Projects of houses 8 to 8 of foam blocks with attic, garage: video, photo

Compact, prefabricated, and low-cost buildings enjoy constant attention from future homeowners. The project of the house 8 to 8 with an attic of foam blocks has the potential to realize these qualities. The article describes the design features and the principles of planning such housing, as well as how the shape of the roof affects the attic area, and technology - the layout.

Projects of houses 8 to 8 of foam blocks with attic, garage: video, photo

House with attic from foam blocks

House with attic from foam blocks: project benefits

    Future owners always show interest in projects that combine comfort, functionality and thrift in terms of financial investments. Such parameters are fully possessed by 8x8 houses with a mansard built from foam blocks. The reason for their unrelenting popularity is due to the combination of construction and wall material. Choosing a project with an attic offers the following advantages:

    • Building a structure with an attic floor is somewhat easier, and costs less than than a similar housing area with a full second floor.

    • Such a structure has an attractive appearance and has ample opportunities for external and internal design. Attic space with its non-standard geometry allows you to create an original interior.

    • A house with an attic will be the best option for a small plot of land and will fit into any landscape.

    • Compared to a single-story building of a similar area , the length of communications will be less ; This will have a nice impact on the cost of their implementation

    Projects of houses 8 to 8 of foam blocks with attic, garage: video, photo

    Solution for a small area

    If aerated concrete is chosen for the implementation of such a project, the building will have additional advantages related to the characteristics of the material:

    • High level of thermal insulation and comparable to buildings made of wood and exceeding the characteristics of brick houses.

    • Walls made of porous material exert less load on the base , which can be made lightweight (and cheaper).

    • Budget construction . Foam concrete - the material is cheaper than brick or timber. The ease of blocks eliminates the use of construction equipment, which reduces the time and cost of work.

    • Foam concrete is combined with any materials ; It is suitable for the implementation of the cottage in any architectural style, from classic to high-tech.

    Projects of houses 8 to 8 of foam blocks with attic, garage: video, photo

    Brick cladding of foam concrete walls

    Against the background of impressive advantages, the disadvantages of foam block housing with an attic floor do not seem insurmountable:

    • House 8 by 8 with an attic needs careful miscalculation . A professional approach is required in everything - from the selection of the most suitable materials for roofing pie and decoration, to the observance of technology during operation. Errors will manifest themselves during operation; Condensation, inconvenient stairs and excessive heat loss cannot be corrected with small blood.

    • A large cash investment will require the organization of the roof . If you plan to enjoy the starry sky, a significant part of these funds will go to the dormer windows (such windows have a specific profile, and their installation occurs with features).

    • After a heavy snowfall, you may temporarily lose your natural attic lighting. In this case, it is necessary in advance will take care of the spare variant - sufficient electric lighting.

    Projects of houses 8 to 8 of foam blocks with attic, garage: video, photo

    Natural lighting can be organized differently
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    How the shape of the roof affects the attic area

      The effective area of ​​the attic is the main criterion of the floor, and it does not coincide with the total area. The definition of the usable floor space (by building code) is performed using a reduction factor of 0.7 for the following parts of the room using the formula:

      • For a part of the room with a tilt angle to 45 ° and the ceiling height is about t 1.6 m .

      • For a part of a room with a tilt angle from 45 ° and a height of from 1.9 m .

      • Where the ceiling height is less than 1.6 m and more than 1.9 m the area is not taken into account.

      Two factors play an important role in increasing the usable area:

      • The shape of the roof .

      • Using attic (crank) wall . The attic wall has a height from the interfloor overlap (floor) to the transition to the inclined roof slope and directly affects both the height of the room and its usable area.In different projects, the height of the wall ranges from 0.8 to 1.9 m.

      Projects of houses 8 to 8 of foam blocks with attic, garage: video, photo

      The influence of roof parameters on the size of the useful area
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      When evaluating a particular project of a 8x8 house with an attic, you need to pay attention to the parameters of the roof, the presence of the attic wall and estimate the usable area. Different roof designs have different possibilities for expanding the area; The following constructions are more commonly used:

      • Double-walled roof . The residential premises under the classic roof are trying to give a familiar shape, hiding the low part behind the cladding. The effective area under a simple gable roof (if the angle of inclination is 40-45 °, and the floor area is 75 m 2 ) will be 48-50% of the total area. The situation can be corrected by adding an attic wall to the project (with a height of 1.1-1.15 m, the usable area will increase to 80%). Windows for natural lighting in such an attic are arranged in the gable (gable) walls. If necessary (if the layout requires), skylights are mounted.

      Projects of houses 8 to 8 of foam blocks with attic, garage: video, photo

      The effect of the attic wall on the usable area
      • Four-Skate ( often hip) roof . This design is characterized by a complex truss system, and as a result - a large number of creases at the intersections of ramps. Fins and bevels increase the low (useless) zone to 65-70% and reduce the possibility of planning the remaining space. In this case, you can also resort to the construction of the attic wall. With its height of 1.15-1.2 m, the usable area will increase to 70%. It should also be remembered that natural lighting under the hip or similar roof is available only through the dormer windows.

      • Attic roof . Financially the most costly option arrangement. However, the space under the roof of this form is used to the fullest extent. A roof with slopes of 75 and 15 ° provides a ceiling height of 1.9 m and higher for 90% of the floor area, which allows for layouts as in a usual second floor. Skylights in a similar roof allow you to see only the sky, as they are located quite high. The source of natural lighting and ventilation can be dormer windows.

      О projects of houses from foam blocks in the following video:

      On our site you can to find contacts of construction companies that offer the service of reconstruction and reconstruction of houses . You can directly communicate with representatives by visiting the low-rise country exhibition.

