site selection, pit digging rules

To dig a well at the dacha, you must not only hire specialists, but also choose the right place for it. The article will consider all the features, rules and nuances of installing a well on the site. You will learn what kind of wells there are, when it is better to start work, what is required, how much it will cost to install.

site selection, pit digging rules

A beautiful well at the dacha

Choice of a place

The optimal time for summer-autumn work, when not very hot, but also not too cold. It is impossible to dig in the spring flood period. In August-September, the water is at a minimum. If you focus on the level of the water layer filled with natural rainfall, then the well will have insufficient depth, and in summer it will become shallower or even completely dry. Water at a depth of 2 m, unsuitable for consumption.

It is necessary to place a well on the site in the place of an aquifer located as close as possible to the surface. This speeds up work and reduces costs. Choosing a place you must use methods for determining the occurrence of water. Layers at a depth of 10 m are considered to be technical, drinking water is below 10 m. To determine the closest location of the layer and the quality of the water, listen to the specialists.

site selection, pit digging rules

It is better to install the well closer to home and farther from polluting objects

It is very important to take into account a number of factors when determining the point. Garbage and cesspools, toilet, septic tanks and the like should be located away from the well. This applies to absolutely all sources of pollution. Best of all, if they are lower in relief. It is necessary to take into account the fact that in the future you will build or make changes - you cannot rearrange the well.

Rules for digging a hole

The diameter of the well should be more than a meter so that rings can easily fit in it, while the inner diameter will be exactly one meter. With the increase in the depth of the mine to conduct work becomes more difficult. The rings are stacked on each other in the process of deepening, the vertical of the installation is checked by a plumb, measurements are taken constantly. The solution is not used to putty gaps, it is enough to lay the clay around the structure.

site selection, pit digging rules

The shaft should be slightly wider than the installed rings

The rings themselves are made with different heights. With high work harder, so it is recommended to use meter. Fastening rings may occur with wire lugs. Insurance is also important to protect the worker from voids in the ground, quicksand, the level of ground mobility is constantly checked. A ready water intake is a pit of 1 m, water is pumped out, excess soil is selected and crushed stone is covered with a layer of 10 cm.

site selection, pit digging rules

It is more convenient to work with rings of 1 m height 9>
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Digging method

If the plot has a dense soil, then digging the hole is carried out in an open way. Robots are carried out most conveniently, you can easily cope with boulders and other obstacles. It is possible to dig a well on a site with loose soil only in the closed way. There is a minimum of land works, in some cases it is possible to do without major equipment, the walls will not crumble, and the integrity of the soil is preserved.

To determine the method, you need to dig a hole 1 m deep and look at the walls of the mine. If the walls collapse during the digging process, then the closed method is used and vice versa. But in some cases, when using open digging during further deepening, the walls may collapse, it is necessary to switch to a closed method - this is the main safety rule.

site selection, pit digging rules

Experts will advise you on the best way to dig the mine

Digging the shaft with the open method, its diameter should be 10-20 cm larger than the diameter of the installed rings . Rings are dropped, which are fastened together, the remaining gap is filled with sand, seams are sealed. The closed method of its technology is a bit more complicated. We must dig a hole until the ground allows. Basically, such a pit is obtained with a depth of up to 2 m.

Then the first ring is installed and the pit deepens, it starts to fall, the remaining rings are put on it one by one. Reaching the desired layer of water, put the ring, which will be above the ground. After this, the seams are sealed. At the end, the tip is mounted and the planned equipment is installed.

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Mine Well

By filling mine wells may be incomplete, full, shallow, deep.Complete wells are often made with an additional reservoir, which provides for filling with water during drought. There are open and closed types. Strengthening the mine can be a monolithic circle, rings or masonry. In rare cases, logs or bricks are used. However, it is best and more convenient to use rings.

site selection, pit digging rules

A shaft well has its advantages

Before you dig a well in a dacha of a mine type, its components must be examined:

  1. The shaft of the mine . It is located under the ground, it strengthens the ground against collapse, protects water from the ground and other pollution.

  2. Water receiver . Water is collected here, it is protected from soil contamination and freezing.

  3. Ogolovok . It is above ground, protecting water from debris. A water raising system is installed and can be decorated.

Ground part

After the location of the well on the site has been selected and it has been dug, you can proceed to the arrangement of the head. With it you can not only provide access to clean drinking water, but also decorate the site. It is often used for this log house and decoration in traditional motifs. The head itself is mounted on the blocks, glass-proofing, roofing felt and other similar materials are used as waterproofing. Sand is poured under the blocks, with the help of gradual bedding it is possible to protect the structure from the displacement of the soil.

site selection, pit digging rules

A cap can be decorated in many different ways
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The roof is mounted on poles with spikes. It has large overhangs, which protects the structure from rain and snow accumulation. To ensure maximum protection of water from debris boards better lay in two layers. Today, more and more often, metal tiles are used for the upper part.

Splinters eventually wear out and mow, so every few years they need to be checked and repaired. Under the roof is mounted the gate on which the chain is wound to raise the bucket. For this, a log with a diameter of 20 cm and a length of 1.2 m is used.

The gate must be leveled at the end and circle. 10 centimeter grooves with a diameter of 2.2 cm are drilled along the ends in the center. At the same time, the gate axis should be several millimeters larger in order for it to hold securely. Washers are placed on the gate and racks to protect the log house against possible displacement.

site selection, pit digging rules

You can equip a recreation area around the well

Financial expenditures

To dig a well in the summer cottage will require certain financial expenses. It is necessary to purchase materials, hire experts and possibly equipment. The final cost of the work will depend on a number of factors, for example, the depth of the mine, the method of digging, the materials for strengthening the walls.

If concrete rings are used, then their price is on average 1.5-3 thousand rubles. , and the installation of the ring can cost 3-4 thousand rubles. On average, the cost of arranging a well of 10 rings is 35 thousand rubles. , and of the three will cost about 15 thousand rubles.

But water from a shallow well cannot be used for human consumption, but only for technical purposes and watering. The arrangement of a year-round water supply system from a well to a bath or a house also leads to an increase in costs.

Features of the construction of the well at the cottage

Sometimes in the process there may be unforeseen difficulties, it can be a big lump, which can only be obtained with the involvement of a large special machinery. But sometimes there are huge boulders that are impossible to extract and you have to find a new place for a well. Soils that are heavily saturated with water can also complicate the work. Before starting work, it is necessary to discuss in advance all questions regarding the increase in payment in case of unforeseen situations. In a good company there is always a price for all works, and such nuances are prescribed in the contract. Additional costs may be the service of removal of soil from the site.

site selection, pit digging rules

Well with a forged tip
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The arrangement of the well is a complex undertaking that requires mandatory compliance with safety regulations. It is necessary to contact specialists who will advise where it is better to dig a well on the site, what materials to use, what the depth should be, and so on. They will offer the best option for the best result. However, it is necessary to discuss in advance all the nuances of their work, because in the process there may be some difficulties.


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