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A bathhouse in a country house is more often seen as indispensable than simply the desired attribute of comfort, and the question is not "yes or no", but "which one to choose." If the site is small, then it is worthwhile to dwell on proposals from construction companies to build a turnkey 4x4 bath - the price of such projects correlates well with comfort. And if you need more space, then projects with an attic will add the missing square meters of usable space.

projects, planning, construction prices in Moscow, photo

Banya 4 for 4 with an attic floor, terrace and balcony

The price of baths, even of the same size, depends on the complexity of the design, the type and quantity of materials used. The box is mainly assembled from a rounded log or a bar - profiled from solid or glued. The service "turnkey" completely excludes the participation of the developer at all stages of construction. The project is chosen as a model or is developed individually, taking into account all the wishes of the customer.

Bath planning 4x4 m

Despite the fact that the building has modest dimensions, the interior space can be successfully divided into functional rooms. The end result is a comfortable and neat bath. Planning bath 4x4 m with a total area of ​​16 square meters. includes all standard rooms :

  • Steam room;

  • Washing or shower;

  • Bathroom;

  • Waiting room.

projects, planning, construction prices in Moscow, photo

Bath 4x4 photo layout

General recommendations for choosing a bath project

If a 4x4 sauna is being built, the layout can have a variety of options. For example, under one roof you can have a terrace or a small porch. If you wish to increase the area without capturing additional territory of the site, you will need to erect the 2nd floor where the rest room will be located. The two-story structure is the most practical, as it takes up little space on the plot. The disadvantage is the higher cost compared to a single-story building.

When planning the premises, there are practically no problems, but there may be some nuances that are connected with the water supply system or the construction of sewage systems. Therefore, questions on the connectivity of communication networks should be considered at the stage of project development. On this depends not only the location of the steam room, sink and bathroom, as well as where the windows and doors will be located.

Bath projects 4x4 from a bar in a wide range are presented in the construction company catalog. A standard interior layout is provided for each sketch.

projects, planning, construction prices in Moscow, photo

Typical projects also include 4 x 4 saunas with a terrace and vestibule - a good choice for cold climatic zones

When choosing a project the following should be considered:

  • Family composition.

  • What is being built for - just to bathe or organize a rest.

  • Sizes of each functional room. If the main focus is on the steam room, then its area should correspond to the planned number of people. For increase in the place combination with washing is possible.

Special attention is paid to ventilation, power supply and fire safety. A bath built according to all the rules and requirements brings not only moral satisfaction, but also benefits.

How can you trim the outer walls of a 4x4 bath?

If the box is built from natural material - logs, then the surface is mechanically polished. After this procedure, the exterior walls take on a neat appearance. So that the material can withstand negative external influences, fire and insects the surface of the logs is treated with special compounds. Finishing the application of paints emphasizes the beauty and structure of the wood. After this treatment, the wood will last more than one year.

projects, planning, construction prices in Moscow, photo

Qualitative impregnation except wood protection will give it an original look

To give the bath a modern look, the outer walls are sheathed:

  • Siding panels for facades . The most used materials are metal block house, shipboard. A cost-effective option involves the use of vinyl siding, which is well tolerated in any weather conditions, including not exposed to ultraviolet radiation.

  • Wall cladding for external use (plastic or wood).

There are other options for finishing the exterior walls of the bath. This is an imitation of natural stone or torn brick. The advantage of this plating is the original appearance of the building. But we must remember that additional finishing works and materials entail a significant increase in the cost of the entire construction. Therefore, choosing a 4x4 sauna project, these points should be taken into account.

We design the interior of the bath 4x4 m

The decision on what will be the interior decoration of the premises is also taken at the design stage. Often, typical projects from the catalog already provide for various options for interior decoration.

projects, planning, construction prices in Moscow, photo

There is no better material than wood for finishing the steam room, so more often under the decoration means decorating the shelves and walls with carved or other decorative elements

When choosing a material, preference is given to the following characteristics:

  • Fire resistance.

  • Environmental friendliness.

  • Easy to use and quick to install.

The modern construction market offers a wide range of cladding material. The leader is clapboard lime or aspen. Be sure to perform insulation walls. Minvat or ecowool are suitable for this procedure. Foil material is used for covering the walls of the steam room, which reflects the pairs and improves the thermal insulation properties of the building.

Special attention is paid to the finishing at the place of installation of the furnace, which can be wood or electric. A fire resistant material is used as a lining. It can be metal sheets, brick, natural stone, ceramic tile or porcelain stoneware.

On our site you can familiarize yourself with the most popular bath projects from construction companies represented at the Low-Rise Country home exhibition.

Main advantages of 4x4 baths

Baths of 4x4 size have the following advantages:

  • High environmental performance - for the construction of the box and as a finish (external and internal ) only safe materials are used.

  • Due to their compact dimensions they do not take up much space, they can be placed on any personal plot.

projects, planning, construction prices in Moscow, photo

Properly selected project adorns the site
  • Ability to create a convenient and practical layout.