      How do nuances of construction affect the layout of

        The project of the house with an attic of 8x8 with excellent planning of foam blocks is characterized by a stylish appearance and functionality. The specificity of the building material and the attic floor is taken into account in the design and construction of a country house. To turn the attic into a full-fledged living room, the following techniques are used:

        • Insulation and waterproofing of the roof . They play a major role in maintaining comfort not only in the attic itself, but also on the lower floor. High-quality roofing pie consists of several layers and provides reliable thermal insulation at any time of the year.

        • Material Restrictions . It is not recommended to use heavy materials (and later furnish the room with bulky furniture) to finish the attic floor and the roof of the foam concrete blocks in the house. These works are carried out taking into account the weight of the roof and the permitted load on the walls and foundation. If several rooms are planned in the attic, they are separated by means of light drywall partitions.

        Projects of houses 8 to 8 of foam blocks with attic, garage: video, photo

        Framework for a plasterboard partition
        • Location of window openings . It can be arbitrary if the floor is decorated in a single space. The place for dormer windows is often chosen on the basis of the external aesthetics of the cottage.

        • Ladder . The design can be any - marching, hanging or screw. The criteria for any staircase are the same; beauty, convenience and safety (if children and older family members live in the house). If the house is small, it is important to pay attention to the size, as a wide flight of stairs will select a significant part of the area and reduce the planning possibilities.

        About the stairs to the attic in the following video:

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        House with an attic 8x8: techniques of rational planning

          For a house with an attic floor to be convenient and comfortable, you should carefully consider the individual characteristics of each project.It is desirable that the design includes an attic wall, allowing to expand the possibilities of space. Also, a house plan for 8 to 8 with an attic should provide for a good ventilation system; otherwise, it will be stuffy in the attic.

          A country house of this size will be comfortable and full-fledged housing, if it is successfully completed; The most promising are the following techniques:

          • The location of the entrance to the house is . The most rational are projects in which the house is located in the middle of a longer wall (if a rectangle lies at the base of the building). This solution allows you to get rid of unnecessary corridors and adjacent rooms, leaving the hallway from which you can get into any room.

          • Design without corridors . The corridors imperceptibly absorb a significant part of the living space and do not bring any visible benefits. The optimal design of the house 8x8 seems to be an option without any corridors.

          Projects of houses 8 to 8 of foam blocks with attic, garage: video, photo

          Project without corridors
          • Staircase . In order not to lose precious meters, it is more practical to design the stairs in the hallway or one of the rooms (more comfortable in the living room). The under-slash space should also not be wasted. The organization of a pantry or built-in wardrobe (depending on the design of the stairs) will solve the problem of storing the necessary household trifles and seasonal items.

          • Space extension . If the size of the plot allows, you should pay attention to projects with extensions. A veranda with access to the kitchen or terrace, which can be accessed from the living room, will make the interior space much more voluminous.

          • Economical design . Designers know a lot of techniques to make the project cheaper. An economical solution is the project of a house and a garage with a common roofing system, when you can arrange a balcony or terrace above the garage with an exit from the attic.

          • Economical engineering solutions . If your house has two bathrooms (on each floor), the lower one is located next to the kitchen, and the upper one is above the first one. This will allow the use of one communication system for all three rooms, which is very profitable.

          Projects of houses 8 to 8 of foam blocks with attic, garage: video, photo

          The priority of cost-saving solutions
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          After considering all sorts of options, many owners opt for an 8x8 house with an attic; Typical foam block designs can be planned in various ways:

          • Classic layout . Most often you can find projects in which the living room, kitchen, smaller room (depending on priorities it can be a bedroom, children's room or study), hallway and bathroom are located on the first floor. On the attic floor in this case, you can see two or one bedroom, sometimes with a bathroom. The classic layout is convenient in everyday life and therefore the most common.

          • European style . The living room is combined with a kitchen and a small room into a common space (sometimes a small room turns into a guest room), the upper floor remains unchanged. The open layout allows you to use interesting interior solutions: for example, install decorative beams on the ceiling and decorate the living room in any rustic style - Russian, chalet, country or Provence.

          Projects of houses 8 to 8 of foam blocks with attic, garage: video, photo

          Classic layout
          • Attic as living room . Rather rare, but quite realizable option. On the ground floor there are lounges, a bathroom, a kitchen and an entrance hall. From the attic you get a spacious and original living room, which is convenient to combine with a study or library.

          Modification of standard projects with an attic

            Standard projects of 8x8 houses from foam blocks offered by construction organizations are in most cases adapted for the construction region (the parameters of the foundation, roof, and materials are selected taking into account the local climate and soil). The finished plan allows for some changes - small ones are carried out for free, significant ones will require a small surcharge. Most changes take the following form:

            • Development additional details : terraces, balconies, verandas or bay windows.

            • Adding garage or parking spaces.

            About the project of a house with an attic floor in the following video:

            • Change internal layout .

            • Changing the design of the roof or the number of windows.

            • Changes in the appearance of the facade.

            The exterior walls of aerated concrete can be decorated in several ways, depending on the preferences of the owners and the chosen style.The following options are most popular:

            • Partial or complete cladding with clinker brick .

            • Facing with artificial or natural stone .

            • Sheathing siding .

            • Plastering (often followed by staining).

            Projects of houses 8 to 8 of foam blocks with attic, garage: video, photo

            Project with an attic in a modern style
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              Foam concrete is a high-tech building material with excellent performance characteristics and an attractive cost. House plans of 8x8 foam blocks with a well-thought-out layout and modern engineering systems are considered the best choice for building reliable, comfortable and inexpensive housing. A house with an attic floor is always different in functionality; the actual design will give it a stylish look and help to fit into any natural landscape.

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