The ridge for a soft roof: what it is, how to install it correctly

Under roofing ventilation has always been the focus of particular attention when building roofs. Because the condensate formed under the roof construction negatively affects the roof system and the heat-insulating cake, gradually reducing their operational life.

Therefore, between the roof covering and all other elements, a five-centimeter gap is left, which is formed by means of a counter-grille. But ventilation is the movement of air, therefore in the lower part of the roof, namely in the eaves overhang, and also in the upper part - the ridge leaves gaps or make holes. The air is moving: from the overhang to the ridge. So, the topic of today's article: the ridge for a soft roof.

The ridge for a soft roof: what it is, how to install it correctly

Plastic ridge on a roof covered with bitumen tiles

The topic touches exactly the soft roof as one of the most airtight. And without a ventilation gap is not enough. At the same time, manufacturers today offer ready-made ventilation parts that form a roof ridge. They already made a gap for air outlet. This product should simply be mounted on a skate and fastened to the crate.

Kinds of ridge ventilation

It should be noted that the design of the aerator (and this is the same part that is installed as an element of the under-roof ventilation) has several different modifications that differ from each other in shape and sizes. But purely constructive, they are the same. That is, it is the base, which is hollow inside, and it is the cavity that connects with the gap between the roof slopes. The second part is the roof of the part, which forms the ridge. Between the two parts there are gaps through which warm and moist air leaves the roofing space.

The ridge for a soft roof: what it is, how to install it correctly

Skate roof ridge aerator

All ridge aerators are made of plastic today, as the cheapest but most reliable material. The color in this case does not play any role, because the ridge element on top is covered with the same bitumen tile, which covers the roofing structure itself. That is, everything merges into a single design.

Manufacturers offer modern ridge aerators from 0.6 to 1.5 m long. They are easy to install, butting in with each other. It is necessary to install a continuous crate under each element for a more durable and hermetic junction. Fastening is carried out with long screws or nails. The main task of the producer is to join the neighboring elements as closely as possible to each other. But even if a small gap remains between the aerators, it will be covered with roofing material. Therefore, the tightness of the roof is provided at one hundred percent.

Let's add that the gaps in the aerators are closed with a net or with a special filtering material made of polymer that does not allow dust or insects to penetrate under the roof.

The ridge for a soft roof: what it is, how to install it correctly

How humid air emerges from the roofing space through the plastic ridge
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Technology of installation of the ridge

First of all, the roofing ridge itself is formed. To do this, a gap of about 5 cm is left between the two slopes. A solid crate is crammed under each plastic slope under the plastic product, usually these are two boards with a minimum width of 100 mm.

The aerator is installed exactly in the middle of the ridge gap. Manufacturers have already provided mounting holes. Through them carry out fastening galvanized screws, the length of which should be greater than the thickness of the sheathing. This is the way to guarantee a solid connection. It is necessary to start the installation from any edge of the roof, setting the ridge flush with the pediment of the roof structure.

The ridge for a soft roof: what it is, how to install it correctly

The plastic element is fastened to the roof crate with self-tapping screws

If complex roofs are covered with bitumen tiles, the installation technology of the ridge element is a little more complicated. To do this, try not to leave a gap between the elements of the batten. They just make slits 2 cm in length every 2-3 cm. That is, the ridge of the roof is not a continuous ventilation gap, but a lot of holes. And already on this wooden knot install a plastic product.

If a chimney passes through the ridge of a soft roof, the plastic parts are installed so that there is a gap between them and the pipe - at least 30 cm. The gap between them is filled with a home-made ridge of wooden slats or boards.

It should be noted that many masters can easily make the ridge ventilated without using finished plastic products.They simply form a lumber structure above the slope of the roof, imitating a ridge, which is then covered with shingles.

The video shows how you can assemble a ventilated ridge for a soft roof of lumber on the roof:

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It is very important to make a homemade horse as effective as the finished product. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account in it not only the dimensions of the ventilation gaps, but also their proper arrangement. Therefore, the gaps must be closed with a net from insects, preferably galvanized (it will last longer). They are laid before the top element of the ridge made of plywood or OSB is stuffed. The net is folded into the cylinder, laid into the slot, the sheet is placed on top, which is fixed to the base of the ridge with self-tapping screws. It should be borne in mind that the optimal slot thickness is 3-5 cm, so the grid will have to be rolled into cylinders of precisely that diameter.

There is another way to protect the under-roof space. To do this, the galvanized mesh is packed so as to protect the gap between the roof slopes. And then form the ridge knot. In the photo below, this option is clearly visible.

The ridge for a soft roof: what it is, how to install it correctly

Protective mesh on the roof of soft tiles
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Conclusion on the topic

The appearance on the market of plastic ridge elements minimized the difficulty of forming a ventilated ridge. They are very easy to install, the material is made of durable plastic, so that we can talk about long and trouble-free operation. At the same time, they will not be visible on the roof due to soft tile trim. The advantages can also add the effective removal of moist air from under the roof space.

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