What you can buy drains and drainage systems Aquasystem (Akvasystem)

A country house cannot be considered fully protected without a reliable system for the removal of precipitation. The article describes one of the most effective protection options, the metal drainage system AquaSystem. The proposed material introduces the advantages and features of the gutter construction, options of copper and zinc-titanium, gives information about the configuration, size and cost of elements.

What you can buy drains and drainage systems Aquasystem (Akvasystem)

Multi-Level Drainage System

Features of the Aquasystem

Drainage System industrial building, is a drainage system. Timely collection and removal of rainwater and melt water from the walls and base prevents a lot of trouble, ranging from waterlogging of the soil and deterioration of the microclimate in the dwelling, and ending with damage to the foundation and facade decoration.

If the drainage system was chosen only for reasons of economy, without taking into account real needs, unforeseen expenses will not keep you waiting. Not coping with their tasks, overflowing drains and water flowing along the facade is a sure sign that the overhaul is not far off. If you are serious about choosing a drain construction, giving preference to high-quality and durable options, include Aquasystem in the number of applicants. The following facts concern features of this water waste design:

  • The confirmed quality . Drains of Aquasystems are produced according to German standards; they are subject to repeated quality control during production and are supplied with international certificates.

What you can buy drains and drainage systems Aquasystem (Akvasystem)

Fragment of the Aquasystem drainage
  • Materials . The raw material for the production of components is galvanized steel, additionally protected by double-sided coating. Protective and decorative functions are performed by the polymer Pural (polyurethane 50 μm thick). Alternative systems are made of copper (0.6 mm) and zinc-titanium (0.6 mm); All materials comply with safety standards.

  • Form . Components are available only round and semicircular cross-section.

  • Appearance . The color palette is designed in such a way that you can choose a system that will harmoniously fit into the design of any home. Among the more than 20 variants, white, red and green, as well as shades of brown, are especially popular.

Advantages of the Aquasystem water-waste system

A set of Aqua-systems, tailored to the construction parameters, is able to provide complete protection of the structure against excessive moisture. Experts point out the undoubted merits of Aquasystem drainage systems, which are best purchased from a manufacturing company. These drain systems have the following advantages:

  • Operation . The system is suitable for all climatic zones and a wide range of temperatures, from -60 ° C to + 120 ° C.

What you can buy drains and drainage systems Aquasystem (Akvasystem)

System diagram of the Aquasystem
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  • Throughput . Gutters are characterized by an increased depth along the entire length, which allows increasing the discharge capacity by 20% and avoiding overflow during heavy rain.

  • Durability . The polymer layer protects the structure from contact with air and moisture, preventing corrosion. Features of the location of the connecting seams in the details increase the service life of the system. For example, in the knee of the universal seams pass from the side, and not along the line of the flow of water.

  • Preserve the appearance of . The upper polymer layer, thanks to special additives, has a high resistance to ultraviolet radiation, while maintaining the original color saturation.

  • Resistance to loads . Pipes and gutters are reliably protected from rupture due to connection locks (they are internal for pipes). Additional strength is provided by stiffening ribs of all-metal fixing hooks - far from superfluous quality in the conditions of the snowy Russian winters.

What you can buy drains and drainage systems Aquasystem (Akvasystem)

Compliance with international standards
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  • Tightness . There are no gaps and clearances in the joints of the parts; additional sealing is not required. The system also has universal plugs with a rubber seal. The gutter connectors are equipped with rubber seals to compensate for the thermal expansion of steel.

  • Variety .Manufacturers offer a wide variety of additional parts. For parts of the facade with turned corners (for example, a bay window), an angle for a gutter of 135 ° is produced.

  • Versatility . Locking locks allow for easy installation and disassembly of structures on the facades of any type. There is a possibility of individual production of pipes and grooves up to 6-9 m long.

  • Attractive appearance . Internal locks instead of welds give the system an aesthetic appearance. The same role is performed by the trim on the pipe clamp.

About the advantages of the drainage systems of AquaSystems in the following video:

Types of systems

To implement the original The projects used are systems made from copper and zinc-titanium. The copper system has the following features:

  • Durability . Service life reaches 100 years.

  • Design features . The copper system is unpretentious in operation. Elements of the gutter construction are not afraid of temperature changes, have plasticity; damage can be repaired. Tightness is preserved due to the absence of longitudinal seams and accurate geometry of all parts.

  • Aesthetics . Copper components are well combined with natural materials of the facade and are the only correct addition to the copper roof.

  • Security . A few years after installation, the bright copper surface begins to fade - a patina is formed under the action of oxidative processes. A thin layer of patina protects parts from moisture.

