Hydraulic design, equipped with plunger cylinders placed either under the floor surface, or at some distance from the main equipment, represents the latest kind of compact truck cranes.

Such an arrangement of components allows the most efficient use of free space. Plunger lift for cars in the garage due to the hidden placement of cylinders increases access to the car.

It follows from the above that an ignorant car enthusiast may have difficulty choosing a certain model from the huge range offered by manufacturers. To determine the optimal variant, it is necessary to know the detailed characteristics of the products and the specific conditions of use.

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Selection Criteria

Every beginning mechanic, like any professional, tries to use the best equipment with maximum efficiency to equip a home workshop. Therefore, choosing the most suitable mini lift to the garage should be guided by the following criteria:

  • Floor strength can affect the stability of the system. Therefore, for unreliable base coats, it is recommended to give preference to separate devices with minimal weight.

Car lift for the garage: types of garage lifts

Using a lift equipped with a special platform to place the machine increases the stability of the equipment on an unstable concrete base
  • Overall dimensions of the lifting device must be correlated with the corresponding parameters of the room of the personal garage. In some cases, it will be necessary to arrange special niches or recesses in the floor to accommodate individual fragments of a mobile crane.

  • An important factor influencing the choice of suitable equipment for a home workshop is the maximum weight of the vehicle being serviced. It is impractical to purchase an expensive four-post truck crane for repairing a motorcycle.

  • Special attention should be paid to the distance of the bracket from the floor surface.

Car lift for the garage: types of garage lifts

Too long a distance can damage the bottom of the car with low ground clearance and prevent the vehicle from being placed on a lift

There is an opportunity to purchase a garage lifting device b. y or self-made folk craftsmen. Such a proposal is particularly relevant for motorists who are experiencing some financial difficulties. Acquisition of new equipment from a proven manufacturer guarantees maximum uptime.

You can learn more about the self-made mechanism by watching the video:

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The above information will allow an ordinary motorist to turn a personal garage into a home workshop. Making the choice of optimally effective equipment for lifting the machine to a certain height, which facilitates access to the defective units, it is necessary to take into account the specific conditions of use and the characteristics of the room.


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