Rolled waterproofing for roof (roof) price per roll in Moscow

The article tells how to choose and buy waterproofing for the roof. What factors should be considered in the first place - the appointment of materials, installation features and, of course, cost. You will learn about the differences between the materials of the sub-economy and economy class, roofing such as "standard", "business" and "premium." Considered options for pitched and flat roofs.

Rolled waterproofing for roof (roof) price per roll in Moscow

On flat roofs, bitumen roll waterproofing is the most common way to create a waterproof layer

Any modern roof system of a private house provides in its The composition of the waterproofing layer. Only for some types of flat roofs, coating or sprayed waterproofing compositions based on bitumen or its modified versions are used. The vast majority of roofing systems perform this function roll materials.

Waterproofing functions for flat roofs

At first glance, it seems that rolled waterproofing, as a separate layer, is not needed here. After all, the roofing coating in its intended purpose refers to waterproofing materials.

For flat roofs that use “soft” bitumen roofing materials, this is the way it is. But provided that the roofing cake consists of one waterproof layer - the top one. And if you look at the description of their structure and composition, you can see that they are very similar to similar materials used for waterproofing the foundation, basement of a house or the floor of a room with a “wet” mode of operation. The principal difference is only that such a roll waterproofing for the roof has top dressing, which protects the bitumen from the destructive effects of the sun and improves the resistance to mechanical damage (increases durability).

Rolled waterproofing for roof (roof) price per roll in Moscow

Sprinkling of the roofing waterproofing of the upper layer has a characteristic appearance

In the two-layer types of flat roof, the protective functions are redistributed. The top coating also remains the main layer, which takes over completely the effects of precipitation, ultraviolet radiation and mechanical loads. And the bottom, purely waterproofing layer, but without sprinkling, “insures” the top layer against leakages in case of violations of its integrity. Such a device is recommended by TechnoNic when constructing new and repairing old flat roofs.

Waterproofing functions for pitched roofs

For cattle systems, not everything is unambiguous.

Attic roofs, regardless of the roofing materials, have a waterproofing layer in the “cake” to protect the insulation from getting wet. These are vapor-permeable membranes that protect the insulation from wetting, but allow moisture to erode from it.

Cold roofs with metal roofs require the provision of a waterproofing layer of polymer films. And the matter is not even in the “piece” character of the coating, the tightness of the joints of which is not always perfect. In this case, it is important to protect the inner space of the attic and the roof system from condensate, which forms almost daily on the inner surface of the roof with daily temperature changes.

Rolled waterproofing for roof (roof) price per roll in Moscow

This is how close it looks like condensate on the inner surface of a metal roof

Ondulin and slate on cold roofs can be laid without waterproofing - on them surface condensation does not form. But the manufacturer himself indicates a lack of reliability of such a roofing pie and recommends it as an economy option. For example, for garden houses and unheated buildings for household purposes. For residential buildings waterproofing is recommended as an additional protection against leakage.

Polymer films are laid under modern ceramic tiles according to the technology. And the lining carpet under the soft tile - this is one of the types of roll waterproofing for the roof on a continuous crate of the pitched roof.

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Rolled waterproofing for flat roofs

Rolled materials for waterproofing of the roof can be divided into several groups for the price. To be precise, the division takes place according to the service life guaranteed by the manufacturer. And the reliability and service life depends on the base material, the composition of polymer modifiers and mineral additives in bitumen, the total thickness. In the complex, these indicators determine the tensile strength, elasticity, the lower limit of the temperature of "flexibility", the upper limit of the temperature resistance and the degree of water tightness at a certain value of the water column pressure.

Rolled waterproofing for roof (roof) price per roll in Moscow

Ruberoid with talc for gluing with bitumen mastic - "elder" in its class

If we talk about division into categories, then the most TechnoNicol's “flexible” scale - five groups from “sub-economy” to “premium” class.

Another domestic producer, Orgkrovlya, has four groups: economy, standard, business, and premium.

The Filikrovlya group of companies offers in the catalog three groups of roof waterproofing, the prices of which are defined as “standard”, “business”, “premium”.

Note! The waterproofing material, the same by its “main” name, differs in cost, not only depending on the thickness, but also on the nature of the top coating. If it is intended for the top layer of a soft roof, then in its lettering there is a letter “K”, which can be interpreted as “crumb” (another term is “granulate”). The price of such a coating is 10–15% higher than that of a coarse waterproofing of the lower layer, which has the letter “P” in the labeling instead of “K” (a film of roofing material and rubemast instead of talc film).

Rolled waterproofing for roof (roof) price per roll in Moscow

The film protecting the material from sticking during storage and transportation melts easily when heated with a gas burner

The prices below are 1 m 2 main types of waterproofing materials of domestic manufacturers. The indicated cost, although it is “approximate”, allows us to estimate the level of costs for materials.

When calculating the cost of waterproofing a roof, it is necessary to take into account the overlaps between the panels and the surfaces adjacent to the roof. Lateral overlaps with a two-layer installation should be at least 80 mm, with a single-layer (materials labeled "solo") - 120 mm. End overlaps (strip elongation) are at least 150 mm. Adjacencies to vertical surfaces are performed in two layers with separate webs. The first layer should have a horizontal part of not less than 150 mm, and the vertical - not less than 250 mm. The second layer should be larger than the first: horizon - 100 mm, vertical - 50 mm.

Rolled waterproofing for roof (roof) price per roll in Moscow

The side overlap border is often noted by the manufacturer on the roll itself
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Subeconomy and economy class

  • Ruberoid - subeconomy class. Approximate service life of about 5 years. Basis - roofing paperboard. On the basis of paste with bitumen mastic, and its consumption must be taken into account in the cost of materials. Price range 18-35 rubles. / m 2 .

