Bath in the house or free-standing: the best option for a country house

Nothing unites people more than a bath: the tradition to enter into transactions and conduct important negotiations migrated to the Russian people from Ancient Rome.

Today, a bath is a place of rest and relaxation for people who love a healthy lifestyle and do not regret their mortal body. It is in the bath you can find out what Russia still smells like, and also get a lot of pleasure and be charged with invigorating energy for the whole day.

Bath in the house or free-standing: the best option for a country house

The irony of fate or how a bath unites people. ..

Pros and cons of the sauna in the house

Of course, a good bath is a luxury you want to have with you. Therefore, many are considering options for country houses with built-in bath.

The advantages of having a bath in the house can be divided into the following points:

  • Accessibility . Despite the fact that a freestanding bath is usually located on a site not so far from the house, there is still an advantage to the built-in one: it is more comfortable to heat and prepare it for use. You do not have to run and check the furnace many times, control the temperature - everything will be at hand.

  • Minimization of colds . If the family has children, then the ideal option with a bath in the house does not come up. Hardening in the open air, swimming in the snow, constant drafts - this is suitable for inveterate bath attendants with vast life experience than for women with children.

  • Efficiency . The construction of a freestanding bath will take a lot more money than an internal small sauna. What is the cost of one conduct communications and hot water supply. Approximate budget savings can be up to 50% if the layout of the basement is made up correctly and does not have “deaf” seats.

  • Comfort of operation . Usually, mini-saunas are equipped in the house with more efficient heating and for short-term use. It is easy to heat such a bath, however, the resulting heat does not keep more than 6-8 hours.

Bath in the house or free-standing: the best option for a country house

Small saunas in the house - a compromise in the absence of funds and sufficient territory for the construction of a separate high-grade room
On our site you can familiarize yourself with the most popular projects of wooden and stone baths from construction companies represented at the exhibition. Low-rise Country houses.

Significant disadvantages include the following list:

  • The presence of dampness . As a rule, dampness appears when the ventilation system is not properly planned. In addition to the forced ventilation chamber, in the openings of the walls, natural passages should be built in to allow the warm air to leave the room freely.

Important! To prevent mold and fungus from appearing on concrete walls and the inside lining of the bath, it is best to order a house project professional company. Thus, you will receive a guarantee of quality not only for the used building materials, but also for the work performed.
  • The presence of noise in the house . Despite the fact that the sauna in the basement has good sound insulation, some sounds will still be heard during its operation, especially if a large company meets.

  • Autonomy from home . Free men go to the bath to take a steam bath, married men - to take a break from family life. For people who love solitude and silence, a sauna in the house will not give that feeling of relaxation, such as relaxing in a remote complex. In the piggy bank for autonomy, you should also add possible problems with built-in communications: the bath will not function if the house is turned off electricity, water, etc. Freestanding, in this regard, in a more advantageous position, therefore, if you bought a section in the suburbs where electricity is supplied intermittently - then it is better to build a standalone option or buy a gasoline generator.

Bath in the house or free-standing: the best option for a country house

Even if you equip the attic under the bath, privacy and autonomy will not reach
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  • A strong and expensive foundation . For the arrangement of a large bath complex in the basement, only a monolithic, reinforced foundation made of high-quality cement is suitable. Filling and drying of such a tape takes a lot of time, so for one summer season it will be possible to build only walls and preserve the room. With good luck, to move for permanent residence will turn out somewhere in 1-1.5 years.

The location of the bath in relation to the house plays a very important role, since every extra meter of communications and wiring costs substantial money.

Bath in the house or free-standing: the best option for a country house

The sauna complex in the basement is an expensive project
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The purpose of building a bath, as a determining factor in cost

To calculate the budget that you can spend on building a bath, follows from the considerations that the foundation, box and roof need to be built almost immediately, at the very shortest period.

Consider the most popular reasons for buying a bath:

  • For sharing holidays with friends . An excellent option would be a separate bath, with a large steam room and an oversized swimming pool. It is better to make a warm restroom separately from the dressing room and design the entrance so that after pouring it in cold water, you can immediately warm up in the warmth.

  • For a family holiday of several people with a child . The variant with a home Russian bath in the basement is most acceptable, since any woman can heat a compact brick kiln. For a dry sauna, it is recommended to purchase an electric stove that operates from a common network. It is easily controlled by a relay and has temperature sensors with automatic locking.

Bath in the house or free-standing: the best option for a country house

Free-standing bath with a veranda - comfort and independence, where you can turn around on a big foot.
  • Bath for renting . Definitely for such purposes only need a freestanding bath, if it is rented without a cottage. In order to increase future revenues, reduce the area of ​​the rest room and make two steam rooms: with wet and dry air. In addition, visitors will appreciate if you think of several sources for swimming and dousing with cold water.

As they say, Russian is good, then German is death. Probably, therefore, the Russian bath tempers the character and perseverance in a person, producing a steel rod in it.

How much does a 7/7 bath house cost from a profiled bar, see the following video:

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Undoubtedly, having a small spa sauna inside the cottage is a big and pleasant plus. Such an option will not greatly affect the total cost of a built house, and to some extent, it will even help to save the budget.

However, for a large bath project it is recommended to allocate a separate area, with autonomous communications. The average cost of a variant with a large pool and a multi-level steam room varies from 500,000 to 1,000,000 rubles, taking into account the interior design. It is possible to select a ready sauna plan in the project agency, where professional consultants will take into account all state construction norms, without prejudice to the wishes of the customer.

Take a steam bath with a good broom - this is akin to such bliss that no German has dreamed of. Well, a delicious kebab in the circle of dear friends, will brighten up any, even the most frosty evening!

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