What you can buy drains and drainage systems Aquasystem (Akvasystem)

Gutters from copper

The zinc-titanium system is suitable for a roof made of similar material. Such drains will have an impeccable appearance and reliably protect the facade from the damaging effects of precipitation. Durable and lightweight gutter construction made of zinc-titanium is distinguished by its plasticity, resistance to deformation in the winter period and long service life (up to 100 years). Over time, its surface is covered with a patina, a practical natural protective layer.

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Equipment and dimensions

Many homeowners opt for the drainage system AquaSystem, which can be purchased after selecting the optimal configuration. The catalogs offer a wide range of components; the range includes the following elements:

  • Basic . Gutters of various capacities for collecting and transporting water, pipes of different diameters for draining water along the wall, a gutter funnel, a knee helping to bypass roofing elements.

  • Auxiliary . Fastening hooks of various lengths, gutter connectors with rubber seals, clamps, plugs.

About the components and assembly in the following video:

  • Additional . The gutter is external and internal (to bypass around the external and internal corners of the roof), protective nets for the funnel.

Manufacturers offer Aquasystem drains in two sizes:

  • Large diameter . The diameter of the gutter is 150 mm, pipes - 100 mm.

  • Small diameter . In a small system, gutters are offered with a diameter of 125 mm, pipes - 90 mm.

The choice of a suitable type of drain is determined by the peak load. At the same time they are guided by the total area of ​​roofing slopes and the maximum amount of precipitation in the region. For private cottage housing use mainly small water drainage system. Calculation of the system (determining the number and length of parts and the number of fasteners) is based on data on the height of the building, the angle of the roof, and the climatic conditions. The correct calculation will help to avoid unnecessary financial expenses and reduce the construction budget.

What you can buy drains and drainage systems Aquasystem (Akvasystem)

The system parameters are determined by the peak load
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The facades and foundations of private houses are constantly exposed to the damaging effects of precipitation; To cope with this problem will drain AquaSystem, the price of which varies depending on the following factors:

  • Material execution.

  • Size and model.

  • The homeowner's wishes for the choice of components.

Many specialized organizations offer additional services when choosing and purchasing the Aquasystem system:

  • Preliminary acquaintance . The device of the drainage system can be studied on special exhibition stands and samples.

  • Professional consultation .It can be obtained from a specialist directly in the office or on the company's website.

  • Calculation of the system . As a rule, it is free of charge, when choosing and making a purchase. Additional elements are made to the size of the customer.

  • Delivery Service . It is carried out promptly and free of charge within the agreed area.

What you can buy drains and drainage systems Aquasystem (Akvasystem)

For a complex roof, an exact calculation will be needed

Among the options offered by the market to the best in terms of price / quality included Aqua-water drainage system; its elements and components can be bought in Moscow at the following prices (averaged values ​​are offered):

  • Drainpipe, copper , D 100 mm, L 1 m (diameter / length). From 2000 rub. /PC.

  • Pipe, copper , D 150 mm, L 1 m. From 2500 rubles. /PC.

  • Pipe, copper, D 125 mm, L 3 m. From 5,300 rubles. /PC.

  • Downpipe, steel / coating Pural , D 125 mm, L 3 m. From 1400 rub. /PC.

  • Pipe, steel / coating Pural, D 125 mm, L 1 m. From 5200 rub. /PC.

  • Pipe, steel / coating Pural, D 90 mm, L 1 m. From 5,100 rubles. /PC.

  • Gutter, zinc , D 150 mm, L 3 m. From 1200 rubles. /PC.

  • Gutter, steel / Pural coating, D 150 mm, L 3 m. From 1300 rub. /PC.

  • Gutter, steel / coating Pural, D 125 mm, L 3 m. From 1,100 rub. /PC.

  • Water tank, copper , D 125/90 mm. From 2800 rub. /PC.

What you can buy drains and drainage systems Aquasystem (Akvasystem)

The drainage system can be entered into any design
  • The pipe bend is universal, steel , 72 °. , D 90 mm. From 350-400 rubles. /PC.

  • Trough funnel, steel , D 125/90 mm. From 380-400 rubles. /PC.

  • The gutter bracket is long, zinc . From 160 rub. /PC.

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The functional system for removing sediment from the roof can prevent rain and melt water from spilling on the facade, protecting the building from unplanned repairs. The robust design is made of quality materials (gutters in the winter period can take on the role of a snow guard) and gives the housing an elegant look. The gutter construction of Aquasystem is fully consistent with these parameters, which is the reason for its popularity in the Russian market.

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