  • Rubemast is a subeconomy class. The service life of 5 years. Basis - roofing paperboard. Overlay material. Price range 50-70 rubles. / m 2 .

  • Stekloizol . According to the classification TechnoNICOL is a sub-economy class, in the Orgkrovli catalog it belongs to the economy class. The service life of 5-8 years. Basis - fiberglass or fiberglass. Overlay material. Price range 36-82 rubles. / m 2 .

Rolled waterproofing for roof (roof) price per roll in Moscow

This is how the waterproofing pallet Stekloizol looks like. In a vertical position, rolls should be transported and stored
  • Bikrost, TechnoNicol . Economy class. Service life 10 years. Basis - fiberglass, fiberglass, polymer fabric. Overlay material. Price range 60-90 rubles. / m 2 .


  • TechnoNicol. Bikroelast - 75-115 rub. / m 2 , Bipol - 85-130 rub. / m 2 , Linokrom - 70-105 rub. / m 2 . Basis - fiberglass, fiberglass, polymer fabric. The service life of 10-15 years. Weld materials.

  • Organcred. Steklokrom - service life 10 years, price range 63-107 rubles. / m 2 . Stekloflex - service life of 12 years, price range of 70-120 rubles. / m 2 . Elastobit - service life of 15 years, the price range of 80-130 rubles. / m 2 . Basis - fiberglass, fiberglass, polyester. Weld materials.

  • Filikrovlya. Philliz - service life of 10-15 years. Price range 71-96 rubles. / m 2 . The basis of fiberglass and fiberglass. Weld materials.

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Business class

  • TechnoNicol. Uniflex , Uniflex EXPRESS, Uniflex VENT, Ecoflex - 15-25 years service life. Price range of 100-180 rubles. / m 2 . Weld materials.

  • TechnoNicol. Uniflex C . The service life of 15-25 years. Price range 155-165 rubles. / m 2 . Self-adhesive material.

Rolled waterproofing for roof (roof) price per roll in Moscow

It is recommended to install self-adhesive waterproofing on wooden bases
  • Orgkrovlya . Stekloelast - service life not less than 20 years. Price range 110-163 rubles. / m 2 . Overlay material.

  • Filikrovlya. Filikrov - service life of 15-20 years. Price range 126-178 rubles. / m 2 .

Premium class

  • TechnoNicol . The service life of 25-30 years. The general name for this class of materials is Technoelast.In addition to the standard designation, there are modifications for arranging various types of the exploited roof, including “green roofs”, or roofs with increased requirements for fireproofing properties. Technoelast C - self-adhesive material, Technoelast-FIX is designed for fixing with mechanical fasteners. Price range 125-220 rubles. / m 2 .

  • Organcred. Rubitex - service life of 25 years. Price range 125-210 rubles. / m 2 . Overlay material.

  • Filikrovlya. Filizol - service life of 25-30 years. Price range 182-244 rubles. / m 2 . Overlay material.

Rolled waterproofing for roof (roof) price per roll in Moscow

Filizol - premium-grade roll waterproofing from a domestic manufacturer
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Rolled waterproofing of pitched roofs

If you lower the polymer films and membranes that attach to the rafter legs of pitched roofs, that is, the only type of roll waterproofing on a bitumen basis is lining carpets for bitumen tiles. Even the type of roofing is nothing more than a premium premium rolled roofing with stone granulate dressing, which is cut into small plates with figured cuts. And when laid, it imitates a classic ceramic roof.

Due to the “small” size of the plates and the piece-laying of soft tiles on a solid foundation, this type of roofing material of pitched roofs has its own waterproofing technology. In the attic roofs, a super-diffusion waterproofing membrane is laid on top of the insulation, a wooden bar is attached to the rafters (provides a ventilated gap), a solid crate is attached to the bar, on top of which a lining carpet and soft tile are laid. In cold roofs on the rafters they immediately mount a continuous crate, lining carpet and tiles. That is, regardless of the presence of insulation, this roof always has a “separate” layer of roll waterproofing - lining carpets.

Rolled waterproofing for roof (roof) price per roll in Moscow

The attachment sites of the lining carpet to the base are additionally coated with liquid waterproofing.

The lining carpets are fixed to the base with mechanical fasteners. For roofs with a slope of more than 18 °, only end carpets are required, which are laid in places of the most likely leaks: on the valley, on the edges, on skates. The company TechnoNicol for this type of roll waterproofing roof price per 1 m 2 - about 400 rubles.

On the slopes of roofs with a slope from 12 ° to 18 °, “ordinary” lining carpets (not including endovy) are laid. Their price is comparable to the cost of the roll waterproofing premium class - about 150 rubles. / m 2 .

Visually about the types of roll waterproofing, their pros and cons, in the following video:

Visually about the choice between self-adhesive and roll-up waterproofing :

About laying roll waterproofing in the following form:

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This brief overview shows the prices of bitumen-based waterproofing roll materials for all types of flat roofs. Moreover, the cost range covers the materials of the lower and upper layers of the standard roofing pie. And although lower-layer modifications are cheaper than the top, the cost per square meter in the actual assessment should be doubled along the upper bar due to the overlap tolerances. You can reduce costs by using materials "solo", which are placed in a single layer, but we must remember that the reliability of such a roof will be lower. And in any case, only specialists in the design of the roof can give an accurate calculation of the costs for the item "roll waterproofing".


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