  • Low financial costs compared to large bath projects.

  • Speed ​​of construction.

Additional price list for the development of 4x4 bath projects

At the request of the client, additional types of work are provided:

  • The height of the box increases by 1 crown.

  • Partitions are made of timber.

  • Mounted pipe-sandwich with a passage through the roof.

  • Insulated walls up to 100 mm.

  • The furnace is faced with heat-resistant brick.

  • A warm corner is created.

The cost of each type of work depends on the construction company and the materials used.

Features of 4x4 m bath projects

A typical 4x4 bath project is a classic one. The single-storey building is compact, which means you need to use the area as efficiently as possible. Each project has its own characteristics - it differs in layout, number and arrangement of windows, doors (entrance, interior).

Some thoughts about the planning of the bath look in the video:

On our website you can find contacts of construction companies that offer a bath construction service. Directly to communicate with representatives, you can visit the exhibition of houses "Low-rise Country".

Bath 4x4 "Mariana"

The equipment from the manufacturer may vary, but standardly includes the following elements:

  • - pillar foundation - blocks of 200x400x200 mm or screw piles are used as supports.

  • A box from a profiled bar 100x150.

  • Strapping from a 100x150 bar (per edge).

  • Intervening heater - jute.

  • ceiling under - lining and insulation URSA 50 mm.

  • Rough floor - 20 mm edging board, finishing - 27 mm ribbed board.

  • Vapor barrier for flooring - Pergamin, Isover insulation 50 mm.

  • Construction partitions frame-shield.

  • Roofing - 50x100 mm timber (for rafter), non-shaped board 20 mm (for battens).

  • Roof covering - metal tile or Ondulin (wide range of colors).

  • Windows with double glazing 600x600 - 3 pcs.

  • Steam Room - aspen panel paneling, foil gasket.

  • Entrance door - 1 pc.

  • Sauna doors - 2 pcs.

The height of the building is 220 cm, the ridge is 150 cm. The turnkey cost is from 250 thousand rubles.

projects, planning, construction prices in Moscow, photo

Classic design of 4 by 4 Mariana

4x4 sauna with attic

B This project has a steam room area of ​​4 square meters. m. (2x2). Such sizes are the most optimal and convenient for simultaneous stay in the steam room of several people.

The basic configuration of the 16 baths includes the following elements:

  • The foundation is columnar - blocks 200x200x400 (in the cabinet of 4 pieces .).

  • The binding is a 150x100 bar in 2 rows treated with an antiseptic.

  • Exterior walls - profiled beam 145x95.

  • Draft floor - unedged board 22x100.

  • Lags - 40x150 mm.

  • Floor finishing - a 36 mm tongue-and-groove board, NANOIZOL "B" vapor barrier.

  • Floor insulation for the floor - mineral wool URSA, KNAUF 100 mm.

  • Waterproofing - rolled roofing material (1 layer).

  • Internal partitions - 145x95 profile beam.

  • Mezhventsovy insulation - 6 mm jute canvas.

  • One-way stairs with railings and fences to the 2nd floor (attic).

  • Insulation of the floor covering - mineral wool URSA, KNAUF 100 mm, vapor barrier NANOIZOL "B".

It can be interesting! In the article on the following link read about the insulation of the bath.

Attic :

  • Wall and ceiling cladding - 12.5x88 mm eurolining.

  • Insulation for walls - KNAUF or ROCKWOOL, vapor barrier membrane NANOIZOL "B".

projects, planning, construction prices in Moscow, photo

Layout of the first floor of the bath with attic

Roof :

  • The rafter system is a board of 40x100 or 40x150 mm, the batten is a board of 22x100, 22x150 mm.

  • Gables - 40x100 mm beams, lining - 17x90 m cladding.

  • Roofing material - galvanized decking or ondulin in a wide range of color solutions.

Steam :

  • Walls, ceiling - aspen lining.

  • Thermal insulation - membrane on a foil base NANOIZOL "FB".

  • 2-tier shelves - aspen boards.

Frame interior doors 1750x700, entrance and vestibule - framed 2000x800. Double glazed windows 3 pcs. different sizes - 1200x1000, 600x600, 400x400 mm.

The height of the 1st floor is 224 cm, the attic is 220 cm. The cost of the turnkey bath is from 350 thousand rubles.

Projects of other sizes: photo and video

projects, planning, construction prices in Moscow, photo

Bath of 3x4 size from a bar
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projects, planning, construction prices in Moscow, photo

Bath 4x4 - economy version

projects, planning, construction prices in Moscow, photo

Bath 6x4 with attic

projects, planning, construction prices in Moscow, photo

Bath 6x6 with an open terrace

In the video, see the overview of the bath built turnkey:

It can be interesting! In the article on the following link read about the 6x6 sauna project with an attic.


Despite its modest size, baths 4 by 4 have quite a wide variety of projects. Consultants of the construction company, which you choose to build a bath, will help you choose the best option, and if you need an individual project, you will connect with the work of design experts.


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